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Did Talpiot help carry out 9/11?

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 07:18 AM
Caught this over at and thought it might spark some interest here.

Where I stand on 9/11:

1. Israeli intelligence agencies (Talpiot/Sayaret/IDF), NeoCons dual loyalist traitors, and criminals in the Bush Administration planned this attack in advance using Arabs as patsies.

2. As the article states, the attacks were simulated relentlessly in advance to ensure the attacks occurred successfully.

3. Only a complete compromise of all communication structures in the US government, even to the highest levels, could have allowed it to happen.

4. Hi-tech, hi-caliber Israelis carried out the dirty work.

5. Daniel Lewis, an Israeli Commando of the Talpiot/Sayaret ilk, directed the attack from within at least one plane. Consider the odds, statistically, of a former Israeli Anti-HiJacker commando which number in the low thousands, being on the same plane during the 9/11 "hijacking" in the USA. Those odds are simply astronomical - like Atta's passport landing safely. I agree with '88 and Ivan on the Daniel Lewis thread.

6. I agree with the video 9/11 Mysteries. The information below just adds to that movie's information. Many 9/11 researchers don't know much about how the communication networks were compromised - this article helps answer that question.

7. The top USA communication networks are still compromised today. Dual loyalist NeoCons and Sayanim "helpers" running policy in the US government are covering up the crime of 9/11.


The article below indicates that IDF-Mossad-CIA Intelligence Agencies use extensive amounts of Voice Pattern Analysis/Statistical Modeling on communication networks on the Arab world-US/UK politicians-and the Chinese.

Talpiot research can allow the Mossad-IDF to analyze social relationships and information networks to cap leaks, pressure politics, bring out scandal, cull communication networks. Anybody with a dark past can be blackmailed by the intergration of communication agencies such as Comverse, Talpiot data modeling tools, spies on the ground, spies on the inside. I believe the IDF-Talpiot programs watch the US press (and for the generation of political ideas. Obviously the technology is used by US/UK/IDF forces in the Arab world for intelligence. These programs would be extremely useful for "capping" information leaks - i.e., nail the spreaders of information by statistically analyzing the "actors" involved. Without Talpiot, the ZOG of the USA/UK could not exist in full form or have the freedom of operation that it currently does.

By the way, boycott Panaroma Software since many ex-Talpiots run that company.

Secretive Military Units Provide Training Ground for Israel's High-Tech Leaders
Feb. 3, 2004

Nestled in a nondescript concrete building on this sprawling military base near Tel Aviv, soldiers have been working on a top-secret project the past few years: a cell phone.

The "Mountain Rose" system is a bit more than that, of course: Developed with Motorola, it uses upgraded commercial technology to provide highly secure communications among combat forces, commanders and headquarters.

"More secure. More reliable. Those are the key words," says Col. Avi Berger, head of the communications systems department at Lotem, one of a handful of shadowy units that have turned Israel's military into an electronics-warfare powerhouse.

These units, whose size in most cases remains classified, have also quietly become incubators for Israel's high-tech industry, much the way that elite fighting units produced generations of political leaders.

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 07:33 AM
Summary quote from Article:

Final Words....and good points HB!
by Crack_Smoke_Republican on 23.01.2007 [02:30 ]
Talpiot seems to have all the kit necessary to pull off 9/11.

Inventory of Skills:
1. In-depth Physics and Applied Mathematics research with intensive data modeling (Why not model 9/11 before launching the real thing?).
2. In-depth Computer Science skills and Communication Network Skills to tap all in coming and out going communications on 9/11/2001.
3. Highly placed players in corporate, military and academic backgrounds
4. Need to make a fake tape in real time? Look no further.
5. Need to simulate a fake phone call? In real time? Using graphemes and phonemes of people on the "hijacked" plane. Look no further than Talpiot's experts.
6. Want something big to go down quickly? Look no further than 20 something PhDs in Advanced Physics and Materials Science.
7. Want to track the US military and Intelligence Agencies for the NeoCons in real time? Look no further.
8. Want to do intensive linguistical datamining in real time to flatten spikes in communication networks and eliminate "Hang-out"? Look no further.

