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Is telepathy undiagnosed schizophrenia?

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posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 06:32 AM
Guess what. I know telepaths (at least one) is real. I spent about a year talking to him every day when I went to work. I am diagnosed with scitz but what can I tell you. In my opinion my little supernatural experiences were absolutely real. Let me tell you a little about what and how it happened. Well this guy at work came out of the breakroom as I heard in my head "I've found you." Then the guy smiled and started giving me a nuggy or whatever on my head. That was a little strange. Now when I was at work I would be alone and thinking to myself. I would have little internal dialogs about you name it and every so often this same guy would walk up to me(he worked in the quality control department) and told me one word that described something I was thinking about. So I would say one word back. But it eventually got to where we could have entire conversations saying one word at a time. That, to make a very long story short. Also pretty close to the time I met him, I was called to his office on the factory intercom. He told me to look at something on his laptop computer. I looked. It was a red square and a yellow square. I turned to tell him how stupid it was to look at two squares but he leaned toward me and bit my face a little and made it bleed some. I immediately left and went to the breakroom ( it was break time by then). I sat there thinking how mental that guy was, wondering how that guy could have a job without others realizing how insane he was. I thought at the time that biting me was his idea of being friendly. Anyway later on we would have one word at a time dialogs. He would use his words to suggest anything that would worry or bother me. He handed me a business card with my name on it that said a bunch of bad things such as child molester, traitor, ect. Pretty soon, each day I went to work, we would have a conversation about something (telepathicly sort of) as each of us would verify our end of the telepathic conversation with a single word at a time and the next day it would happen. He could obviously tell the future and apparent to me later could even manipulate my mind to suit his wishes usually to make me scared. It was sort of like being brainwashed, but a better term would be " to have your thoughts guided." It's complicated but I can explain it if you want me to. I've also had visions related to our conversations and visions of the future. Many which have come true and some that I hope never come true. What happened is that I would see a short "clip" of the future and I would hear one word for each clip. And then when the thing I saw in the vision happened in real life, I would remember that word. And that word would remind me of something he said to me, and so they put together a conversation. It happed in backwards order to the order he said the words to me the first time, but I'm sure this is already getting too complicated. I have all kinds of interesting things to tell. After talking to him for about a year, I quit my job because I thought he was going to kill me if I showed up for work that day. He threatened me before and even threw a pair of utility scissors at me one time( I guess it was him), but this time I felt like he would really do it. After that point I spent the next two years or so recovering from the brainwashing effect his conversations had on be. Specificly I was still seeing things that I saw in visions, remembering the single words associated with them, and remembering all the disturbing things he said. I've gotten implications that some people have been able to hear my thoughts. I have no doubt about spiritual things but I still have many questions about religion and about what is really going on. I know something mystical is true but I don't know how to find out more. I'm not sure of a safe way or even a real way to find out more. But anyway, I can tell you much more if you want me too, I suppose.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 02:51 AM
...ahhh...the age old ponderance: Psychic or Psychotic...

Having worked in the Mental Health field for almost 14 years now, and carrying out Psych assessments on regular (often daily) basis - its a question I know that my own team asks itself...

...though our team is different, it is a team made up predominately of our own people (NZ Maori) who also come from a spiritual basis in their assessments. We don't immediately go down the route of "Oh, s/he is hearing voices and seeing things - it must be some form of psychosis/schizoid disorder"...instead we get a bit more info, we assess from different perspectives...

...ultimately who is to say that person isn't speaking with their ancestors? Its certainly something that is common amongst my people.

For many people its not the seeing,the hearing or the feeling or knowing that is the problem - its how to deal with it, how to interpret it, how to live with it rather than how to suppress it.

I know quite a few people who see and hear things all the time - yet are by no means unwell.

To me the Clinical/Analytical/Medical Eurocentric Mental health system many of our countries has has done more harm than good. Its role is not to facilitate recovery or otherwise...but rather to contain, restrain and risk manage.

Its role - from what I've seen working within it for 14 years - is to fit people around the system, rather than fit the system around the people. Redefine to reinforce its own self-feeding nature.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 02:49 PM
Diagnoses of schizophrenia regard telepathy as impossible

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by telepath

Strange, i had a dream last night that i met a girl, who seemed greatly disturbed; but it turned out she was telepathic.

In my opinion, telepathy is definitly real; but in some cases i would imagine that the individual is just sick.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 03:11 PM
I've often wondered about the opposite-- how many people diagnosed as schizophrenic are actually telepathic?

