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Looking for video that disproved Pheonix Lights

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 08:21 PM
Hello everyone, this is my first post here on ATS. I've read the site for quite sometime and this is the first "conspiracy" type forum that I've posted on. On to my topic...

I have always been interested in the paranormal/conspiracy/ufo world, like most here, but for me it's been a great fantasy world. As a writer, the "truth" was always a good source for stories. Only in the past few years have I actually started to believe that the UFO conspiracy has some real "truth" to it. It basically came with the advent of instantaneous access of video and information through high-speed internet.

There is so much ferver recently about disclosure and how close we are to finding out the real truth about aliens among us. I saw Indy Jones and the Crystal Skull on midnite Wednesday and I must admit that I had a giddy smile on my face the entire movie. With the invention of YouTube, it seems that the "truth" can't be contained. It's pretty much how I feel too. There is no way that "they" can hide things from us now, right? But they still do. Our world is driven by what we don't know but think we do and think that they are keeping from us. I'm certain that at the inventions of print, radio, and television, the fringe of society had many conversations about what these new information mediums would bring to the "truth" movement. Yet we are still here, hoping that our voices and opinions will be heard. Maybe we are just repeating. Maybe not. I don't think so.. at least I don't "hope" so.

I bring up the fact of hiding information because of a certain piece of video I saw years ago when the Pheonix Lights first appeared. To this day I have yet to see it again. I don't remember what show it was on. It was before even the History Channel, back when there was only Discovery and your only chance to see anything UFO related was the off chance that Unsolved Mysteries was running something on their show. That and "V".

This piece aired probably about a month or so after the actual event. The "Lights" caused so much publicity that it was everywhere. The "believers" were using it as proof-positive and skeptics left and right were trying everything that they could to prove it was flares. Thousands of witnesses, video from multiple angles, it seemed like a walk in the park, kind of like today. Then I saw this video. A videographer took one of the angles, went during the daytime and recreated the shot looking over Pheonix towards the mountain range. On the other side of the range was the Air-Force Base where they were supposedly shooting off flares. He then super-imposed the two and showed how the "lights" went out as they fell behind the mountains, thus backing up the flares theory. My day job as a Visual Effects artist lets me work with lots of footage and I can tell you that consumer video quality is terrible, especially back then, so the idea that you would definitely see the smoke trails of the flares in the videos simply doesn't work for me. I'm not posing that this piece actually disproves the Pheonix Lights but I find it odd that I can't find it still to this day.

The Pheonix Lights is used in our circle as one of the cases that prove it all, most recently with the backing of Fife Symington's admissions. With the recent publicity, one would think that the skeptics would be all over this video but it's nowhere to be found. My worry is that the "powers-that-be" will use the concept of disclosure as a way to keep us in fear and instigate weapons in space, ala Aaron Russo/David Rockefeller conversation, or potentially to turn us against the "real" aliens when it's "revealed" that they are a threat to us. All of that is personal speculation but it is something I've noticed amongst the fresh popularity.

Most of this I realize is outside of the "topic" of this post's title but the video does play as a catalyst to my pondering of this issue. Does anyone remember that video and possibly have a link to it?


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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by Sagitaurus

welcome to ATS.

is this the video your looking for ?
YouTube - Phoenix lights are shown to be behind the mountains

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by Sagitaurus

Welcome to ATS Sagitaurus.

The Phoenix Lights case is an interesting one. From what I understand the lights that were seen over Phoenix have since been confirmed as flares. However there are many stories of a HUGE UFO that flew over earlier that evening... think Independence Day (if your to believe the witness accounts).

What I find interesting is that no one has a picture of the big structured (Nuts & Bolts) craft - yet so many claim to have seen it. The only footage available is of the flares in their 'V' formation from later that evening. It seems the one thing that would have proven the whole incident beyond reasonable doubt for the claimants somehow missed being photographed or videoed.

Real Phenomena = Many see it - No one captures it on film?
Fake Phenomena = Many see it - Many capture it on film!

It appears that if something that large is up there in the sky, over or close to a city, the odds say that people will catch it on film. This scenario was proven with the flares incident. Yet the big craft that supposedly flew over in daylight didn't get photographed once!

I still smell something fishy with this story and it should raise more flags in peoples minds than it currently does.

It appears to be a classic case of a snowballing hoax IMHO.


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