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U.S. walking into a nuclear trap? … set by NWO/2012 underground Reich & Muslim Brotherhood?

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:33 PM
U.S. walking into a nuclear trap? … set by NWO/2012 underground Reich & Muslim Brotherhood?

(For a complete discussion of the underground Reich & WTC/911 & Muslim Brotherhood & 2012, see

Dave Emory believes the U.S. walked into a trap in Iraq set by the Underground Reich, who wanted to decimate the U.S., but didn’t have the military manpower. FTR#385


The U.S. is facing a combination of attack from a hostile foreign power (Underground Reich’s Islamofascist forces) & domestic subversion from an allied Fifth Column (centered on the Bush administration) derived from structural economic relationships & infiltration of the national security establishment through the promotion of anti-Communism as a vehicle for conquest.

As if Hitler was in the White House when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Third Reich Alumni & Islamofascist elements successfully allied with the Republican Party during the Cold War & evolved into an ultra-reactionary force within it intractably opposed to traditional American democracy. A truly sinister consideration in that context is the Project for a New American Century’s projection in the fall of 2000 that what would be needed to mobilize American popular opinion behind a US military adventure to dominate the Middle East was an event “like another Pearl Harbor.”

(FTR#403 Was 9/11 this “New Pearl Harbor” & were elements of the Bush administration complicit in that event?

Degussa personnel involved w/development of Third Reich’s nuclear capability in WWII supplying Saddam w/software nuclear weapon production.
FTR#’s 395 , 447 , 450

Saudi role helping Saddam acquire German/Third Reich nukes. FTR#’s 395 , 447 , 450

Pivotal German link helping Pakistanis to get a bomb. Degussa (firm that manufactured Zyklon B for gas chambers) supplied Iraq with silicates for chemical weapons to penetrate protective suits worn by U.S. troops. German intelligence conspired w/Iraqi intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war.
FTR#336 (FTR#408 ).

Emory: In terms of provocations,

the attacks of 9/11 represent a fusion of the attack on Pearl Harbor & the Reichstag Fire.

Among the elements that appears to figure prominently in the Fifth Column within the US intelligence apparat is an Islamist network associated with Al Taqwa, the GOP & the targets of the OPERATION GREEN QUEST raids of 3/20/2002.

An Islamist protégé of Grover Norquist occupied a key position in the Department of Homeland Security, despite his lack of an intelligence background.


This Fifth Column established itself within the US military’s chaplain program.
(FTR#’s 356 , 386 , 433 , 435

In charge of the FBI’s investigation into Bin Laden, the late John O’Neill had his investigation terminated & resigned from the bureau—complaining that U.S. corporate links to Saudi Arabia were interdicting his investigation. O’Neill died at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

(FTR#’s 310 , 326 , 334 , 337 , 424

In examining the tension with Iraq, it is of paramount importance to understand the Third Reich heritage of Saddam Hussein, & the Underground Reich associations of his regime.

(FTR#’s 236 , 287 , 295 , 369 , 380 , 388 , 395

Is there a role of Underground Reich-affiliated Iraqi elements in foot-and-mouth outbreak in Britain (FTR#374 ), West Nile Fever outbreak (FTR#379 ), Oklahoma City bombing (FTR#’s 373 , 380 ), through the OKC bombing, an evidentiary tributary leading in the direction of 9/11 (FTR#’s 373 , 380 ).

Al Taqwa’s Youssef Nada laundered negotiables plundered by Saddam Hussein’s forces in Kuwait in 1991. (FTR#423 Al Taqwa was the vehicle for some of the food-for-oil program exploited by Saddam Hussein. Al Taqwa was also the repository for much of Saddam’s wealth garnered from petroleum marketing & arms deals.

(FTR#463 (FTR#’s 417 , 423

Gianluca Boscaro, at whose law offices Al Taqwa was incorporated, was hired to investigate the Saddam/Banca del Gottardo/Al Taqwa link—he then died under strange circumstances.

(FTR#’s 413 , 417

Muslim Brotherhood project to infiltrate & defeat the West,

The above url doesn't seem to track right, so here it is, copy and paste it into your browser (and remember to take out the spaces)
http ://www . cooperativeresearch . org/context . jsp?item=a1282theproject

[edit on 26-5-2008 by counterterrorist]

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:55 AM
Yes, the same old game. Create scapegoats and then blame the scapegoats. I don't look at scapegoats, but I want to find those those who invented the scapegoats, they are the real culprits. There are too many front organizations in the reality play, the ones who got the blame are the pawns in the game.

ANYBODY CARES TO FIND OUT WHO ARE THE REAL PLAYERS BEHIND THE SCENE? If you don't then you have sold your souls to the devils...

Because if you do not know the truths then you are deceived.

So, do not believe those parrots who only repeat what they hear.


Rainbowstar of the East

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