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Your survival skills are worthless!

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 06:47 PM
survival is bleak if you think your a army of one.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 06:56 PM
I am not scared of death, so I dont care about the future.. We need to live for today, not tomorrow..

and btw. helium where you got these informations from?

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:15 PM
Heliumboy, You need to develop the life skills, not the survivalist skills.
I suggest you start by learning how to brew your own beer. It is fun and the occasional bottle will help you chill out.

If the world does fall apart around your ears, you can pop the top off a bottle or two and drink to how right you were, as you watch the last sunset.

I also highly recommend learning to play some irish folk tunes on the banjo. The banjo is both a beautiful instrument in the hands of a skilled player, and a weapon capable of driving off large crowds easily in the hands of the unskilled player.

Peace out brother!

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:16 PM

Originally posted by heliumboy
Diseases that will literally change your dna structure will race across the globe. the elite have knowledge of these events and have made preparations. Unfortunately even these heavily fortified complexes underground will not shield them from dying.

The biggest survivalists on the internet will have
a huge firefight with other survivalist and gangs. Way too many people know about his retreat and how it was built. Soon after the diseases hit it will be impossible to get to a real safe place. and soon after that you will be turned away becuase you have been modified.
My advice to you is pray. pray for wisdom. DO not be afraid. God will protect you in the trials of the earth. This is not the time to "make preps"

Lol if these "elite" die I wouldn't count that as a misfortune! Did you see Wal Mart: High cost of low prices? The Waltons spend more money on a bunker to survive the apocolypes then give to charity! They get $90,000/hr in tax breaks. Using them as an example of what's typical of the "elite". Google "Wal Mart: High cost of low prices" and watch the damn video.

And you suggest "praying" for preparation??? Gregorian monks "prayed" during the plague, didn't do anything to stop it! Can't hurt to have colloidal gold, platinum, silver (as well as the other colloidals), shilijit, as well as other stuff to protect against whatever will happen. I personally think 2012's very overated, gonna be another "Y2K letdown" situation

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:16 PM
I knew a real prophet.

the stuff about diseases and whatnot is my prediction.
but he said that someday there will be thousands of people at this place. the place will be divinely protected with angels hovering over. someday they will airlift everybody that is there away. I believed him because before he said that I got a special feeling that this location was very special.

yea sure you'll fare much better than those city folk who have no preps.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:25 PM
I think this guy just got out of will smiths latest movie, I am Legend, and was so engrossed in the film, he sat down and wrote it out so he could remember it, mistaking ATS for the notepad on his comoputer...I will pray but it will be for u

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:26 PM
anyhow,,,,,how wants to live thru an appocalypse,, not i, i will beg to be the first to go

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by WatchRider

"I think anyone who thinks of themself as an animal holds a low regard to their own self and is not someone who'd be my first choice of companion out there.

Yeah I know we folk have some similaraties to mammals but part of being on a higher level than animals means to better ourselves and do the right thing.

We can talk, show compassion, emotion, show ingenuity and have lasted at least ten thousand of years."

Are you not an Animal? Wasn't aware that Plants or Minerals could show emotion, or ideas, or make decisions.

We can talk. How nice. A form of Verbal Communication. One almost all animals have. Ever hear a bird chirp, a dog bark? Compassion, eh? Killing one so it doesn't feel more pain is seen by even some humans as Compassion, alot of animals Euthenise. Ever see a dog clean her young, much like she cleans the owner that cares for her? I'd call that compassion on a base level. Ingenuity? Gorillas create simple tools to achieve goals, mice find ways through complex mazes. Certain animals hunt in packs, pretty ingenious... they must know hunting alone is more futile. Ingenuity, Check. Or maybe it's the 10,000 years that makes you so sold we aren't just animals. But then Crocodiles and Alligators and Birds were around to usher out the Dinosaurs. We weren't around for those big Animals, were we? Guess that means those fellas out date our little 10,000 years then? Opposable thumbs? Heck, we ain't even the only ones with that.

