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Running Mates.

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 04:39 PM
So we've still got Hillary, Barak and John. This cakewalk for the Dem's isn't one anymore. Picking the right running mate could be damn important. There's the obvious Obama/Clinton ticket but both have said that neither wants the second banana job. So with the issues surrounding the three, who would be the perfect running mate for these candidates?

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by intrepid

I listened to James Carville today.

Write it down now. It will be Obama/Clinton, 100% guaranteed. This was planned from day 1. You really don't think Clinton was so stupid that she didn't understand the primary rules, and didn't have a plan for after Super Tuesday do you?

The first "healing" Obama is going to perform which is going to restore is messianic image is the healing of the rift with the Clintons. When Bill and Hill ran, it was 2 for the price of 1. In '08 it's going to be 3 for the price of 1 -Barry, Bill, and Hill will be running the U.S. for another 8 years.

I will eat my virtual cyber hat if this isn't what happens.

And once this happens, it doesn't matter who McCain picks. Heck, he might even have a stroke or something and drop out, like Guliani did in 2000 when he was running against Clinton.

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by jamie83

Well then my ClintonObama domain should prove a bit lucrative amidst the failed fury.
A seeming neo-con Democrat coupled with "Change". A win-win no matter which way you flop 'em.

Unfortunately, I see it as little moar than a sufficient divide of the Democratic party, replete with enough "No Way in Hades" cross-voting, which will virtually ensure a McCain administration. Not saying that'll prove a "good thing", mind you.

My bigger concern is Who He [McCain] chooses as a running mate. Either way... I think more attentions should be payed to the "choices" for Vice candidates and running mates.


posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:58 PM
It appears there may have been some questionable crap going on with the Dems. What happened to Joe Biden? He made no effort to seek the office and he belongs there more than these two clowns.

An Obama/Clinton ticket is about as pathetic as the USA can get. Sounds like a serial novel gone bad.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by 12m8keall2c

Here's an interesting theory....

Let's start with a presumption that there are higher powers that orchestrate the election. Let's call these people the Powers That Be, or PTB.

The PTB learned that it's easier to swing an election by equally dividing groups into two balanced and polarized groups. Left and Right. This way instead of needing to sway a huge number of people, they only need to sway the 10% in the middle -the Swing vote as they call them.

Maybe this was the plan in 1960 except the Dems in Chicago threw off the plan and somehow rigged it so JFK was elected. Well, the PTB took care of that, and Nixon and Johnson took over and managed the war for 10 years.

Anyway, in 2000 the plan worked like a charm. The PTB got their boy in by dividing the electorate down the middle by a razor thin margin. Bush was rewarded with 8 years in the White House, Gore was rewarded by being anointed the leader of the Global Warming movement.

The PTB learned in 2000 how their manipulations are even more effective when the elections are contested. So in 2008 they accelerated the strategy. Rather than wait until November, the PTB started by dividing the Democrats right down the middle. The PTB even are going so far as to invoke the ghosts of 2000 back in Florida. They're triggering all the same anchors they installed in 2000.

But now the end game is different. Rather then leaving the Democrats divided, which would create chaos in the overall Right vs. Left plan, they will unite the Dems by having Obama pick Clinton as VP.

Why is this so brilliant?

Because it will give Hillary and Bill 16 more years in the White House, not just 8 if Hillary were elected in 2008. Obama will go two terms beginning in 2008, and then Hillary will finally get her just rewards for waiting so patiently all these years. She will be the elder stateswoman of the country, and be elected POTUS in 2016. Maybe they're running the 72-year old McCain now to lay the groundwork that Clinton won't be too old in 2016?

So the end result is that the Bush/Clinton dynasty will be in the White House, starting from 1980 through 2024.

That will be 44 consecutive years of either a Bush or Clinton in the White House!

So what about McCain? His reward will be the same as Bob Dole's -he'll be able to retire an live off of income he makes from Viagra commercials.

I bet this plan was hatched when the Clintons spent the 4th of July with Bush Sr. in Maine a couple of years ago. What else do you think they were talking about?

