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Wierd things happened the other night...

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:07 AM
Mind you, I don't normally post in this forum, or even read the threads here. I consider myself a very practical person, and usually dismiss any paranormal explination. Honestly I'm a debunker in most cases, but something very strange happened in my house the other night, and I want to see if this has ever happened to anyone else.

No alcohol nor mind altering substances were involved.

At roughly 9-10pm Wednesday night, whilst I was doing dishes my roommate (at the kitchen table looking over our monthly bills/expenses) and I (his wife and my girlfriend were on the computer) both saw something out of the corner of our eyes and wheeled to look down the hallway to see a man sized shadow move into my roomate's bedroom. We both looked at each other and simultaniously said "What the (explative deleted) was that?" Thinking it was an intruder I grabbed the baseball bat I keep next to my computer desk (near the front door) and we slowly went into the bedroom with full intent expecting to see a crackhead trying to rob us. Nothing.

We checked the closet, the other rooms (my son was asleep across the hallway), checked the windows and doors. Eveything was closed and locked, even if it was an intruder, they could not have locked the window behind him/her. I dismissed it as us both being tired and stressed went back to doing dishes and listening to my iPod. Nothing special happened after that, my roomies went to bed, I turned off the lights, double checked the locks on the front and back door, and headed to bed. My girlfriend put in a movie (Cloverfield, good special effects but as a survivalist, I think the main character was an idiot for doing what he did). I was alseep at this point, but as my girlfriend recounts, she went out and double checked the locks once more, and came to bed.

I had a sleep paralysis episode that night, I do not recall what time it was, as I am disoriented both during and after. When I have an SP episode, I just go back to sleep, I've been having them off and on for years, and my doctor said it was nothing to worry about. So I don't worry, I'm a practical guy.

For this event I was asleep, I did not wake up, and my girlfriend tried to wake me up, and I sat up, mumbled something and went right back to bed (very common for me, has made me late for work a couple of times, when I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping and no one can change that).

This is per my roomate and my girlfriend: At 2:35 every light in the house came on. All of the switches were in the on position. My room, my roomates' room, my childs room, living, dining, front and back porch lights, laundry room, EVERY light. Lights that we didn't even know existed (we moved into this house about 3 months ago). This woke my girlfriend, my roomate, and my son up, both my roomate's wife and I were asleep (she is a heavy sleeper too). They met up in the living room, both armed ready to disable the crackhead that apparently had hidden very well when my roomate and I looked that evening. And again found nothing. All door and windows were closed and locked.

My roomate stayed up the rest of the night at the computer with a broadsword next to him, and he went to bed after I had gotten up for work.

So there is the story, has anyone else had experiances like this and what the heck could have done that. Some explinations that I have skeptically come up with was sleepwalking or my son (he's very little) climbing out of his crib and sneaking around the house turning on all the rooms and then climbing back into his crib, which is not logical in the least.

My roomie (who is a believer) suggested it might have been a ghost, shadowperson, fairies, or aliens (but I think he just said that to boog me out, since I can't watch anything with those short almond eye guys in it, scarey stuff).

Give me some feedback, skeptics and believers both. What the heck was that?


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:19 AM
I can't help with an explanation, but thanks for sharing anyway.

I've had experiences before with shadow figures that i can't explain, they've never returned though so i've gradualy not bothered about them.

If there has been activity before, would you consider getting someone in who knows a bit more about it?


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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:22 AM
i'ld call it a shadow person, but then the lights part of it is a bit weird if it's a shadow person, ever seen one before?

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:28 AM
If it makes you feel better, I've been living at my house for about 5 years now and i have my little encounters with what i could describe are shadow people, except, I'm not the only one that's noticed them.

However, I've had nothing like all the lights in the house going on at the same time, I've had on and off but i did however end up with a cracked mirror closet door
I swear, i woke up and was watching telly int he morning only to be scared s*tless when I felt a cold shiver and then i heard the door crack, that and I had a leaded glass platter in the middle of our dinner table which apparently broke itself into 5 pieces when everyone was in their rooms. We heard glass shattering so we all rushed in to the living room to find all windows and glass doors ok, no broken vases or anything of the sort, and all the tables we have are glass, so we checked everything
When we go to the dinner table, we noticed the broken platter and were really confused in regards to what really happened.

I'll tell you this, if it's anything similar to the shadows I've seen, you're not going to hurt it with a baseball bat or a broadsword, it's just not a physical entity and it'll do as it pleases.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:51 AM
well you haven't had people come in here and scream BS, so apparently there's at least some consensus that you're telling the truth. i personally haven't had that happen, but i've had my share of strange experiences. i'm interested to see what others make of it. i'll be watching.

thanks for posting.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:15 AM
Thanks for the resposes guys.