Look around you. Everything we do we do due to nature. We hunt, as animals hunt. With out it, we have less food to eat and are over run by the populations of other animals. We farm. What? Animals don't farm? Do bees no carry pollen to flowers? Do birds not drop seeds from one place to another? Believe it or not, this is the base of farming. Some are solitare, as are some animals. Some are better suited for group... and we can find animals that do this as well. Some fight, some flee, some attack some defend, some hoard for later while others ravage for only now. You can find it all by looking at ANIMALS.

While you try to ESCAPE what you think is an insult, why not try to EMBRACE what is a compliment. Because with out our basic animal instinct, none of us could survive. Face what you fear, that we are Animals. And when needed, I pray that your animal instincts kick in so you can survive the cold long winter that awaits.

Does it mean we can't be kind? No. Many animals are kind. Does it mean we can't be diplomatic? No, many animals are.

Better ourselves and do the right thing? The right thing is survive, which is what animals do. They better themselves by honing the skills that allow such survival. Seems that is exactly the same thing we attempt. Survival is easier if you enjoy the life you live, so we invent games and gadgets. Survival is easier if a ready food source is available, so we hunt, farm and build refrigerators. Survival is easier when there is another generation, so we reproduce. Some do so romantically, some do so only concerned with releasing their own urge, and some do so very stupidly... but we do, as they do.

To long humanity has tried to prove it is better than the rest of the Animal Kingdom... by building disasters. Ever see a Wolf build a Nuke? Or a Kangaroo build a Factory that pollutes the surrounding area?

My friend, face it. We are Animals. And of all the Animals, we are the only one to show a destructive effect on the whole of the world. The downfall of Earth won't be a Honey Bee, it won't be a Spider, it won't be an Elephant... it will be Man.

So much for being "Above" and "Better", eh?

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:30 PM
I just wanted to chuck in some tidbits here.

Lynda Runyon from is one of the leading survivalists on the planet having raised her family in the wilderness (without hunting). The secret is to eat the weeds, and when shown a photo of starving people from around the planet her reply was simple : they are standing on their food.

1/2 cup of tumbleweed has more protein than 2 8 Ounce steaks.
Pine Tree nibs are loaded in Vitamin C, nutritious and make a easy light meal.
Pussy Willow roots have as much starch in them as several potatoes.
And on the list goes.

Secondly from what I have heard this possibly is a true story. A family man providing for his family decided when times were good (during the second world war in Germany) to go buy a single 50lb bag of beans. As the war progressed and things got progressively worse, the entire community was starving as the German high command was taking what little food was left to feed the remainder of the army. People were literally starving to death. But they had that single bag of beans - which they ate, and quietly had to watch their neighbors starve to death because they did not prepare at all.

So think about that, I picked up a spare 20kg bag of oatmeal the other day for $12.46.. They had a massive sign on the side of the road offering jobs to start at $17 (just for labourers), at the same store. What does that tell you - 1 hours work will buy roughly 1 months supply of food. Oatmeal is close to a complete nutrient.

I would find many people like the idea, talk about the idea, and then simply don't do anything about it. Armed with the right knowledge it is almost impossible to starve to death, and you would really have to work at it to succeed. Standard survivalists are going to run around shooting everything that moves until there is nothing left, other styles of survivalists will simply form gangs and seize other peoples assets, and food - not having any knowledge how to survive anything without stealing resources.

roughly 90% of the population was closely connected to the farm during the great depression. Today that number is completely inverted like 10% or less. It is clearly indicated that in places like New York City they have 'just in time' inventory - and only hold 2 days supply of food in the warehouses. In a lock down it is estimated that cannabilism should begin within 10-14 days, as there is ALWAYS at least 30% of your population that makes no preparations at all, and they could be warned 1000 times, they will still go spend their money on beer.

Develop a mindset to overprepare, and when you need it you may find you are 1/2 as prepared as you think you are. One of the best things to read is the survival stories from Hurricane Katrina. One of the biggest problems the survivalists faced is all the leeching from those who did not prepare. They would allow them to come, and then 4X the number of people would show up - so they strongly suggest 'bugging out' - or just disappearing.

