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The Ancient Bimini Road is not all natural

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 02:06 AM
The Ancient Bimini Road is not all natural

Very Cool Documentary about Atlantis. The part focusing on the Bimini Road here-

Whole Documentary

Here is an article about how Skeptics perpetrated a hoax to claim the Bimini Road was only natural formations. Deliberately ignoring evidence and being dishonest about the actual arrangement of the blocks-

Isla Cerritos—Skeptics' Beachrock Theory Sunk! 2000-Year Old Maya Breakwater Made From Cut Beachrock


The way the blocks are stacked on top of short pillar stones at the corners isn't really natural, and the evidence does indeed indicate it was arranged by humans thousands of years ago for either a road, a harbor, and probably as a way to stop incoming waves-

Here are some images of the J shaped road

Above water, nearby the Bimini Road are massive images of Fish

background info-

Since 1968, with the discovery of the so-called "Bimini Road," a heated controversy has ensued. Several skeptical geologists have, over the years, insisted that it was a natural underwater formation of stones. Located about a mile offshore of the small island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, the "Bimini Road" is a 1600 foot long formation of stone blocks. Soon after its discovery various researchers and followers of the famous "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce noted that in a 1940 reading Mr. Cayce had in fact predicted that a portion of Atlantis would be found near Bimini in 1968 and 1969.

The geologists skeptical claims soon became accepted as fact by the academic community, and initially Dr. Greg Little, the producer of this documentary, accepted those claims as fact himself. That is, until 2003 and 2004, when Greg and his wife Lora noticed when diving and photographing this formation of underwater stones that some things weren't adding up as the geologists had reported.

And so, in May 2005, Greg, Lora, their friend and colleague Doris Van Auken, all three working on behalf of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, joined up with archaeologist William Donato to try and resolve this matter once and for all. In just five full days at Bimini Road, diving and collecting samples, taking just under 1000 photographs and producing over 20 hours of video, this team of investigators had reached some startling conclusions. They had found at least eight ancient stone anchors, rectangular slabs of cut stone used for leveling large stone blocks, stones with mortise cuts on them, and many stone circles. Why and how the geologists had missed these things often became a topic of discussion among these investigators.

Dr. Little notes in his narration that despite the team's exhausting efforts and hard work to observe and document as much of the site as possible, they had probably been able to closely examine and inspect less than ten percent of the stone blocks. Skeptic Eugene Shinn had described in his writings that he had made a thorough study of the site in only two weekends, which this team viewed as not possible. Shinn's published findings in Nature and The Skeptical Inquirer were found to be riddled with many errors and blunders. He attempted to put down anyone who disagreed with him as a part of the lunatic fringe. He even wrote that "true believers say it is a prehistorical archaeological site build by extraterrestrials from the Pleiades." Though described by fellow skeptics as an eminent and highly respected geologist, Shinn turns out only to have a bachelor's degree in biology. Geologist John Gifford, of the University of Miami, had written that there was not a single example of a stone block laid on top of other stone blocks at this site, but the ARE team and Donato found that there were many! When Dr. Little initially contacted Dr. Gifford, he stated that he was "open" to new findings, but when Dr. Little informed him of their findings and offered to pay his way to the site to reinspect it for himself, despite repeated attempts, communications from Dr. Gifford ceased.

Dr. Little concludes that as the skeptics have long insisted, a hoax was indeed perpetrated at Bimini. However, instead of being wild eyed believers in unfounded absurdies, as the skeptics had claimed, it turned out to be the skeptical geologists themselves who had held the truth hostage and kept real scientific progress at bay. With emotional zeal, under the guise of science, skeptics denounced evidence on the possibility of the "Bimini Road" being anything other than a natural formation of stones. They seemed overzealous to suppress and lay to rest the questions and controversy over the site's discovery in connection with Atlantis and a psychic named Edgar Cayce.

