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Interference in the sun

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posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 11:25 AM
I posted this under "IS OUR SUN DYING?"
someone suggested that I post it as a new topic. for more on this see that post.

>>>Non Baryonic Interference

OK, What I am speaking of is the interaction of Dark matter, gravitationally, with the Baryonic Universe. Steven Baxter, a popular Science fiction writer, may have actually touched on some truth in his writing. He wrote that, Even though it may not be apparent to us, there is the possibility that a Non Baryonic Life form may exist in the Dark Matter portion of space-time. The effects of this would only be able to be detected through gravitional Interferance. I dont think that here is Life per se, but what he said may hold some truth. The Dark matter, as dark matter, would not be able to form solition stars, and so would end up using the gravity wells of Baryonic Stars. This May have a very impactive result on our sun. We have though, decected abnormal readings from instruments pointed at the sun, with abnormal decay in gamma, beta, and alpha particles. I'm continuing to research it. I'll keep Y'all updated.

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