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Alien Hybrids, UFO's and New World Order Connection!!! 2012-???

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by pretty_vacant

Ultimately, there will be no need for a large human population...the Earth will no longer be ours..we will be in the vast minority and that is will simply be taken..and that is why it is important to reduce population all at once...and cause huge order to make a response useless..and impotent at best..a sputter.
The intention is to simply take this planet. We become stock..and they..the new tenant as it were.
If grey's sleep on their travel here...and if a large planet is being floated our direction over 40 years or so..this is like a single generations a crossing for those who will take this the greys are the biological entities who make the first crossing to prepare this place for those who come next..even the greys might not exist in large numbers here...for they will be used travel once more somewhere else yet again as sortof non life agents who can take the long journeys basically asleep..for those who cannot.
Greys are being used as they have been designed to be great distance go out and find worlds..that can be inhabited eventually by those who build and send the greys.
It is like elastic travel..where one goes first and finds..and then others come after who will literally populate the new found world.
No matter if we are here at present...a taking of this world will be attempted..the big question is who else is out there who already knows that this theft is planned...and who for their own reasons finds it of interest to assist us in ways we have no knowledge of at present...or who might be capable of stopping this before it even starts without us ever knowing...or with us knowing fully.
Who knows in what ways the earth and all we cannot see might conspire to thwart in ways unseen.
Evil has always been essentially stupid..and forever small in vision..and does have as part of its nature..self destruction.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by OneLoveUSA

I don't know if you've read any of my threads (click on my profile to view) but I am entirely in agreement with you. I've been doing a heck of alot of research lately , as in 8 hrs a day solid for about the last 2 weeks, as am beginning to gather info and research for a book.
Just wanted to let you know I know where you are coming from as have reached the same conclusions independently. I think I've sussed out time frames too, check my threads/posts if you are interested, saves me re-hashing it all here. My thoughts kind of evolved along with the threads though, so where I began is not entirely where I left off and I'm still fine tuning the smaller details of my theory.....

ps) I would just like to add that the greys are not the annunaki, the annunaki looked like us pretty much, not typically "alien". They could be something to DO with the annunaki, or they could be entirely separate from them. It appears to be the case that since the annunaki presence went behind the scenes, other alien species have taken an interest in earth besides them.

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