Churches tried taking people in because they thought that they were being 'good samaritans' - 48 hrs later their church is trashed, and they had to get the police to throw the people out (who were also drinking and partying in their sanctuary.)

Its true we are our own worst enemy - just put ourselves into a trying resource starved state, and watch how society functions. We had oceans of knowledge in the 30's we did not have today. Today people are complete moronic idiots, a threat to themselves and others. Time will tell what the next crises or 'crises' will bring.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by gulfstreamsalt

Dont burst their bubble guy, let em believe they cant survive,, reminds me of the chick in the movie "The Mist", in time of trouble get the hell away from those people.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 08:00 PM
This really hurts. I'm having to leave 128 rolls of Charmin, the 50 pound bag of dog food, and my tax records behind!

What will I do?

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 09:06 PM

Well It is possible, but it is also probable that everyone on earth learns to unite, and wakes up from the "shamerican dream".

Hey beautiful helium_boy, could you tell me where those places are? I think I know where one of them is but i'd like to know of more of these sacred places!

Angels... yes...

You know, either St. Francis, or one of his disciples, said that there will come a great tribulation and the only way to survive will be to be pure and good. The survivors will be led into the wilderness away from the chaos of cities and special herbs will grow there for them, much like manna was fed to Moses and the Tribe of Israel in the desert.

You are absolutely right helium_boy... making plans will do no good, because no man knoweth the hour, and prayer is one of the most effective ways to purify the soul.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by heliumboy

ok let me get this straight, because it seems pretty important....

If I pray to god for wisdom, dont be afraid hes gonna hook me up and protect me in the trials of the earth.

and if I dont pray to god but just prepare to the best of my ability best case scenario is my family will eat me? and worst case scenario is ... well does it really matter because my family eating me seems quite bad enough.

Ok so do i need to say any special prayer, do i need to hop on one foot or anything, i want to make sure I have this right because I am not looking forward to being eaten

also, you mentioned having knowledge of the future, would you happen to have any stock picks... or has most of wall street been eaten?

end up eating thier families for food. Normal people will become savage like animals.
infected people will be forever modified and can never be healed. Diseases that will literally change your dna structure will race across the globe. the elite have knowledge of these events and have made preparations. Unfortunately even these heavily fortified complexes underground will not shield them from dying.

The biggest survivalists on the internet will have
a huge firefight with other survivalist and gangs. Way too many people know about his retreat and how it was built. Soon after the diseases hit it will be impossible to get to a real safe place.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 09:32 PM
Average citizens' survival skills won't mean much if there is a nuclear war. It makes you wish you were rich so you can afford a nice underground bunker like some of the NWO. I bet Bush will have his when it starts to get rough but the average citizen probably will have no chance of survival.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:03 PM

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:11 PM
You want the truth, here it is. Nobody gets out alive!

We are all going to die. It is the great absolute in the history of humanity.

You can choose to do it on your knees trembling, or you can do it with an appreciation for whatever small pleasantrys life allows you.

A poor man can be happier than a rich man. A weak and sick man can live longer than someone else in perfect health.

Choose to live and die a good man and appreciate the day given to you and an apocalypse is only a matter of sharing the experience.

If you truly believe that death is not the end, then let the universe end and it is only a transition. There will be angels waiting on the other side, or elders of a gentle race, or a new mother. Good will still exist.

Hell hath no limit nor is it circumscribed in one self place. It is where we are, and where we are therefore hell must ever be.
Christopher Marlowe, Faust.

I dare say the same goes for heaven, it is a state of peace knowing that everything you need is provided for you until you find your end.

I was serious about the brewing beer and playing banjo! Find peace here, now! It can only be found within yourself.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:12 PM
Ok.. Edited. Do you always believe what you dream is reality? Dreams are not reality.. And you should not portray them as so.

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by heliumboy

Your Survival Skills Are Worthless

Well, you had me at hello...

Originally posted by heliumboy
if you think that you can survive the upcoming plagues, famines, wars, and nukes with your family or with a a few friends. You are sorely mistaken.

