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What's stressed in a word (the bible's terror of alert)

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 07:40 PM
Mark 13:37And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

"W" in the dictionary stands for: widowed, West, width, wide.
"at" you should already be aware of it's implication.
"ch" in the dictionary stands for: chaldean, church, China, channel

What you can pick up on is it shall be a time where there is whatever these imply one after the other or at the same time: West at China, Widowed at Church, Width at Chaldean, and Wide at Channel.

Currenly many ppl are widowed at church because they've put away their first love (see my topic "Original Marriage" which explains the dishonor to the original set order). It's as a terror your Creator shall war against.

Is the West (which is the U.S.) at China on any matter or terms good or bad yet? It's as the terror of war hanging over ppl living in both countries.

Is the width at chaldean grown in this era upon? Any soothsayer is what a chaldean is. They are as terrorist whether or not their intention is good many can say.

Is wide at channel (be it to see something in particular or important) many ppl? And/or is wide at channel the war in Iraq and war on terror or another war to come? War of corse itself is terror and waiting for it is a terror, too.

You are to pay attention to the word "Watch" at the end of Mark 13 not like any other word. It is at the end even for to stress beyond just it being capitalized. So the bible's terror of Watch concerns those things seen in current.

Do any of you think the bible is a kind of terrorism? If so, then do you believe there is a such thing as a good terrorism?

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 08:40 PM
More to be alert to:

"W" also stands for: white, Washington, work, Wednesday
"ch" also stands for: check, chief, chaplain, chapter

Is white at chaplain how many ppl seem?
Is work at chief? Since you are cammanded to Watch, is there rather work at "commander" in chief?
Is Washington at check only about to be dealt with?
Is Wednesday (this 4th upcoming or middle of the week period) at chapter? See my topic "However every" in New World Order Discussion to see what chapter.


1. a main division of a book, treatise, or the like, usually bearing a number or title.

3. an important portion or division of anything: The atomic bomb opened a new chapter in history.

^^The main division is of lives manifested to life from a book such as the bible. And baring a number is the days in a week. Wednesday literally is at chapter because it divides the 7 day week dead as with 3 days to each side.

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 10:47 PM
ummmmm...... what???



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