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:00 AM
I have dealt with this subject else where on the boards

As for my VP predictions on the Republican side there is no surprises but on the dems side I am picking a wild card to come up trumps . On the Republican side McCain will pick Huckabee(SP?) in order to try and bring the Christian right to the polls . Obama will select Richardson in order combat McCain play for the Latino vote and to remove the Clinton stigma .

When Obama selects Richardson the so called MSM will act shocked and devote hours of coverage to political analysts blabbering on about the decision . Hmm I wonder what Richardson would make of the fact the only guy picking him to be VP is a kiwi who hasn't set foot in the US.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 11:38 PM
i dont know if it will be obama/clinton, but im pretty sure that it'd be in the best interests of democrats to do that.

There are three possible outcomes for the democratic race for president as i see it.

1.) Hillary wins. The obamians go into an uproar and scream racism! And in some degree they have a case. The majority of voters voted for Obama, but in typical liberal fashion, votes don't count if they dont fit your agenda, so bring in the super-delegates. The super delegates are really all that matter (and hillary and bill have both been caught saying this on tope) So a white woman cheating a black man. The democratic party splits in 1/2 and remains forever weak (i'd love it)

2.) Barack Obama wins, and the Clintonites go into an uproar and scream suppression! Becuase in a way, they're right. Barack Obama has, in typical liberal fashion, squashed the very thing this country stands for: Every vote counts. Since Mich and Fla votes don't get counted towards hillary (since Obama didnt qualify) then how can Obama ever really say he won a fair contest? Even if the end result woudl not be changed in the current set of circumstances, who's to say how the general publics opinion would have swayed had this fiasco never happened? We'll never know, and that makes it unfair. The democratic party spolits and 1/2 and remains forever weak (i'd love it!!!!)

3.) Or #3 (and my least favorite)
Barack Obama wins the nomination and picks Hillary as his Vice Pres. This will create some sort of animosity, but i dont see it earth shattering for the liberal movement....unfortuantely. I say barack wins, because if hillary wins, it will turn into a racist debate, and the gesture of offering barack the V.P. position would be construed as condescending (and of course they'd be right)

No matter what happens, we're all in for one heck of a ride! Personally, i think this country can thank our best friend, Mr. Limbaugh for his brilliant idea of Operation Chaos. This is the most brilliant political move of our time, and even if you disagree, you have to be impressed by the timing and the outcome.

So you should all grab your popcorn and coke (pepsi sucks) and set back and enjoy the show, because as soon as the liberal wins (and...unfrotuantely it will be a liberal victory...McCain simply does not possess what it takes) then we'll all be in for four more years of the same thing. The only good thing about that, is it will have to end the bush-bashing, because liberals will finally see that its not "bush" its "politicians" and we can just agree on that.

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 02:55 PM
I don't know who Obama will choose, but I think it would be SMART for him to choose Clinton.

If he chooses someone else, some number of those people who supported Clinton in the primaries will go elsewhere or not vote at all.

If he DOES choose Clinton, and she rallies her supporters, there's a pretty good chance they could blow McCain out of the water.

If Clinton doesn't accept, it's going to look like sour grapes.

If she does accept, it's going to put her in a great position for the 2012 presidency.

So, I think it would be smart for both of them to do it.

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 05:15 PM
I don't believe that Obama will choose Hillary, or that Hillary would accept. I don't know who it actually will be, but I'll be surprised if its Hillary.

On the first point, it would simply lead to a perception that Obama is nothing more than the Clinton's lackey and that they were really pulling the strings. That's obviously not going to work. Additionally, the Republicans will bombard that ticket by recycling *Hillary's* attacks on Obama's leadership, experience, etc and force her to repudiate her own earlier remarks; in essence, it completely marginalizes Hillary's effect on the ticket. This is also why McCain cannot choose one of his earlier rivals.

As far as Hillary, I think that ultimately, her goal is to be president, not VP. If she latches onto an Obama ticket, her next shot is in 2016 and that may be too late. No, I think she's soon going to start setting herself up for a 2012 run. To that end, she needs Obama to lose the '08 election.

In McCain's case, the names I'm seeing are Sarah Palin of Alaska, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Jindal hasn't been on the job long enough and is probably out of the running. Palin may also not have enough experience, but its hard to ignore an 80% approval rating and the potential to pull female voters away from an Obama/_____ ticket.

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