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Your survival skills are not worthless!

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 02:23 PM
For all of your planning and studying will pay off if something bad happens.
To be prepared is to survive. There is an opposite Thread to this one..
I just had to point out that there is always hope not "Doom and Gloom".

I have tucked away Non-perishable Foods, Medicine, Tools, Seeds, Books, Everything imaginable just in case. Those who have done the same thing will most likely survive a catastrophe.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:18 AM
Lots of people will survive even if they didn't prepare but what you're saying is obvioulsy true.

I just don't know when or how to start....

But I'm mentally prepared. I know what's coming.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 01:29 PM
SAS Survival Handbook, go buy it from your local bookstore.

Worth every penny.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:46 PM
Survival of the Fittest! Cardinal Signs, and open minds. Even if the whole event didnt take place what would be the harm in having a safe haven!
Canned, dried, foods. Powdered milk, fresh water, medical kits. generators and fuel. Warm clothes and blankets.Batteries lots and lots. Radio transmitter better yet a citizen band radio. Tools, a couple loyal dogs to help warn and guard. Guns and ammunition. Plastic sheets.
If having a larger bunker that will accomidate a small crowd, be picky of ur selections. A mechanic, medic, a carpenter, engineer, (A good cook is essential) a welder, a crazed maniac to protect from those other crazed maniacs. solar energy, peroxide, coddial silver, tp,
A good plan "B" should be set should ur plan "A" seem to be failing. A sincere prayer to God.
An atv, small water craft, and 4 wheel vechicule for getting around after the after math.
Maintain ur health! Wear nose and mouth guards once it is safe to come to the surface, virus' and bacteria will be in abundance. Keep the children and elderly safe until all is pronounced sound.
At all times keep a 24 hour armed guard on duty.
2012 is not meant to end the world, it is the intention to rid of the weak and sick. It is meant to be the beginning of a whole new way of life. Only those that are strong in heart, body and soul will survive and thus the new world will commence with only the fittest. SO BE A SHMOE AND DONT PREPARE - WHY WASTE UR ENERGY WHEN ITS CLEAR YOUR NOT MADE FOR THIS TYPE OF WAR GAME. I HATE LOSING I NEVER DO!! ILL BE STANDING TALL AND PROUD AFTER KNOWING ONLY THE MIGHTY WILL ENDURE.
Ok so lets say it doesnt happen but........what if it does. Better safe then sorry

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:03 PM
My take on it -- if one prepares, you have choices to respond to the variables. If one doesn't prepare, then you are a leaf on the wind, and your choices are minimalized. Put another way, you can choose to share your resources with the worthy if TSHTF, but you can't share what you don't have.

While I'm on a mini-rant, I want to encourage folks to prepare with the thought of a long haul. Much of what I see in the way of preps seem to center around a short-term situation. Hurricane preparations are nortorious for this sometimes. Granted, it's better than none, but with a little tweaking, our resources have the potential to carry us through long, bad times. An example? I see people getting cheap, portable first aid kits. Most of these, to me, are primarily things that aren't lifesaving. Oh yeah, it's a good thing to have some alcohol wipes, and band-aids and perhaps even scissors/tweezers, etc. Think about getting a sectioned bag, fishing tackle box, compartmentalized backpack -- whatever -- and compiling your own med kit based upon what things might be vital for your and your families if you have to administer your own medical treatment. The first and foremost in this category, IMO, is knowledge. Collect books. You can take training on how to suture, set broken bones, steralization techniques, CPR, and the like. I started out with a military medkit for emergency surgery, took classes, and so it's somewhat appropriate for me to have more elaborate tools. Naturally, I defer to those really trained in these proceedures, but what if it's just us two? SAM splints are wonderful -- cheap, effective and very lightweight and portable. Duct tape can do a myriad of things for you and some of them lifesaving. Burn creams, medical suturing glue, meds, antibiotic cream, iodine, sterile gauze...... I could go on an on. These are things that are real and necessary and should be customized to your situation and your perceptions of what might be needed if you're on your own (YOYO). Closely tied to this is hygiene needs. I know from personal experience how important it is to keep your feet clean. Go ahead and giggle, I don't mind, hell, I'll laugh with you.....
but, if your feet are FUBAR, your survival is greatly minimized.

Thanks for the thread. We can prepare for the unknown without injuring our pocketbooks if we do it a little at a time, with specific goals in mind. Compulsive listmakers have an advantage here, I think.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:07 PM
rechargeable batteries, and a couple of solar chargers. Solar chargers are cheap. Communications are important. crank or wind-up radio. LED lighting. LOng term. Seeds. Wire. Rope and climbing gear. Firestarting knowledge and tools. A coupla good knives, axes, hatchets, saws, other hand tools. Hardware, now that's a hard thing to make -- nails, screws, etc. Visqueen -- plastic sheeting.

Somebody stop me now.

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