I have a close friend who is telepathic, both receiving and sending, and as a child and teen-ager, she was almost locked up as a schizophrenic. To this day, the still "hears voices" and she's the most grounded person I know.

I shudder to think how many telepaths are locked up in institutions after having been misdiagnosed by the narrow-minded.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 04:34 PM

Originally posted by JPhish
reply to post by telepath

Strange, i had a dream last night that i met a girl, who seemed greatly disturbed; but it turned out she was telepathic.

In my opinion, telepathy is definitly real; but in some cases i would imagine that the individual is just sick.

That's funny Because I usually meet girls in real life that think they are telepathic but actually are deeply disturbed.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by alien
...ahhh...the age old ponderance: Psychic or Psychotic...

Just wanted to say well written post and my sentiments exactly, except I'm one of those assessed.

To me the Clinical/Analytical/Medical Eurocentric Mental health system many of our countries has has done more harm than good. Its role is not to facilitate recovery or otherwise...but rather to contain, restrain and risk manage.

Fear of the unknown (spiritworld) and a conviction that all solutions lie in medicine (physical vs spiritual). Even though some of the insurance companies nowadays allow more holistic treatments and the odd therapy courses here and there (but usually to supress the hallucinations). Still it is a logical descision: anyone speaking with the dead could learn how to control it and undeniably show for it. Obviously this hasn't happened, at least never convincing enough. Either there simply is no spiritworld and the mind makes it up for the experiencer or it is too difficult to learn in a country that has little knowledge and experience with it.

Just as someone with experiences is convinced how he sees it is reality, just so any psychiatrist clings to his or her truths and those would conflict. Even in the case of a psychiatrist that has faith and believes in the afterlife, it is considered taboo to contact the dead. There is this underlying powerplay, the afterlife is how Christianity says it is and if someone would go around claiming the hereafter is different because spirits tell so, that would mean a loss of power for the Church.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by jamie83

agreed. It is much more likely that this is the case. Psychic abilities are still very much a taboo as being officially recognized and it is much easier accepted to label someone as mentally ill than admit they have the ability to hear other peoples thoughts.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 10:46 PM
i believe that schizophreni is telepathy and people born with this gift are looking at what people around them in their environment are experiencing
we are all telepathic but some in times are stronger because sometimes they have this thing tat is aksing fot the truth and sometimes thru meditation we can alleviate the voices in our heads i also believe these voices are our ancestors coming forward to help us with our daily poroblems but i am a schizo os yu decide

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 06:56 PM
I have been hospitalized 5 times for this. They keep giving me schizophrenic medication. I am not schizophrenic I am telepathic. My abilities spiral out of control and I can therefore read and control the minds of others.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 11:27 AM
I had a friend who recently committed suicide, he was labelled schizophrenic, we telepathically communicated, meaning for 30 minutes straight, without opening mouths or using external voices, we had an entire conversation inside of our heads without reading body language, actually we were in a car and he was sitting behind me the first time it happened, telepathy does in fact exist, im 100% sure of it, it happened to me and im not schizophrenic but the only time it happened was with a schizophrenic friend of mine. Its been a year now, he died November 20th 2007, I went crazy myself for a bit trying to find an answer. I have never understood this and I have always heard it only exists in science fiction and I dont think im crazy because I know for a fact it happened, but its one of those things u dont really talk about.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 03:35 PM
Hi just wanted to say I'm a physics student from London, i have been hearing voices for about a year now. I'm not a stupid person I came top of my year last year for my studies but im am struggling to find any logic to this. When I am around people (within eye contact) sometimes I am able to hear their voice in my head saying things about the situation we are in or about the conversation they are in which in many cases I am involved. I am going to the doctors to get checked out because this is scaring me, I worry that I'm losing my mind, which for me would mean I would have lost the very thing I rely on to get me through my day. I have tried to develop test for this to find something real but short of asking someone to help me with my dilution is kind of embarrassing, ill try keep u posted.....

If i dont get locked away that is

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by telepath

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia too and couldn't believe it. I told the medical professionals that are handling with me that almost all people can read minds. (And yes, I was right after finding out that everybody has the ability to communicate using telepathy.) I have a lot of proofs that some people can, first when I'm trying to help somebody to go out in the hospital cuz what I was thinking that time was that maybe people were giving her false hopes, always telling her that she'll gonna be home like for instance this week and then they'll move the dates again so I talked to a certain person and in my mind I said liar and right after that she said I was not lying.

