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Am I wrong to think...

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 12:52 AM
that the cornerstone of nearly every conspiracy theory presented is founded on the existence of an NWO? Aliens, Free Energy, Black Projects, Global Warming, Peak Oil, Repressed Technology...I mean the fanaticism that people harbor is understandable if this is true. If there is no nefarious NWO, then there is no group that seeks to hide alien contact, conceal advanced techs, repress free energy, perpetuates myths, etc.
Therefore, can all these other conspiracies exist without an NWO? Is the belief of an NWO absolutely necessary to validate beliefs in other conspiracies? I think so. With the exception of mythical beasts like bigfoot,'s hard to think of subjects around here that are inextricably related to an NWO cover up. So is the validity of all theses conspiracy theories dependent upon an NWO? Or can they stand on their own? I mean conspiracies are about coverups...So I don't think they can stand on there own, without some all-knowing, controlling group. There needs to be an NWO to explain the REASONS for cover ups.
But, I wonder, why do people around here talk about the NWO like its a single unified entity? I imagine there are no great, ubiquitous cover ups by some single evil entity. If they exist at all, they probably exist in semi autonomous groups...that may or may not seek the same ends.
A final question. What are the requirements for NWO membership? Are all uber rich people members of NWO...Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Richard Branson? Are they members? Is money the only requirement for membership? Familial lineage? Who is in the NWO? Who runs the world?

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by Threadfall

Are all uber rich people members of NWO...?

No, in fact, it is quite likely that some of them may be the biggest dupes.

If you were to ask David Icke, he would tell you that at the head of all tables, at the top of the Illuminati Pyrmid, sit the Reptilian overlords. The prison warders, who not only enslave us physically, but spiritually here on Earth as well.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 07:35 AM
Actually, all conspiracy theories are based on the recurrent human response to power. NWO or not people will behave like people. That is to say, a portion of people with power/money/influence will always want more and to assert influence and exclude others. The fear of persons who become so far removed from the reality of "normal life" AND have the ability to impact the lives of the "normal" is scary. Even if these "elite" have (at best) good intentions in executing their ideals it can be a blinded to the real world repercussions on the masses. At worst people in these positions could intentionally try to harm others. No one can deny that there are people (solitary or in groups) out there with the intent of harming some or all others. The next step in this line of thought is "what if these people get together and form a cohesive plan?"
That isn't an unreasonable question. Every day groups of people form to forward their own agenda. Sometimes that agenda is altruistic. Is it not to far from reason to think that it would also happen that groups of people would form to forward nefarious agenda? If said nefarious group has clout to swing around there is the possibility of some real danger.
When observing people in power gather "under the radar" (ala Bilderberg), or engage in immoral activity (ala MKultra, Tuskegee experiment) suspicions are not unfounded.
That said, suspicion doesn't equal guilt but it DOES warrant attention and scrutiny. To ignore suspicious activities/situations because it makes one feel "scared and unsafe" is just as wrong as convicting based on suspicion alone.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 08:30 PM
hmm...interesting. i see where you're coming from. and yes, most conspiracies are about cover ups and everyone is in aw of what could possibly be being hidden from us. but, aliens...well, not to offend anyone, but there are greasy trailer-inhabiting old men wearing nothing but wifebeaters carrying a shotgun, trying to protect themselves from...aliens. and, i highly doubt that these type of people know ANYTHING about nwo. but then again, thier beliefs in aliens could be based upon white trash gossip and most likely is, so everything is percieved differently to everyone.

however they probably know nothing about "Free Energy, Black Projects, Global Warming, Peak Oil, Repressed Technology", and have no intertest in it, so i can't tell you thier opinions on that.

but yes, i imagine it is 100% possible for all these conspiracies to be alive and well and striking fear to anyone, WITHOUT the possibility of NWO.

plus they are some damn big words. INTIMIDAING.

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