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How I created a fake UFO at 10 years old

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 03:15 AM
After reading about the Phoenix lights hoaxer and then thread about the Youtube Hoax - I thought I'd share my own sort similar of fake UFO I did as a kid. I never intended for it to be a hoax I was just excited that I could create it and see it fly.

10 was a couple years ago
, so forgive me if I'm not completely accurate.

I didn't read a whole lot when I was a kid, but I always was a fan of magazines that had electronics, science fiction & how to guides ect.

I read a magazine one day (don't remember the title) and it had an article about how to make a real UFO using normal household items to fool your friends & neighbors into thinking it's a craft that came from outer space...

I loved any toy that flew, knew many pilots, and I stayed up forever to watch the moon landing. Anytime I had extra money I always bought those balsa wood rubber band airplanes & gliders, so building a UFO for free was a pretty exciting project for me.

Essentially it was a small hot air balloon - less exciting when I figured that out, but still I had to build it to see if I could make it fly.

The balloon material called for using a cellophane dry cleaning bag (the ones that were in use in the early 70's). The stays to give the balloon it's shape called for McDonald's straws. The straws were put together end to end by folding one end and pushing it inside the next. I think they were glued to the bag as well in a couple places.

Kite string was also used through the straws that came down and was tied & glued with elmers white glue and then attached to the platform or basket made out of glued together popsicle sticks that held the candles to provide the hot air for lift.

I think it called for several birthday type candles (they were better then), but I substituted tea light type candles cause that's what we had. The first UFO/balloon I made I lit it and the candles melted the bag - thus it was destroyed beyond repair. I had to start all over and realized the flame was too close to the opening in the plastic bag. After I made the second one and lit it up it wouldn't fly - it was supposed to take a couple minutes to heat the bag and then go, but I figured out it was too heavy. Finally I decided one less candle (2or3) and whittled them down with a pocketknife to make them lighter still.

Alas on the third try my hot air balloon UFO took off and went over the houses across the street and then disappeared in the the sky. I never saw it again and it really didn't look like a UFO, because it wasn't completely dark yet. Never really intended to hoax anyone and I doubt it did.

Now that I think back about it I think - yikes what a fire hazard. If a 10 year old with instruction could do it - I think it's more likely other similar intentional hoaxes occur.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by verylowfrequency

Haha nice story, which reminds me of the excitement and imagination I had at that age too, thanks for the reminder

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 05:43 AM
My fake UFO, at a young age, was much less convinving than yours, I am sure.

Two pizza plates put together with tape thrown like a frisbee out the window...

...of our car on the highway.

I may not have tricked anyone, but I probably scared the person whos windshield it hit just as much.

Great thread.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 02:35 PM
Thanks for the comments - I was hoping it would bring a few people back to remember a different time when you had a different perspective on the world.

The actual post in the YouTube hoax thread that made me think of this was the one written by spacedoubt near the bottom of page 12 of this thread.

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