Another thing, was that when I was scared cuz I'm thinking somebody will gonna bring me to a mental hospital and yes I was right. When I'm already in the emergency hospital, I was shouting asking my sister for help cuz they'll gonna bring me to a mental hospital and then I've heard somebody saying that I was smart.

Also, just this month my friend called telling me that my close friend wasn't in the airport and she's been waiting there for an hour, so she though maybe my close friend just roam around and at that moment I thought about my friend getting crazy and right after that, she said maybe she got crazy.

My co-worker opened up to me that some people can read minds including him and so I asked him, can u read my mind? and he said yes if you allow me too. He told me to be careful of releasing informations thru mind. And one time when we were together, I thought of that time that maybe he's mad and right after that he said I was not mad.

It was quite a relief for me knowing that it's some form of telepathy and not schizophrenia cuz if you'll say schizophrenia you'll imagining things beyond your control, like thinking 'bout aliens or stuff like that...something that is impossible to believe. I also have encountered people talking bout me and I felt disturbed. Some were praises and some were hateful words. Well, all I can say is that you can't please everybody. No matter how good you are. But all I can say to telepathic people, just ignore people talking 'bout u.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by alien

Nice to see someone in the field who goes deeper than just the textbook theory. Thank you!

Just this evening my fiance and I were discussing the probability of a part of the brain that was used to communicate before the advent of speech and written mediums. Over time and disuse, it would eventually lie dormant, until triggered by some anicent and primitive stimulus.

Who knows? Maybe the surge of schizophrenia cases is nothing more than an ancient and actue human response to the signs of the times?

Makes sense to me, in light of the world we find ourselves in these days.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 09:08 AM
some very interesting points of view .

id like to make some points, i think telepathy and schizophrenia are confused with one another over time due to ill discipline.

1. could the claim that scizophrenia is telepathy be a natural defence against the notion that the schizophrenic is 'ill ' but there is no actual telepathy. An understandable defence mechanism withoout any actual validity. ( kind of sad ! )

2 trance visualitsation and imagination could enable someone to create sounds that were not of his normal vocal range like an impressionist. then one is duped into beiiveing its somone else. it is even possible to use memories to create an atmosphere. personally i think this is the most likely explanation of schizophrenia . either the individual has lost the responsibiltiy needed to control the complicated set of visualisations which is why drugs may be usefull.

3 thought hearing and perception of thought could be a completly separate issue from the one above.

4 there is a differacne from a message intended for one person as opposed to a radio ham who is listening to random sounds

5 hearing voices does not sound the same as recieving a message or image via telpathy.

6 alot of self discipline must go into being a healthy phycic perhaps a real schizophrenic is an unhealthy phycic .

7 phycic attack or malicous senders must make up some of a schizophrenics experince not to mention unhealthy people around them.

8 there are lots of differant internal sounds so ther must be a whole catalogue of differant sounds one might suffer from.

interfacing with poeple is not the same and interfacing with the absolute. gaining pure knowledge is not subject related so it ought to be free from any diseases.

i have had some experinces which seem to be telpathic and some which seem to be me making sound at my self . somtimes i feel as though i have been offered ' spiritual information or insights from an external scource.

i think if the population at large were unemplyed healthy and well spritually oriented there would be a much larger amount of believers in telpahty and telpathic practice than there is . the main reason that there is not is that since most individuals are busy professionals the practice of telepathy is unessesary, so that the skill has never been learnt. also why bother when its normal to socialize viz a viz. having said that working with the absolute tend to reintegrate relations with things which could lead to schizophrenic distrubances.

i would like to wish everone who believe in telpathy the best of luck with their research .

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 09:28 AM
I'm not sure if telepathy exists or not. I think some people are more intuitive than others. Some have high expressions of empathy. Some have both.

It's my personal belief that mental illnesses are a product of faulty genes interacting with the environment. It seems half of the patients diagnosed with schizophrenia have abnormally low histamine values. Histamine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It's a braking system for neural processing. Copper overload is also commonly found in histapenics (low histamine), as copper destroys histamine. Copper makes the mind race, I think by allowing ions to flow more easily??

I think schizophrenia can be thought of as a mind that can't slow down, yet there's not enough data to process. Not enough external stimulation. The mind being curious, needing an answer for what they experience, reason that it's somehow related to their life experiences. A deceased relative, perhaps to cope with unresolved grief.

