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Obama, Axelrod and ASK Public Strategies

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 10:58 AM
“I am in this race to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over. I have done more than any other candidate in this race to take on lobbyists — and won. They have not funded my campaign, they will not run my White House, and they will not drown out the voices of the American people when I am president.”
— Barack Obama, Speech in Des Moines, IA, November 10, 2007

Oh really Barry?

Newsweek – June 2nd Issue

Axelrod … Exelon …. ASK Public Strategies …
Obama and the (134?) money bundlers. Same ol’ … same ol’.
No change. No hope. No unity.

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 12:51 PM
They have not funded Obama nor his campaign? e=2008

This guy is a hypocrite to the highest degree. Goldman Sachs gave this guy a fat 600k then turns around and gives this bit of dribble? This guy is saying what people want to hear and getting away with it.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 02:15 PM
OMG, look at the kind of money Senator Obama is getting towards his campaign!!!

How the heck can anyone receive these kinds of funds without already letting it be known, off the record of course, that he will make sure they are reciprocated sometime in the future. These corporations do not give out money without an anticipated return. Yet, people have been led to believe that he is receiving millions due to the generosity of the little people of America.

Axelrod and Obama have crossed the line. It is only a matter of time when it catches up to them. Obviously, with all that money pouring in, Obama and Axelrod are going to be owing an incredible amount of favors. And, there can be only so much done without their own track records finally falling on top of them and burying them in the process, but at their own greedy hands!!!

Senator Barack Obama cannot be trusted. And, without a script, he actually has no idea what to say. I can't even think about what a baffoon he will look like in foreign affairs. I think he is a disgrace to the American people. To quote from the movie Chicago "a flash in the pain!" Even if there were an Obama/Clinton ticket or a Clinton/Obama ticket, I will not vote for them. I can't imagine him as a Senator in my State. I would never, never vote for him and, with all his lies, I find it hard to digest how others are rallying around him.

I do not wish to insult anyone here at ATS. I just don't understand it since Obama really hasn't said anything worthwhile, nor has he done anything that worthwhile. In my opinion, he has purposely sided with the same ideas of Senator Hillary Clinton. NOT because he believes it but it has created the allusion of how close their stand on issues are (even his campaign people have argued that in various articles), so why pick her over him. He has already alluded to age where it concerns Senator John McCain, but it didn't bother Obama when Senator Ted Kennedy rallied his support around him and Kennedy is several years older than McCain.

I've said this before on another thread. Senator Obama should stick to writing books!!!

I'd also like to say that since there is a lot of talk on the internet about his alleged bi-sexuality and drug use. It is very important that those issues not be covered up. I believe they should be addressed by Senator Obama directly to the American people. I can foresee America going down the tubes because even as a Senator he can be blackmailed for his choices and lifestyle. I don't even want to think about the ramifications if Obama were to be President. If his alleged drug use (not talking about his college years) turns out to be true, then he shouldn't even be running for the Oval Office.

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