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Possible OOBE?

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 12:55 AM
I live in Brooklyn. About six or eight months ago I had a dream where I went to Roosevelt Island. (This is a tiny residential island in the east river between Queens and Manhattan.) I had never been there before at the time of the dream. Yet in my dream I saw many features very detailed. The subway stop is very distinctive, as is the park on the south of the island, the tourism center and the bridge and tramway that tower high above the center of the island. In my dream I was on an important mission, the nature of which was never quite clear, but I was searching for something.

Yesterday I went there for the first time and it was a mind blowing experience. The subway and tourism office and all of those features previously mentioned were identical to the way I remebered them from the dream. My dream didn't seem different from any other dream, but after seeing all the places on the island that I previously dreamed exactly as they are, I can't help but wonder.

Is this similar to anyone else's OOBE?

I don't know much about this topic and any info or resources would be much appreciated.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 02:58 AM
yea dude the 6th sense is amazing indeed

I've been developing mine for a few years and now am able to know what will happen the day I wake up by the dreams I had that night, and even in waking mode it's trippy, things said will happen.. etc..

I've managed to model how energy works, so you can refine the dimension your mind is in and by that the physical world around u changes

so in reply I wouldnt say it was an OBE because unless you remember rolling out of your body... you can physically feel it or experience the speed of real time life but fly around like jimcarry when he was meditating on ace ventura... basically light speed.. from pure fast to pure stop, .. but ya so your dream was your 6thsense doin extra sensory perception.. so you had some yinyangin ESP

goodjob man and i'll teach you and everyone out there the secret right now cuz i can. you visualize pure white in your minds eye and then try to overlap that with what you see on the back of your eyelids until u can see the sun as if you are looking at it physically, and u can feel its brightness and burning the same, but your not in danger cuz it's just the energy your tapping into and let it burn and u'll feel it engulf your eyes and also body right down your spine because that is when you tap the core of your brain which balances both sides 100%

my website's down till next month but or just is my site and eattheworm at is my msn
for anyone out there, i've taught kids to bend spoons with their mind, the matrix has you


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