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 02:06 AM

Thus, as a result, the academic community overlooked significant and anomalous evidence, even from those with sound credentials and reputations, like marine engineer Dr. Dimitri Rebikoff, said to be a brilliant oceanographer, who had stated back in 1969 that the Bimini Road formation was identical to numerous ancient man-made harbors discovered throughout the Mediterranean. Rebikoff also disagreed with the skeptics when they claimed that there were no prop or leveling stones underneath the large stone blocks at Bimini.

The ARE team and Donato came to agree with Dr. Rebikoff's assertions. In fact, on this incredible video you will see for yourself comparisons with the anchors, stone circle formations, the stone harbor formations, and other artifacts at Bimini and Mediterranean sites like Cosa, Italy, Dor and Akko, Israel, and Samos, Greece, among many other places. In addition, you will see how remarkably the Bimini anchors compare with ancient Greek, Roman and Phoenician anchors. You will also be taken to Isla Cerritos, a small island off the coast of the Yucatan, which was a Mayan port back around 400 B.C., with remains of an enclosed man-made harbor there.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 03:59 AM
Atlantis is not real, do not make it seem like fact.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 10:54 AM
Howdy Hollywood

Still pushing the propaganda huh? I do notice that you're using the process of depth charging. Making wild claims, declining to discuss the counter questions and evidence and moving on to make even more wild claims?

However that doesn't really work now does it?

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 01:40 PM
Atlantis is certainly real. In fact, vast submerged cities have been found at the bottoms of most of the oceans. The Bimini site is just the beginning of what has been found at this point, and it was one of the first traces of pre-historic culture that had been found by modern people.

There is very rarely anything anyone can say to counter or respond to my OP.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by Hollywood11
Atlantis is certainly real. In fact, vast submerged cities have been found at the bottoms of most of the oceans. The Bimini site is just the beginning of what has been found at this point, and it was one of the first traces of pre-historic culture that had been found by modern people.

There is very rarely anything anyone can say to counter or respond to my OP.

Personally I have little to counter (not all that into Bimini), just a random thought about the incoherence of what you say here.

If vast submerged cities have already been found in most oceans, how can Bimini which is just some basic rock piles be just the beginning of what has been found?

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 03:59 PM
Because Bimini was found almost 40 years ago, much has been found since.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:16 PM
Howdy Hollywood

But unfortunately, when investigated they prove not to be ancient cities - or do you hold to the concept:

"Only look at the initial reports that support my position and ignore the rest"

Is that your mind set?

There is very rarely anything anyone can say to counter or respond to my OP.

Yes I guess that works if you fail to read the counter arguments then!

Still with the mindless propaganda I see. LOL

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 12:16 AM
Don't give up Hollywood11. The truth is out there.

I also believe there was a catastrophe in the Atlantic/Caribbean.
I prefer the Phoenician/Carthaginian connection with Atlantis.

Lately I've been fascinated with the earliest Greek legends of the Gorgons, particularly the family of Phorcys. He was the "Old Man of the Sea." He was the primeval sea god. All of Phorcys children and consorts have a unique mystery about them. The Hesperides are always connected in some way to the far west. The original home of the three Gorgons is worth investigating. Ladon, the great serpent who protects the golden apples of the Hepserides is one of the best legends of Greek mythology that connects Central America to the Old World.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 12:25 AM
Howdy Lostinspace

Ladon, the great serpent who protects the golden apples of the Hepserides is one of the best legends of Greek mythology that connects Central America to the Old World.

How is that?

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:48 PM
I believe that the golden apples of the Hesperides could have represented oranges. There are many tropical areas that are known to have orange groves. I read that oranges were thought to have originated out of Asia. From the wikipedia article it shows that oranges were found in Persia, India, Spain and other lands.

It also says that Ponce de Leon introduced oranges to Florida in 1513. However, there may have been a lost island somewhere in the Caribbean that had orange groves before that. I think the ancient city port of Gades was trading with the lost island and they both had oranges. It's just that the lost island had large pythons on it.

I believe the inhabintants highly venerated these creatures. You'll notice large snakes decorate many places with in the ruins of Chichen Itza. There is even a human devouring snake shown at the Olmec site of Chalcatzingo. There is some pottery of Ladon devouring a human who tried to steal the golden apples of the Hesperides.

