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How can we be sure black triangles arent ours?

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 07:40 AM
I mean stated in reports the they dont act like our military craft.Incredible speeds,maneuverability,and they dont have the usual look of modern craft.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by alienstar

I am certain that they are ours. Only makes sense to me that they are military.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 08:05 AM
Well, we won't shoot ourselves down. So a good way to test quiet stealth aircraft.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 08:18 AM
I have no doubt in my mind that they are ours.

Considering that you can build a triangle "lifter" in your basement for a few bucks, imagine what the military could come up with using the same (or similar) principle and a few hundred billion dollars.

What you see in the video below is real. It's nothing new, and you can build your own if you wish (though there is no real use for this you have to admit, it's pretty cool).

Google Video Link

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 08:32 AM
Without one hundred percent proof we can be shure of nothing.

However if we delve into the subject a little it might be possible to prove most of these sighting's of the said black triangle' are actually of a very earthly origin.

For example.

- Some form of DOD stealth blimp as seen below ?

- For older reported sighting's it could be put down to a simple perception or infact a misconception of the then secret stealth bomber and fighter.

- Someone might have indentified a conventional aircfraft incorrectly.

However seen as how no government has claimed to own or create one of these craft to date.

I personally must speculate that there is a possibility that these craft's could indeed be of extraterrestrial origin.

And with that i leave you with a few more picture's enjoy.

Take care.


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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by h3akalee

When I click on the bottom pic, another page with this thread shows up. You didn't mean to do that did you?

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by alienstar

Star and flag,great post-I think that the majority of these "triangles"are man made "skunk works"craft utilizing anti-gravity technology.It's just like in the early 20th century with airplanes in a way;you have multiple people making their own "prototypes" of the technology,trying to create a large scale workable version,this time however it's anti-gravity propulsion rather than "aerodynamic"propulsion,and it's triangles not biplanes.

But to bad the government beat everybody to the punch,as they have likely had this technology for sometime(at least 30 years).I find it odd that with all these "basement"anti-gravity creations that it hasn't gone mainstream,probably cause when it's patented the government buys it up and locks it up,as they don't need it(as they already have it),or they use the technology presented in the patent and act like they didn't.

Why?I really don't know the exact reason,national security(having a ace in the hole,so to say).Or the fact that workable anti-gravity technology presents a wide range of answers to the energy crisis.But in reality I don't see why the Powers That Be would want to keep it secret,bu whatever,maybe you all can come up with a logical reason other than what I stated.

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 09:01 AM
There is not one type of black triangle. There are as many as reports. I don't see how the army could be experimenting so many models. Huge ones as in the Phoenix lights, less crazy ones that could well be military prototypes, and then the "belgian" type (if there is a type), with incredible speed and acceleration capabilities. There is only one picture of it, which is strange for a UFO flap with thousands of witnesses. I guess it is not easy to take a picture/video of a black object at night. A neighbor filmed a black triangle two weeks ago in the suburbs of Paris, France. No much was visible in the video.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by Blueracer

Do you get the this page no longer exist's message ?

If you do then dont worry about it muhaha.

Take care.


posted on May, 26 2008 @ 09:28 AM

Originally posted by jkrog08
reply to post by alienstar

...maybe you all can come up with a logical reason other than what I stated.

A more logical reason IMHO is that governments and the military are as clueless as we are. Why would astronomical amounts of money be spent developing outdated spacecrafts/aircrafts, missiles, atomic energy programs if anti-gravity technology was available for decades?

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 10:08 AM
If it's triangular ... it's ours. Incredible speeds? We can do that too. See:

Great little chart showing examples of airspeed. Good examples!

4 Years ago (2004) - Jet-Powered Aircraft - Mach 9.6 - 7,000 mph

Vertical Maneuverability See:

In the US, a number of experimental saucer shaped craft were apparently developed as black projects by Lockheed Corporation for the USAF, and by Convair for the CIA. The saucer had the advantages of being a Vertical take-off and landing design (so avoiding the need for easily damaged runways), while the shape was well suited to diffusing radar and so making the craft stealthy. These early designs were apparently powered by turbojets, which powered a horizontal rotor to provide lift using the Coanda effect.

In an apparent attempt to quell speculation about the military nature of flying saucers, a press conference was held in July 1952, at which Major John A. Sandford denied any knowledge of the craft, and retired Major Donald E. Keyhoe declared his belief that they were of alien origin. In 1957 Keyhoe became head of the civilian UFO group NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), which is believed to have also been infiltrated by several covert members of the CIA."

