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The rules for being an ATS Conspiracy theorist

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:06 AM
It would seem that the following school thought exists on ATS and anything else is propaganda from MSM.

  1. The Fed is evil .
  2. Anything from the establishment is evil .
  3. If somethings appears on a You Tube video or in a blog it must be true
  4. Any figures or facts from the US government must be propaganda . But anything from crack pot websites or Islamic extremists must be true.
  5. null

I am sure that there others like myself who don't subscribe to those views in there entirety or just some of them . Sure I don't swallow everything governments or the media says but I don't make endless topics about this fact .

I have had an overload of such views of late and I needed to get that fact off my chest and this was the best place do it .

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