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An idea behind the preparation of detainment / labor camps in the U.S.

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 12:04 PM
I was sitting here thinking, "gee, I need to get some of my credit debt paid off". Then it hit me. With the way the economy has been going, in the not so distant furture, if all of these bad things like food shortages take place, the people who have debts will be sought by the authorities. And what would happen is, you'd have a court hearing, and a Judge would basically say, "under this new law of blah blah blah, you must work at the specified labor camp at the hourly wage of such and such per hour, all of which goes to paying this debt. Upon completion of payment, you are free to leave the labor camp."

And thats how it would go. Next thing you know, you're living in one of those FEMA camps or facilities in the Southwest and elsewhere.

Another common one I see coming is this: If you're an illegal immigrant and you are caught, you may be sentenced to the labor camp for a certain amount of years, to earn your citizenship, if you had some talent that was worth keeping you around for. Because, if the food gets scarce and nature starts getting crazy and out of control, things are going to be hectic, and I can see them doing this crap to us. And not in a secret black ops covert kidnap operation, in a court of law, ordered by a Judge.

The implications are frightening..

Edit: My Mother's Husband works for these goons, the Government, and we are getting close sometimes of getting nearly foreclosed on. What the crap ..

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