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Example See the following from the same Wiki link above:

Quote: "The Sikorsky Cypher is a doughnut-shaped, experimental, prototype unmanned vertical takeoff and landing aerial vehicle. The Sikorsky Cypher II, (a.k.a. Sikorsky Mariner), followup aircraft has wings extending from the left and right sides of the aircraft"

Furthermore, we have a "something-or-other-else" that I have seen first hand, that I know others reported to Mufon; but, this "thing" IS really ours! I think it was an experimental from Lockheed or that other one (forgot the company name) up in Dallas. I saw this other thing CLOSE, in daylight and it was accompanied by an UAV AND a manned vehicle. My father is insisting I make a ufo report on this OLD (nearly 10 years ago) event; but, I say it's ridiculous to report something I know for SURE was manmade.

And last, you know the Harrier jump jets right? Well, I had seen one hovering over a landing field (70's) and my brother-in-law SWORE it was "impossible".

I think people just PREFER to be superstitious, to believe fiction and fantasy over reality. As a habitual liar I know says, "Lies are more interesting than the truth." People would PREFER to believe in UFO's, even when they have proof right in front of them that the triangular craft was ours.

So, if it's triangular-shaped, I figure it's ours. If it's saucer-shaped - I put it in the "to be researched" category.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 10:43 AM
In my 2005 experience of witnessing a triangular object i myself stand by my belief it was man made. It still stays unidentified till proven it was man flying/controlling it.

The object i witnessed was huge, nothing that i am aware of in aviation are that size. Reason why i believe it is man falls down to the teasingly slow fly over/by, it never went "stealth" or moved at a great speed, it disappeared out of our view, which took a good few minutes. I will say the maneuvers were "weird" or unusual as it dipped nose and hovered (by nose i mean the middle light of five visible lights).

That was witnessed by a lot of people and broke to local news radio where they said it was helicopters, which i DO NOT believe. I am no scientist but i ain't a idiot either. Pretoria AFB was extremely busy the following Monday and i was told that by a friend's two brothers not even aware at the time of what myself and others witnessed.

Man made i stand by. Technology i expected many years ago just never witnessed. If it just shot up towards space or do maneuvers at speeds man cannot handle, my belief in my sighting would be different. I still believe in ET's though.

In the 70's/80's we expected our technology in aviation to look like that in the 2000's but it stayed Boeing. In stealth tech we are told what they think we need to know. Well that works that way in more cases other than aviation.

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:27 AM
I do think most hovering silent triangle craft seen are of military origin, however, the size reported can be used to eliminate most military designs, it seems safe to assume that we can make craft of significant size, up to 500 ft across, but reports of giant craft estimated to be twice as large or more, like the 9pm Phoenix sightings of 1997. The massive dimensions of these objects would seem to eliminate anything made by conventional aircraft manufacturing methods. Check out this link from

New Designs Bring Return of the Airship

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 06:08 PM
Ok what would explain the Phoenix,1980s upstate,ny and other number of black triangle sightings.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 09:03 AM
This year my family saw two ufo's, near our home. (April 12, and May 17). The last one was seen in detail by my children, with the 17 hunting through photos online to identify a black triangle with certain lighting. I saw it as it was flying away, they saw it over our home. We concluded,as well, that the last one was one of ours, and we have a military base here. My son described it as making a loud pulsing sound, the sound he explained it with was very crude.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 12:55 PM
I reported seeing a black triangle back in the mid-80's. I was living near Kirtland AFB and watched the thing disappear over the Sandia Mountains after what seemed like 10 minutes. It flew really low, maybe 1000 meters off the ground. It was immense. Kind of reminded me of a jet black blimp, it certainly behaved like one, but with lights around the perimeter and a droning noise that I can only describe as a light post bulb humming or maybe a generator running off in the distance. The humming was the kind that rattles your teeth inside your head especially when it passed overhead. It was fairly silent except for the hum, the lights never blinked though the large light at the front tip was pointed at the ground most of the time. Did I mention it was immense, like hundreds of feet across immense. I had the impression that it was military. I don't know why it struck me as military but it seemed to me that it did not appear all that technologically advanced just imposing because of the size and dark color.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 03:21 PM
In my opinion there are too many similar sightings and pictures all around the world of what appears to be the same craft. Now either we are being over run with a particular ET, or it is a government craft. I do however have questions about the huge ones that are sighted. Where do you park something that big?

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