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McCain Vice President Conspiracy

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 01:26 PM
OK here it is... First let’s discuss McCain’s health! OK despite the recent publication of his medical records (1) I believe that McCain will die in office very early on! In fact I believe he and the leaders of the republican party know this. I knew I read somewhere that the cancer had spread beyond the mass possibly into the parotid salivary gland a fact that is in DIRECT contrast to his medical records, however a 2001 interview quotes him as saying (2) he tried to be upbeat when he had learned it had spread. Even though he has been declared to be cancer free, the fact that he has suffered NUMEROUS melanomas (4 including one invasive), basal cell carcinoma, and squameous cell carcinoma is troubling to say the least. The diagnosis of multiple skin cancers in one person can indicate either a genetic tendency toward cancer OR in the least a history of serious sun (UV) exposure. (3). His medical records were in-fact published due to circulating rumors regarding a mass on his jaw. Medical records are easily faked or “lost”. I find it interesting that they spend a lot of time reporting on his heart but that is not what the concern was!?! Anyways the old man (he will be the oldest president to take office if he wins in November) is going to drop dead within a year! I was puzzled that senator McCain was doing so well within the republican party since he is not really what you would consider a “typical” republican president and many if not most in the party believe him to be WAY too liberal.

Second I believe McCain is a plant, a lost leader if you will... I believe his running mate is going to be the real president! Many people have speculated that he will try to get a running mate that will appeal to the democrats who are now divided due to the whole Obama/Clinton scandal which in truth would I believe probably result in McCain winning the presidency. However since I believe McCain is a plant, I think powerful members of the republican party/ultra-rich elite who have thrived under the current regime have someone else for him to take as their vice “real” president. Look for someone ultra-conservative like Huckabee (although, not necessarily him) to take the VP spot! Religion, even if it is forcefully shoved down people’s throats, has long been used as a tool to control the masses! Further support for my little conspiracy hypothesis is that Huckabee appeared to have stayed in the race to secure McCain’s nomination by drawing away votes from the other candidates (4).

Why is McCain going along with this, who knows why he is doing this... Could be he does not know, or maybe just to be in power (even if for a short while). OK, maybe he knows he still has cancer (as humans we never like to admit our own mortality) or maybe his doctors are in on it and have told him he is “just fine” while letting untreated melanoma go wild.....

Dr. T

1. McCain health report-


3. X. Wu, J. Gu, and M. R. Spitz:Mutagen Sensitivity: A Genetic Predisposition Factor for Cancer, Cancer Res., April 15, 2007; 67(8): 3493 - 3495.



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