I'm sure you were just waiting to hear this, but you are absolutely correct in your assessment.. in fact, deadly right... and deadly wrong on the same token.. but we will all find out the truth of that statement in due time... well, ehmm...we can skip to the best part of this if you would like to, cut the crap and I will tell you a little secret.. some prophecy that some he or she told me has always been fulfilled. Care to guess what it is?

Yep, You got it... Just as someday my friends will, and my loved ones will, I am assured the same fate myself, same as You. So let Me ask you this:
What makes You any different than Me, or even He?
Care to agree?

I am He
As You are He
As You are Me
And we are all together...?

Originally posted by heliumboy
My advice to you is pray. pray for wisdom. DO not be afraid.

Praying gives you hope, does it not?
Praying keeps you from being afraid...

Here is a theory I would like to to entertain for a moment:
Wisdom (or lack thereof), hmmm.. well how about we talk hope first. We are humans, and the same instinct is common amongst all creatures, whether you would like to admit it or not, we are all looking out for number one... yep, You are right again once again, however you fail to see the underlying motivation behind that. Survival. When times get tough, what do We do? We create hope.
Whether artificial of made from our own hands, it is still that.. and if that desire causes You or Me to better the situation for us or them, then in the process have gained insight, knowledge and skills that are the foundation of wisdom. We have gained a purpose, a function, and so on and so on. If praying helps you out, then that is your conviction.. but I would dare to say I hope that you do not place yourself upon such a high pillar to look down and tell people (the same as you and I) to stop preparing, that in itself is taking away other people's hope and contrary to your standpoint when dealing with the big picture of humanity.

Originally posted by heliumboy
survival is bleak if you think your a army of one.

Right, and wrong...
I'm no Rambo, but add a member of the opposite gender and 'Me own little army" can go off and create some more,
You dig?

It's just the same as someone clinging onto hope when nuclear winter sets in and they have to burn their books to keep warm. Always two sides to the same coin, always man, you gotta look at the edge inbetween.

I am She
As You are He
As You are Me
And We are all Together...

Yeah, some of those He's and She's that could be living in some cabin somewhere... there time is coming, but in the end, everyone dies in this life experience.

Now that we have officially met, I'm curious to know what knowledge of the future you would be willing to unfold for us, or for the good of mankind that is.

If not, then you can disregard this entire diatribe of text as utterly useless and wait and pray for the best, or maybe even prepare for it... like all of Us.

reply to post by Cyberbian

Well said, well said indeed!
But dangit... you beat me to the punchline!


To Heliumboy:

Welcome to the survival board
No One Here Gets Out alive..

In time,

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:26 PM
I hate to be arrogant but I really don't care what you think.b what i am writing is true. I will stand by my assertion that there are only a handful places that will receive divine protection. if you want a guarantee of surviving these trials you need to be here.
this divine protection will save you from airborne bugs and the mechanical creatures that will be released. if you want to know what will happen just try to imagine the worst possible situation and then amplify it. any God fearing people still outside will be hit hard. Just look at katrina. how many people there prayed and hoped to be spared. The lucky ones got out when the weathermen predicted disaster a week before landfall. You will have at most a month before it will be to late to arrive at these places. So many will come with just the clothes on their backs. This will be the greatest opportunity known ever to do charity and provide for those who didn't prepare.

The biblical story of Armageddon is very true. Those who are at these places will not be on earth to experience it. we will be airlifted off.

I do know where one of the is. I do not want to say becuase it is not time to prepare yet and this is a public forum.

my advice to you is don't spend any money on preps right now. Put this money into Silver. when it comes time to buy preps you will have far more to spend when you cash your metals in. the price of silver will vastly out pace the cost of goods. silver might be 125 dollars an ounce and goods have risen only 3 times. and the silver might be in tight supply you might even get double your spot price.
Start studying skills that you feel will be needed at these places.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by heliumboy


It's not gonna matter how much Gold or Silver you have tucked away..
If something bad happens.. such as economic collapse.. Your mighty metals will be worthless.. A can of beans would be worth more then a Mountain of precious metals.

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