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Favorite End-Time Scenarios

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posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 04:49 AM
Well... I'm an American and frankly, paranoia wasn't really my thing. Until I saw the events of 9/11. Now, it wasn't the threat of terrorist attacks that made me fear, but rather the events the legislative and executive branches following these events. Further delving uncovered a huge stink about the way these events were handled by the agencies in charge of preventing them. It was shortly thereafter i discovered PNAC (project for new american century), and the "new pearl-harbor" memo. Even more terrifying is the fact that the majority of the people that signed on to this think tank are also policy makers in the bush administration.

But thats all old hat. Now we hear (some of us) of the coming Ice age, or the melting of the polar caps via global warming, or of a sudden swing of the Earth's magnetic poles, Huge storms, earthquakes, and disease.
Granted, most of you would probably consider this old hat as well, but the majority of americans are oblivious, or simply refuse to believe anything besides what Viacom or Comcast or AOL Time-Warner (i mean the news) tells them is so. One of the major problems with huge corporations is they are always looking for ways to cut cost and increase profit, and they do this by consolidating news rooms among other things.

Again, I'm repeating tired rhetoric. But i do have a point, and I'm getting to it. Basically, The american people are set up to fall hard. One way or another. With the dollar quite possibly about to slip from the world standard, sanctions against the US by the EU, Massive military budgets and fatigue (all 6 divisions are deployed), mass export of the US manufacturing base, upwards of 17% unemployment nationwide ( this includes the catagories the govt would like to leave out i.e. part-time but want full, cant find and stopped looking, ect. ), Record corruption and special interest in government, and a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation of presidential candidates, its looking pretty grim over here in the states.

Not to mention the evidence of media blackouts, and the pentagon's policy of disinformation, scripted "live" press conferences, "free speech zones", FEMA detention facilities... (any1 remember chicago's 1993 "operation clean sweep" ?)

Basically, WE'RE SCREWED!!! we have seen it coming for 10 years, but have failed to believe it. From this point, all possible scenarios range from bad to "holy crap, WTF???!?!". Seen any media coverage of the MASSIVE amount of protests against the war in iraq?
(very little i imagine) I've seen footage from local (indy) media sources depicting scenes straight out every conspiracy theorists worst nightmare. The next time the president comes to your town, just try and hold up a negative sign. Look, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING NOW!!!

Have you ever seen a police officer in full riot gear? coincidentally, they look the same (in full riot gear) everywhere in america. Well, if not i know you will soon.
To anyone who thinks the american population would resist military occupation, i agree. But the fact is, the resistance would be crushed utterly. I imagine it would continue until all our little dissidents are rounded up and finally putting that FEMA budget to good use.

If you haven't seen what is going on in america right now, i'm not surprised. You probably haven't been looking for it, and i assure you its very hard to find regardless. Just think, in 2005 all americans will be required to serve in a military position (3-6 years probably). They even have plans for objectors, requiring them to serve in civilian positions. If you still refuse, its the old "enemy combatant" treatment for you.

anyway... these are some of my favorite predictions for the coming years....

1.) For some reason, the united states decides to take unilateral action on syria and destroys damascus via airstrikes, afterwords a multi-national coaliton amasses in the bekaa valley to defend against a US backed isreali ground assault (thus fulfilling biblical prophecy)

2.) some crazed whacko sneaks a dirty bomb onto the temple mount, and sets the entire world into an unimaginable state of chaos

3.) Massive earthquakes rock the world, and california falls into the pacific ocean setting the entire world into total chaos

4.) the rest of the world decides that the US states poses the biggest threat to world security, sets unprecedented sanctions, causing the US to experience wide spread starvation and energy shortages, and prompting a US military response.

5.) Sharon is assassinated, and you get to see a REAL HARD-LINER come into power, sparking a huge war in the middle east, complete with nuclear terrorism and global chaos.

6.) Extra-Dimentional Beings appear all over the world with far greater knowledge than humans, and begin to eat them or some other thing beyond our comprehension. ( the keys to the bottomless pit? [read : space])

7.) Something new somehow escapes fort bragg and in months two thirds of the earth's population is dead.

8.) 144,000 people "wake up" ( spontaneously aquire Krishna or Christ Consciousness ) and procede to fight the power of evil Dragonball Z style.

9.) Oil runs out just as the great conveyor stops conveying. The earth enters a mini-ice age and crops are destroyed, britain and canada become glaciers, deserts become forests, the poles shift, and all hell breaks loose

10.) The HAARP array gets a little out of hand, creating a huge magnetic storm that basically sets the world back into the pre-industrial age

11.) the US government reveals the lastest in WMDs as it becomes the new "holy roman empire", setting off earthquakes and MOABs everywhere, with plenty of whacked weather to further the psychological effect of "shock and awe" commited on the citizens of the world in some huge orwellian power bid for total power, "a world united in democracy", with the shortening food and energy reserves controlled and serving the elitist rulers, with plenty of death and prison space for the suffering masses.

well... i look forward to hearing a few of your favorite scenarios, and I'm sure I'll see the majority of you at our local labor camp, where we can discuss what we should have been doing between beatings, and the 16 hour shifts, to rebuild and retake what has been bamboozled from us.

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 05:08 AM
my favorite senario:

New leaders have arisen everywhere,, the new american leader gets blackmailed by the jews so he pulls the plug on israel

Israel is in the dark, no electricity, its caos and fear

100 million arabs and their families cross the isreali border by night and kill everyone they come across.

Massive arab casualties. the state of israel ceases to exist.

American Jews sieze control of the united states and use it as their tool to punish other countries (as they already do) and their new leader declares himself as god and overlord of earth.

all the citizens of earth are subjected to tests and exams and are reassingned to the position that is most suitable to their talents

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 05:32 AM
Personally, I've always been partial to Revelations. Until recently, however, I haven't seen or understood the key points that are contained therein. For example, the fact that God told John not to seal the words of the book because the end times were ALREADY AT HAND. And so they remain today. over 2000 years evolved toward human extinction.

What's coming down the line(us media), I've come to realise, is strictly manipulative propaganda and psychological warfare aimed at raising the public's anger and fear, then putting a far-removed face to that fear, focusing the might of the combined public will on the unsuspecting population of the world.

In my opinion, we were told to be fruitful and multiply because when the war is brought to us, our numbers would be dwindling from apathy and applied laziness. They'll allow dissidents to a degree, but only so the largest majorities of would-be activists will feel better because it's already being done by someone else.

The united states' population has been bombarded by greed, lust for power, avarice, and everything else the bible says not to do... paranoia....

Even the word paranoia has been "sealed" to mean unfound suspicion and labelling for would-be dissidents. Our laws are written to find a known percentage of the population guilty. Immediately.

So it is taught to our children that we say what sounds good to "spare" the people from panic, when panic is justified now more than ever.

Rumsfeld told the press in the days following the 9-11 farce, that the administration would be purposefully playing cloak and dagger with the truth to keep the terrorists (and subsequently the american public) from knowing what actions are being taken to "combat" terrorism.

Fast forward to the world today and where I see it going. The afforementioned pestilence, famine, death, war, earthquakes in diver's places (off shore quakes-lots in last week) ... starting to sound familiar?

I see us aproaching the part where all there is is bad news. A sea of glass to relace the many oceans that are about to dry up when the new magma vents, formed by HAARP's tampering with the earth's natural cycle, transform them into sulfuric acid. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the last three trumpets have yet to sound.


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