As for previous incidences, not in this house. Our group rented a house previously, but due to a small fire (unknown cause) on the side of the house that home was no longer inhabited.

In the previous house there were a few "incidences" (aka I don't know what the heck happened):

One was something that was witnessed by everyone individually, but only once with more than one person at a time. My roomates have a child, slightly older then mine, who stays with us from time to time, he would be sitting in his room talking to an imaginary friend, and we have heard it talk back, it sounded like an older man. When I heard this I checked in the room and there was the child, playing with toys and no one else in the room with him. I chocked this up to me hearing things. My roomate again chocked it up to "fairies"

Another instance was later in the evening while my roomate and I had a few friends over and were playing a board game, having a guys night in. The girls were out, and the kids were not in. And from the basement we heard what sounded like a little girl talking and giggling. Everyone at the table heard it, and we checked down in the basement and nothing there.

Balls of light have been seen (I was just seeing things) floating around at night going through walls. And items have gone missing only to be found exactly where it was put originally. Again the roomate says "fairies".

Also when we were moving out of the old house, my roomate's wife swore that she had seen a shadow going from my room into thiers, but didn't say anything about it until last night when we were talking about it.

I had hoped that the wierd stuff would have stopped after we had moved just in case my roomie was right about the place having fairies or being haunted or whatever. But apparently not.

Is it known to have "spirits" or "fairies" or "shadowpeople" follow a person or group of people from location to location, or are they bound to a location?

If it is one of these things how do you get rid of them?

Right now, I'd rather it be mass hallucinations/hysteria, but I think it might not be, and that wierds me out.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:31 AM

Is it known to have "spirits" or "fairies" or "shadowpeople" follow a person or group of people from location to location, or are they bound to a location?

If it is one of these things how do you get rid of them?

i have heard of entities being bound to certain items or people. if they're not stuck to a person they could be connected with something you picked up from a yard sale, antique shop, etc. you can try to get someone to come in and do a blessing, but that's not my style. waving a cross around and spouting prayer seems hokey to me, but some people feel better after having it done. your best bet is to try to figure out if there's something you bought around the time things started happening. put it in storage somewhere or get rid of it and see if things settle down. i've heard a story about someone that bought a chest from an antique shop and kept it at the end of their bed. from that point on they had things fling across the room, shadowy apparitions, etc. they finally got rid of it and things went back to normal. not sure if it's true since it was a retelling of the unknownth generation, but it's something to think about.

And items have gone missing only to be found exactly where it was put originally.

this one i HAVE had happen. i was working on my computer and lost a screw. i know where i put it, but it wasn't there. i spent about an hour frantically looking for it because it's for my case and not standard. i moved stuff around, looked on the floor, i was convinced it was gone. my wife came over after a while to help me look and after a while she found it right where it should have been. she had also looked there several times.

because it's relatively small, i brushed it off as just us missing it...for an hour...even though we knew where to look. makes me wonder though. =)

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:38 AM
I would suggest you look at it from several angles.

electro-magnetic anomolies

poltergeist activity has a lot of logical (no entity) explanations; though, I don't think one-solution-fits-all. Some postulate it originates in the medulla oblongata with an electrical short-circuit of sorts ( a physical, biological phenomena explanation). This also explains how the phenomena moves from one house to the next as a family moves. I can't find Internet links on this though (but I'm not a good Googler); but, I'm sure somebody can find it.

you might want to start here
and be sure to scroll down to the bottom and take links from there to other places and so on.

hope you get it sorted out!

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 12:20 PM
Some entities are bound to certain people or location depending the type of entity and its background. Maybe (and I believe this is what's happening), IT (entity) is trying to communicate with anyone of you and since you were able to see IT or even heard IT, it knows that you might be able to help with something that is bothering IT.

I don't believe it is a bad entity otherwise it would've let you known by now. The turning of lights and so forth is just a way of communicating with you, the only one (from what I understand) that can see IT and talks to IT, is the little kid.

I would suggest (since the child is not scared and sees IT as a friend) to ask your child to ask IT questions as to who IT is and what its purpose is being in the house or following you.

Hope that helped!

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 11:34 AM
I'll come back to this with an update, almost a year later.

So, the strange occurances continued until I parted ways with the roomates and the girlfriend about 6 months ago, and since then I have not had any more experiances. I have moved into a different location with an old buddy that I have had as a housemate before. So as I said good riddance to the roomates and my ex, I got to say good riddance to whatever was keeping us on our toes.

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