I think the telepathy can be explained as an overactive, overly emotional (copper overload will get you there!) intuitive mindset. Maybe not, though. Maybe they are tapping into something else. What I know, anyways?

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by telepath

This is my theory, as another poster put it, it's waaaaaaay too much of a blanket term for certain attributes, and I'm sorry if this has been posted I only read the first page of postings, but there could be many different reasons that people are diagnosed or think they're undiagnosed schizophrenia... demons could be a valid reason, demonic possessions can actually happen and do actually happen so it may be that demons are telling them things to make them do things they wouldn't normally do, mediums are often diagnosed as having schizophrenia, until they prove themselves to be talking to dead people, and those who know, know the difference between "cold readings" and valid readings. There's also a possibility that telepaths could be diagnosed with schizophrenia, yet I have never seen this one yet to be proven, In other words, there's never been a case where the "patient" has said things the doctor was thinking, at least none that I am aware of, But being you and your GF had an actual telepathic episode and it is proven, by each of you, then I'd say no telepathy is not undiagnosed schizophrenia, but that it would be the other way around, if anything. There are also valid mental conditions described as schizophrenia, which is just mere laziness, if you ask me, because a lot of those things can be put into smaller catergories, like hallucinagenic mental disorder, or bipolarism(alot of bipolars think that other people control their happiness/depression, etc), the point is, if they do the legwork they can find better classifications for every one of the people they deem "Schizophrenic".

posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 03:26 AM
I'm very happy to have found this thread..

I'm a 32 y/o guy from north-west europe, and have since childhood had a strong sense of intuition. Some things i just knew well before being confirmed by conversations or events in reality.

At around 25, i started to get more and more of these impressions.
I was having political and geo-stability discussions in my mind, with what were sure to be other minds. I'll admit i put myself in an emotional crisis, by asking the age-old question "god, why?" a bit too strongly. I got answers, in the form of emotionally tough questions, about not just my own morality but that of my species (given the law of freedom of choice), that kept me up for 20 hrs a day for nearly a month.
The right of humanity to survive was challenged by these other minds, as they explained in detail how humanity would be a threat to the rest of the universe instead of a help.
I doubt any group of humans would've gone so far. It really took weeks, that one.
I "won" by insisting on our ability change the ways of our kids.

I was experimenting on my computer with a plain text file in which i would have a conversation with 1 of these minds; as i can type blind and fast, it kinda worked like a ouija board i guess, but 10x faster at least. I didn't realize i was ouija-ing until some years later. I've always been by instinct very against playing that "game", but the keyboard-sharing was something i needed to distinct foreign thoughts from my own, at that time.
Anyways, some really dumb and even aggressively worded emails passed from my fingers to a certain mailinglist, the one all my friends were on

Some of them came over, and plainly told me that i needed to visit mental hospital.
I was at the time very unaware of what caused all this weirdness and moodswings in me, had only vaguely heard of telepathy.
I told doctors only of how i thought i must've become telepathic, probably with non-humans too, and they did their thing: take haldol, 5mg/day, i'm your doctor and this'll be good for you.

During the next 8 years i was under constant triple attack; from the doctors and society who suddenly and without notification, behind my back, saw me as dangerous. Friends started avoiding me too, or i them, because i knew i was no longer welcome.
Next angle of attack came from the "medication" that only made me weak physically, mentally and spiritually, and lastly from "voices" who preyed on that.

I've tried nearly all those "meds", and here's what they ALL contain and do, in mixed proportions:
- muscle relaxants, probably to prevent the foolishly-aggressive from getting ideas of pounding an innocent person. these are at levels you'll feel yourself a prisoner inside your own body. you're likely to suffer from micro-shakes often, and even your sense of physical balance will no longer work properly.
- depressants; the "doctors" say dopamine levels are too high in schizos therefore they must be suppressed. so i'm right to call 'm depressants.
a depressed person on the outside does not look like or behave the same as your typical raving schizo. "doctors" consider it a cure, although they know the voices almost never stop.

At first i tried to "talk about it" with doctors (who will only see you 30 minutes a week), nurses, anyone in the business.
All i got was blank stares, and later i discovered they reported these conversations in a file that they tried to hide from me, in a very distorted way, to generate suspicion of me being a violent person. I was misquoted, events had fictive elements added to them all designed to make people think i'd hurt or even kill someone.
I asked many "doctors" why psychology is not performed in (clinical) psychiatery at all.
If they had any answer at all, it was always "they tried in the 1970s but it didnt work".

