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NEWS: Alert on Missing Passports!

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posted on Mar, 1 2004 @ 09:01 PM
Interpol's secretary general Ronald Noble, told The Associated Press that only 34 countries of 181 members have agreed to share their data on possibly 400,000 missing blank passports. U.S. authorities acknowledge a general policy of caution, saying that Interpol's worldwide membership leaves too many potential security gaps.

Steve Quayle

"This is only what's on file," Noble said. "You can imagine the rest. If we don't have a global database with everyone contributing, think of all the terrorists and criminals trading in documents."

Another cause of concern, first divers, now this. As I am sure most people know, the Department of Homeland Security is still concerned with airliners being used as guided missles. I have reported earlier that upwards of 400 Al-Qaeda trained Islamic Radicalists have entered the United States without notice, could this be the method of entry. Seeing as this recent report points out that some corupt officials sell the documents in bulk, and since many countries still send passport blanks to small embassies and consulates in distant capitals, this raises my concern even more.

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