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Do you consistently see the numbers or times: 1:11, 11:11 and/or 9:11?

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 03:58 PM
Yeah, tha happens to me too. To be honest, I wouldn't think much of it if it were only isolated to the clock, as the clock says that twice a day and people tend to keep a fairly regular schedule from day to day. Also, 11 is one of those numbers that seems to be easier to notice.

However, my address keeping the same numbers even when I moved 2000 miles away, really freaked me out. I didn't know my apartment number or street address until I signed the lease, so I didn't pick it. I have talked to many people who this sort of thing seems to happen to a lot. Some of them are highly educated successful people too.

Jung coined the term Synchronicity. I'm still studying it. If you haven't already, you should look up the story about what prompted Jung's fascination. The story about the beetle. I'm inclined to agree with Jung on this one.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 11:34 PM
It could just be my tendency to pick out patterns as one poster suggested but...

Here are some of my dealings with 11.

Every locker combination I have ever had since I was young always contains 11.
Out of 40 cashiers at my old work I was assigned tray 11.
My address contains the number 11.
My paycheck at my last job grossed exactly 1,111.00 every week.
My sports jersey in high school was 11.
At college the 4 digit password assigned to me contained the number 11.
I continuously pick up my cell phone to check the time at 11 minutes past the hour.
I always seem to be starting something new or finishing something at 11 minutes past the hour. For instance. I will arrive home from errands sit down and open my laptop and it will be 11 minutes past.
I was born at 1:47. 1: 4+7 = 11.
I was also conceived in the 11th month and possibly on the 11th day.
When I was 11 years old I drew the symbol of the flower of life with a compass and pencil without having a clue what it was. Last year I found this old drawing in a box with artwork from my childhood and was mystified at what I had unknowingly drawn.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:22 AM
The other day I look at the clock at work, its 11:34, I know lunch is just 26 minutes away. I walk next door to grab lunch and my order comes to $9.84, I get in my car and as the CD in my deck loads I note its currently 2:33 into the song that its on. I get home just in time to watch my clock in my kitchen click to 4:31. I make dinner and look over at stoves clock to see it reach 5:44. I sigh and wonder when it will end.

I head to the store to pick up groceries and still nothings changed, is it just coincidence that there are 28 carts in the queue? Or that theres currently 12 cashiers on shift? I grab a few things and head to the express line checkout, max 12 items. Is it any coincidence that I have 9 ITEMS?!?! I stop at the gas station and my car takes exactly $48.30 to fill it. It just doesn't end. I rest my head on my pillow and start to drift off to sleep at 12:25.

These numbers surround me everywhere I go!

Hey, isn't it weird how when something is significant to you or impressed on your memory you notice it alot more? Has anyone ever had a friend buy a new vehicle that you practically never see, only to suddenly start seeing them driving everywhere around town?

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posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 02:26 AM
The numbers I see in a pattern everyday are different. But, I see them often enough that when I see them I just say, "There they are again."

But yes, I see the same numbers, in order, daily. Sometimes a few times a day.

They are not on a clock.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 04:57 PM
I've been seeing 9:11 and 3:11 on a regular basis. I see 9:11 at a much higher rate and I can see how we would recognize these times much easier than 9:12 or 3:09. Seeing how many people have the same problem and desire to find an answer makes me wonder if that's true, that our brains more easily recongize numbers that are pleaseing to the eyes.

But - I've had to ask myself if these are a sign and that I need to look further just to check whether I'm not missing some signal or waring that is right in front of me. But I'm a believer in signs and in guardian angels and wondered if I need to listen. 9:11 is relevant for all of us, 3:11 is my birthday, then I flipped my calendar to this month (11-November) and in the picture on the calendar there was a calendar with the date June 11. So with 9:11, 3:11, 6/11 noticed, should I be looking at 12:11? or 12/11 or 1211 or 12.11? Only a curious human that has watched too many movies, do you think I could be on to something?

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 06:38 PM
I've been going through the same thing as the OP.
Only mine is 3:33
I see it alot.

posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by rocknroll

RocknRoll, I don't know if it would interest you, but David Wilcock (of also says that 333 follows him around. He has some theories about that number.

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 02:55 PM
Its weird, I Just googled this issue because for some reason this has been happening to me quite a bit lately. I made a joke about it one day a while back to one of my friends after I saw 4:44, Then later that night at 12:12. He commented back with "Wow Man Your Cursed". I don't see it as a curse, But I don't know if I can also see it as a "brain related sequence". It happens way to often to be a brain pattern. And I would agree maybe my mind adapted to "looking at the clock every ' specific ' Time in between each repitition to speak but it's not like that. Because it's not a certain timed apart notice but rather randomly. 3:33, 12:12, 5:55, 1:11, and its not in a partern. I don't know Im confused but this happens way to often to just be a "noticable pattern" If I look at the clock 5 times a day, 4/5 times it will be on a double number. At this point, I don't know what to think or even have an explanation to whats happening. But for I guess I will stick to joking around about me being cursed with these numbers cause thats the best explanation that I can come up with.