I've been locked up during a few summers, because i came for help to institutions that had false records (that are very hard to access for me) of me being a risk of violence.


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posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 03:26 AM
I'm now in the proces of filing complaints, possibly bringing criminal charges (abuse of the law resulting in unlawful detention of an innocent) against the institutions that did this to me.

And i've finally decided to disregard all advice from parents and everyone else to visit mental hospital for help with my problems.

During the years; i've made several observations about my telepathic experiences;

1) your own fantasy can join the conversation (you're led by either your soul or your ego, or an alliance of those, if you're "sane" in my book), and if you're not careful your fantasy can even acquire and project 1 or more personas. then you'll truely have problems figuring out what is done by your own brain, and what is "external" information.
it helps to keep your soul/ego calm despite scary/angry-making/attractive ideas, and figure out if what is said "by the other party" is something you knew already.

2) some entities, human or not, like nothing better than to put the fantasy generator of another mind into war against it's pre-existing fears, ambitions, desires or a combination thereof.
That works a lot like a black hole. You think you can keep your worrying down to an hour a day, but a week later you're obsessed with it 10 hours a day or more, resulting in illogical conversations with living humans, and ultimately a diagnosis of psychosis.

3) after a few such incidents, i learned to recognize the feeling that i got when my mind was in 1 of these discussions that was likely a black hole leading to psychosis.
Still, actually staying out of it was hard, because a blackhole links to pre-existing strongly-embedded and possibly subconcious fears/ambitions/desires/etc?.
I've gotten better at that over the years, a number of my issues have been fought out and i've formulated my solutions (and life dreams that i will realize) now.

4) I've found that actual telepathy, the transmission of the sound of words, is not only possible with human strangers within line of sight, it's just the tip of the iceberg.
At times, i was passed (sometimes complex) ideas instead of actual words in the form of sounds. My brain had to pick it's own words to "put it into words", and it did this automatically and fast.
Even basic schematics, black-n-white gifs sorta say, were passed to my mind on occasion.
Smells and every other sensory experience can be transmitted too, but happened less frequently than any other esp experience.
and my life-energy (chi) has been manipulated in ways that generate bodily pain and thus fear (for instance when such pains are in the heart region, or strange shocks happen to you at the moment of trying to sleep when exhausted).
I've now learned from tai-chi excersises that lying on bed, hands away from the body and the wrist (hand) flexed 15-45 degrees "upward" combined with calm reassuring commands from soul/ego to the body to let the excess energy flow out of the hands (and feet, which also are about 10-30 degrees flexed upward at the ankle), will always get rid of the pains.
Note that it does take several minutes for the pain to subside, and self-treatments should be 20 minutes of rest or more. Listen to your body (it talks not in words to you but in feelings and sub-word ideas/concepts), try a minute of a slightly different position, move your body fairly slowly.
General position (on back, side, belly) makes no matter, use what feels good at any given time.

5) Through telepathy or entities-tipping-me-off, i am often aware of when someone is looking or staring at me with a certain type of interest.
I know exactly from where they are looking, even if it's outside my periphiral vison.
I'm now trying to get rid of the habit of letting my head and eyes turn automatically into the staring persons eyes. I've found that i can send 'm a dont-stare-at-me signal back without looking into their eyes.


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posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 03:26 AM
6) mass-telepathy is also possible in my view, i've had political discussions with hundreds if not thousands of people involved, but it's much more likely to happen on sunny holidays in crowded areas where people are lazying through their day.
but there's a 10% chance i was just fooled convincingly by nonhuman entities on only such days.

7) wheed has little or no effect on the intensity of (mass-)telepathy. it's how many people / beings are how strongly interested in winning a telepathic discussion / argument put forth by a mind. it's the combined level and type of attention, that determines intensity, in my view.
i do know from exp that using too much wheed does not calm me down; in times of mental stress i now smoke a third of what i'd normally use, no more.

8) coffee does help with telepathy, but also only in moderation. stress and even jitters can increase due to excessive coffee.
tea with lots of sugar helped me too; sugar = food for the brain. dont try lots of sugar if you know you've had problems with that.

9) trying new homeopathic stuff adds an unknown element to the chemical mix in your brain.
i suggest you dont try anything to calm yourself down that your body doesn't already know well from unstressed times.

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