I think that the devouring snake legend is unique to Central America. I don't think Spain is the primary source of this lengend. There is an automaker that uses the human devouring snake as its logo. I can't remember if the company was from Spain or Italy.

I have reason to believe that the legend of Hercules, or rather Heracles, was originally borrowed from the Phoenician culture. If you look up information on Melqart you'll see how they connect Heracles to Melqart.

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 01:23 AM
Howdy Lostinspace

That's an interesting conjecture. You seem to have lots of information points but I don't quite follow some of the connections.

Many cultures have snakes in their mythology, many people have an inborn fear of snake so in many cultures they show up in the mythology, in many different roles. Some of your information is also crossing large periods of time, with some information coming from different periods.

Why do you suspect that Gades was trading with a lost city? Where do you think this city was?

I think you mean "Alfa Romeo"

I understand your connection between Heracles and Melqart but don't see the significance with a lost island of oranges and snakes??

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by Hanslune


Thanks for remembering the auto maker Alfa Romeo for me.

I was looking up the time periods for each of these cultures and this is what I found.

Olmec 1300-400 BC
Phoenician 1200-800 BC
Ancient Greece 1000-31 BC

Toltec 900-1200 AD

I could be wrong about the connection with the Toltecs but there could be some connection between the Olmec, Phoenician and Ancient Greece because their time periods cross. It could be that the Toltecs picked up the serpent worship the Olmecs started.

I couldn't find any solid evidence about the oranges being the golden apples of the Hesperides. It seems some of the legends say that the golden apples had the power to give immortality. This might suggest the myth about the Fountain of Youth, which Ponce De Leon sought in the Americas.

The golden apples were returned to the Hesperides by Athena at the end of that tale. Greek mythology seems to branch off with new versions throughout the ages. One version said Hercules killed Ladon and another said he didn't.

What I found really interesting about Ladon, on the net, is that he is sometimes shown with horns. Most of the ancient images of Ladon show him to be a single headed snake, whereas the written accounts say he's 100 headed. Which is the truth? Anyway, the large Olmec serpent has horns and is devouring a man just as Ladon is doing here. In this Greek mythology Ladon doesn't have horns.

Ladon the great serpent.
The tree with the golden apples and the golden Fleece.
Athena the warrior goddess.

Monument 5 at Chalcatzingo
Olmec preclassic site

Here's an image of a giant stone snake somewhere in Central America.

There needs to be a different thread on this. I'm derailing this one.

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 01:20 AM
Howdy Lostinspace

Yep good idea, separate thread would be more appropriate and easiler for people to find in the future.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:00 PM
Golden apples means stories of information, because we read our legends and myths blind to the past we have a hard time understanding what they are saying. Certain legends are more important then the others in terms of how much information is encoded in them. The Hopi have some of the best stories in terms of explaining the past.

No one borrowed any story from anyone, it’s all the truth. These events happened so long ago and were witnessed by many different people. That is why stories from different people sound similar. This action of mythology is similar to how a group of Canadians burnt down the white house during the civil war. No people or pictures exist of the action, yet it is accepted as fact and as time goes on, becoming closer to myth.

The Olmec movement was the beginning of a new wave (going to sleep), opposite to the one that is taking place right now. I am sure most of you know of the Aryan’s, but I am sure not many of you know of their actions. These bastards around 1,500BC decided that by killing people who knew of the past they could control the future. This time made the dark ages look like a joke and they still continue the genocide to this day (in Africa and Asia). Enter Kṛṣṇa, he steps in with the idea to encode what stories were left (called playing his flute or harp), from Ireland, to South Africa, and all the way to America to start the Olmec civilization. Numbers are a large part of the coding process, just times everything by a thousand to go back in time.

Here is a link to the former document I needed to make the new one. This one is not perfect and has errors in it for reasons that are hard to explain. It may take a while to download, but it if you read and understand it, it will be worth your while.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by QuetzalcoatlAlien

And your proof of this is........?

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