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Requesting a reading

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 08:23 AM
I was wondering if some of the Psychics/Spirit Readers that are here on ATS could please do a reading on me. I feel as though i am at a crossroads in my life and i am really struggling with which path i should pursue.

I was wondering if you could do a reading on me and let me know which path the Spirit suggests i take. Any other information would also be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance


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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 11:57 AM
First and foremost, I do not wish to offend you in any way, only to offer positive critisizm for you to consider.

You should change the title to your post, as it is confusing. Re-Question doesn't make sense, I believe you were meaning to say "Requesting".

On a lighter note, I too have been in a part of my life that is changing, I believe for the better. I recently got fired from my job a few weeks ago, and since I live in Michigan, re-employment is tough. Gas prices here are at least 7th highest in the states, and with more people looking for work than jobs to fill it, my outlook was grim. I still do not have a job, I am looking, but I have done something I thought I would never do again. Go back to school.

I recently applied and got into an online courses college for 3D game art and design. I start today actually. It is something that has always been a constant in my life, art and gaming. I never thought about it seriously until now. I have been to school for other things, and graduated, but never on a full time basis could it make me happy.

Here are some questions I would like you to ask yourself, and reply here if you can:

1. What are 3 of your top goals in the future? What have you always wanted to do with your life, no dream too far fetched, no solution to a problem unreachable.

2. What 2 directions are you being pulled in right now? Explain what they mean to you, and in what way they contradict each other.

3. In the long run, what will make you truly and utterly satisfied every day with what you do?

People look forward to making lots of money, getting the better car, then nicer clothes, and the best life-partner, whether that be man or woman. In the end, I think it comes down to what makes you happy at the end of the day. I have learned recently that each day should be taken as a blessing. I am not religious in any aspect, I am actually atheist, as if that makes a difference. This is in no way pertinent to this topic IMO, but people are too busy looking forward to slow down and look to the side, to see those who love you standing beside you, or to enjoy the beauty of life we have been given around us. Trees, water, etc.

You can contact your own spirit guide if you are still confused, although, I would be more than willing to help you discuss this problem if you are up to it.

I hope you might be able to shine some light on your situation, and maybe you don't have to get a reading, you have the power to make your own life come true, everything you do can lead you towards your goals, you just have to be stubborn and stick with it.

Good luck.

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