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Independance Day - A Movie or Us?

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 01:32 AM
I spent ages trying to work out which forum this should be in and just gave up, so i took this one as best guess, afterall it's about space exploration, just a more moral look than technological.

I'm sure many people here have seen Independance Day, it's a decent film if slightly stupid in places. Like uploading a virus to an alien craft, nice to know Bill Gates has managed to sell windows beyond merely earth, but anyway.

Are the portrayed aliens like us? In the movie the president says he saw into the aliens mind, he says they're like locusts, stripping the planets resources and then moving on to the next. Well isn't that what we do? We strip resources frm the ground and move on.

When we eventually take to the sky and travel to other worlds, will we be the same? There are moons in our solar system that contain high amounts of iron, large amounts of methane, or other valuable resources. Will we see large mining operations, moving from planet to asteroid, moon to gas cloud, stripping whatever we find? Is this a good way to propel our species into space?

I understand we need resources but lets imagine for a second that we came into contact with an alien race, what would they think of us if we were simply stripping whatever we could from all planets we find? Would they think us dangerous? Would they see that as an aggressive action? Would we be seen as barbarians, as this is the same action so many of the empires throughout histroy have done.

What do you all think? Are we like those invading aliens in the movie? Locusts, moving from place to place taking whatever we can.


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