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 03:31 PM

Originally posted by AmethystSD
reply to post by rocknroll

RocknRoll, I don't know if it would interest you, but David Wilcock (of also says that 333 follows him around. He has some theories about that number.

Really? What are the theories. My initials are 333. Although, to be more correct, my initials are 333 III(roman numeral 3).

I'd just be curious as what they are, even if it is just ego food.

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by BoardsOfCanada
I was unsure where to post this thread, but I think it may do well in this discussion forum:

I really have no clue if this relates to an event happening, but for over a year now, I've been randomly seeing the times 1:11 11:11 and 9:11 on various things such as a clock, my iPod, my vehicle's trip odometer and sports events. I don't sit near the clock and time watch at all. I have better things to do with my time. For example, I have seen 111 on my trip odometer just randomly looking at it, I have seen 1:11 on the track time on my iPod, just randomly glancing at the song name. This happens completely randomly and the numbers I see are exactly 1:11, 11:11 or 9:11. It happens too much for it to be just coincidence. Or I'll turn on the TV and the time left in a sports match will be 1:11 or so on and so forth. I couldn't do that if I tried to. It is kind of scary. I can't figure out why I'm seeing these times at completely random moments in my daily life. It is odd. So, I wanted to start this thread and see if anybody else out there can relate to this puzzle.



When I was in high school there was this band we used to go see, eleven-thirtyfour (11:34). They were pretty good.
Anyway, for years now I seem to always see 11:34 whenever I look at a clock. It's random, too. And the funny thing is, it seems like I know, like I
have to look at the clock at that exact moment only to find that it displays 11:34.

What do I think? I think its a subconscious trick. I think I have it stuck in the back of my mind that a band I listened to had an effect on me and the name just so happens to be the same as a specific time on a clock.

So, to me anyway, it is a coincidence, a funny, strange one, but one all the same.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 07:17 PM
I also have been seeing the numbers 9:11 and 11:11 alot lalety not just on a clock I see the numbers appearing on other appliances sometimes I will wake up no alarm clock set and look at the time and it will be 9:11 This has been happening very often and my sister also sees these numbers as well. This is the first site I came across and fount out other people are seeing these numeric digits, thats real crazy if you think about it.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 07:23 PM

Since the end of last year i began seeing 9:11 everywhere, especially on the clock, everyday. It's trangressed into other numbers e.g. xx:11, 5:55 etc.

I don't have much time to say a lot at the moment but there has been more dicussed on this subject in this thread as well (if you were interested):

I found it helped me somewhat.

Have a great day!

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posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 07:57 PM
1 thing I find curious about people and the 11:11 thing.

They say it's supposed to be telling you to wake up. If so, then why do the people who talk about 11:11 all the time claim to be awake already? Seems to be a contradiction to me.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:09 PM
No. I constantly see the number 23. Hail Eris! Fnord!

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:12 PM
11:11 , 9:11 , 1:11 , 3:33

Not sure what the heck it means but I do know that there are a few books on this very topic , sorry if this has been mentioned earlier .

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:26 PM
I do find it interesting that 9+1+1=11. However, I mostly associate 11:11 with an alternate reality game I once played called Silverladder. Very enlightening, but its implosion was a bit spectacular for me. The person running it and I got into an argument.

However, as I said before, I do see the number 23 much more often. So as not to be taken as a joke, the 23 enigma was popularized by RAW (Robert Anton Wilson) and his books the Illuminatus trilogy. And I'm sure you've all seen or heard of the movie 23. Came out a few years ago. Worth a watch!

But now I see it everywhere too. I started my job on the 23rd, and believe me, the chaos that day was astounding. Oh! The number is also holy to us Discordians as being Eris's number. 5 is another one. 2+3 and all that.

Enjoy! You'll probably start seeing it pop up too, especially during chaotic times.

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posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by badmedia

LOL, just because I know I'm dreaming, that doesn't make me awake! Also, if you think about it, what does 'waking up' really mean? Because in a dream analogy it would be more like dying, wouldn't it? I'm not ready for that yet!

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 12:12 AM
nope, never seen em. if I do I will be sure and let you know.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 12:20 AM

Originally posted by AmethystSD
LOL, just because I know I'm dreaming, that doesn't make me awake! Also, if you think about it, what does 'waking up' really mean? Because in a dream analogy it would be more like dying, wouldn't it? I'm not ready for that yet!

I was really referring more to that the people who see it claim to be awake while people say it is a sign telling you to wake up.

It's like driving on parkways and parking in driveways.

What it means to wake up is a good question. There are so many different levels to it. I'm always on the lookout for new awakenings.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 06:50 AM

Originally posted by keeff
yea i see them at least once a day. at most twice a day

haha nice that gave me a cheap laugh. But yeah I also see 11:11 a lot many years ago my old lady told me that if you see 11:11 on a clock you get bad luck! so ofcourse since then I see it all the time.

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