Talpiot with the Mossad, NeoCons and US gov. dual loyalist traitors pulled this off after massive virtual rehearsals down the last second.

Need virtual on-screen Arab actors? Call Talpiot....

These guys are smart, aggressive, secretive and can pilot anything from remote control....and they are likely sitting next to you in class. Many work for major US corporations and can feel the keyword pulse of the USA and Europe at any second of the day if they wish.


posted on May, 26 2008 @ 07:34 AM
I believe it in its entirety. As for Talpiot's involvement, this is complete plausible, given the very nature of its existence. Nothing can surprise me.

However, The notion of using Arabs as "patsies" does not sit with me too well. Those guys were working toward the same end. We merely waited for thyem to act. Mayb that is what is, then. Arabs as patsies.

David Siedlar

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 07:54 AM

Would you rather have Talpiot-Sayaret operatives acting as Arabs on the planes? ... or real Arabs if you wanted to fly a plane into the twin towers?

I'll take the Israelis anytime to launch a false flag on a scale this big. They are practiced and good at them.

If they release the videos of all the passengers boarding the aircraft, I might begin to believe the Arab theory. Especially if the parents who reported their "sons" alive vouch that the men they see in the "Boarding Video" are actually and unequivocally their "sons". However, as you may already know it is easy to fake a "voice print" or "video print" of just about anybody at anytime with just a few phonemes/graphemes - if one knows how to do this and I'm sure Talpiot does. Most certainly they know do they not?

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 08:24 AM
Moshe it is interesting that you posted your very "first" reply on this board 15 minutes after I posted the Talpiot link. Uncanny really.

And then, the link goes dead. Might be just updating the IR site. But who knows.

Cached link:

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 10:17 AM
Thursday, July 26, 2007
Spies in the Ointment: The Israeli Espionage of Global Communications

By Hei Hu Quan

The Conspiracy Central Blog
July 26, 2007

Total Information Awareness, But For Whom?

This story began quite innocuously as a minor retelling of a story I discovered involving an Israeli company called Narus that collects real-time internet information on U.S. citizens for the the U.S. National Security Agency. In the course of my research, the story grew to shocking proportions revealing that the gamut of virtually all electronics communications, has not only been compromised by a foreign entity within the U.S., but the entire world. It is an intentional and directed infiltration at effectively every source and core of the scope of electronics communications worldwide. Rendering all secure systems compromised and intercepted by Israeli security services and for the benefit of using gained intelligence information to their strategic advantages. The implications, much less the ramifications are staggering, and these bold new revelations have revealed not only a treasonous complicity of the governing host nations, but criminally collusive actions towards a central malevolent end.

Every piece of electronics equipment be it telephone, cellphone, (VoIP) Voice over IP, pagers, Blackberrys, instant messaging services, emails, has a point of interception established by the Israeli intelligence services. More ominous are the specific inroads these particular groups are making in inserting themselves within strategic centers of security infrastructures within various countries. Such as providing direct security for New York's Statue of Liberty, producing communications satellites, creation and management of firewalls for sensitive military & intelligence agencies, and the contract and production of RFID chips with user sensitive data and broadcast abilities for U.S. Passports. Think of that for a moment, especially the encoding for the RFID chips, in which personal data of citizens of the U.S. is in the hands of a foreign national organization. With declared loyalties and military allegiances to their home country, along with either! simple residencies or dual citizenships that were granted by the U.S. government or host country itself.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 08:11 AM

The lack of intelligent debunking and their attempts to ignore this thread only adds more credibility and is a good sign to investigate and rip this one open more.

Israeli mossad involvement in 911..... hmmm

posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 05:41 PM
Guys these threads on the whole Lewin, Sayerat Maktal, Talpiot and 8-200 deal have been beyond eye opening, thanks - I really believe this is the key to cracking the real 9/11 story wide open. Brilliant work.

posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 06:43 PM
Good thread - maybe a little speculative - but it sure fits together rather smoothly with what we do know.

Most definitely the traitorous NeoCONs were part of it.

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