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Behind the Drums of War with Iran: Nuclear Weapons or Compound Interest

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 03:38 AM

This is a good read about how the Iranian banking system is a threat to the global bankers. If you are into the global banking conspiracy theories, I highly reccomend reading it. It is a bit lengthy, but a good read never the less.

The Bankers' Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction

Around 1980, when interest rates were soaring, Johnny Carson quipped on The Tonight Show that “Scientists have developed a powerful new weapon that destroys people but leaves buildings standing - it's called the 17% interest rate.” Compound interest is the secret weapon that has allowed a global banking cartel to control most of the resources of the world. The debt trap snapped shut for many countries in 1980, when international interest rates shot up to 20 percent. At 20 percent interest compounded annually, $100 doubles in under 4 years; and in 20 years, it becomes a breathtaking $3,834.66 The devastating impact on Third World debtors was underscored by President Obasanjo of Nigeria, speaking in 2000 about his country's mounting burden to international creditors. He said:

All that we had borrowed up to 1985 was around $5 billion, and we have paid about $16 billion; yet we are still being told that we owe about $28 billion. That $28 billion came about because of the injustice in the foreign creditors' interest rates. If you ask me what is the worst thing in the world, I will say it is compound interest.7

When Dominoes Won't Fall

Iran was among the few nations to have escaped this global privatization scheme. Iran had its own oil. It managed to avoid the trap of letting its currency be devalued by speculators by imposing foreign exchange restrictions and price controls on its national currency (the rial), something it could afford to do because it had adequate foreign exchange reserves from its oil sales.12 Iran's state-owned oil industry has allowed its economy to perform well, despite economic sanctions and rumors to the contrary.13 A “reformist” movement toward increased privatization ended in 2005, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected to the presidency. Ahmadinejad is a “populist” who has promised to redistribute Iranian oil wealth more expansively and has committed the government to funding public-sector projects and charitable investments.14

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 05:43 AM
OMG! Compound Interest (on loans) is the absolute nemesis of civilization as a whole! What civilization builds, compound interest destroys! Throughout the entire history of human civilization, even Super-Power Nations that have ever had even slight contact with compound interest has been reduced to Third-World Status! The USA is on that road, even now!

If it were up to me, I'd rather be nuked than to suffer from interest...At least the nuke would be a quick death & can't enslave your children to scumbag bankers.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by MidnightDStroyer

Based on your thought provoking response, I have to assume that you didn't read the article. I am curious why you would think it is such a laughable notion.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 06:14 AM

Originally posted by Karlhungis
I am curious why you would think it is such a laughable notion.

That's an emoticon representing sarcasm, not laughter. A simple search through ATS using the keywords "Federal Reserve" and/or "Fed Res" will provide a week or two of reading material about the subject. And considering what I've researched & posted on those threads (including the fact that the Fed Res sets interest rates in the US)...I still ain't laughin'.

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