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October Surprise Predictions - Hedging Your Bets For 2008 Election

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

I believe I understand where the catalyst lies.
It has already happened and was financially engineered to have happened by the Federal Reserve 'private' international banking cartel owners/operaters of our money supply. This international money cartel of banksters (I've spoken extensively of here on ATS and don't want to rehash a bookworth of material here) designed the whole domino effect of international global credit crisis of which they would remain the victors and own the money supply of the world. Once a banking cartel achieves this they have virtually total dominion over the worlds banking systems and will enforce their plans with military domination if necessary.
These mini-wars, terrorism threats, television programming, controlled media etc. are merely distractions to keep your eye off the real ball...of which is the creation of a global banking authority as a means of NWO. The Euro was the first result....the collapse of the US currency will be the next...forming the Amero or"North American currency" Rothschilds already own the worlds gold in their Central Bank depositories the world over. There is much more to say on this topic though once again the details are in prior posts.
Watch this video (2nd posted link) carefully and pass it around. The people need to understand before they can act accordingly.
View all other 'distractions' as just that....a distraction.
Jurisprudence is null and void in a society once the money supply is owned/operated by an entity.
Sapience among the NWO is not in order....rather greed, control and world domination.
If you study the events above you will understand this has been planned for a quite a long time. See video (1st link) below for further details.
I'd rather not get into the result of these actions. They are unknown by their authors...though being tested daily for contingency planning purposes...or what if scenarios. Once again, I don't believe predicting what/how will happen next thus exposing it would only complicate the aftermath and frighten the public at large. The Rex 84 camp scenario some here on ATS are privy to.

The American pubic must end the FIAT money system created by the Federal Reserve by dissolving the Federal Reserve system all together of which was illegally formed in a private meeting decades ago without knowledge or approval of Congress and is UNCONSITUTIONAL in the first place since the Fed. Res. was never ratified by Congress. It is also UNCONSTITUTIONAL for a private banking conglomerate to control/supply the flows of dollars/liquidity in the US banking system. Once again, view the video link below for more.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by oceanaut1

I agree and concur with you on almost every point, with exception to one.

There never has been a New World Order.

These are keywords which act as a "straw adversary" initiated by World Government, in order to give society an adversary they strived to defeat but could never prove, through chasing our own collective tails in a game of Chinese Whispers.

Politicians, throw those three "key words" into their speeches, in order to shake up anyone listening to them.

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Agreed. I use the NWO term as a 'reference' since the acronym is so entrenched in everyones mind already to refer to the PTB.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 03:08 PM
Actual email I just received.
I astericked out the names of course.
I can't count how many times my email server has been compromised time after time. These Trojans are usually software key-logger trojans of which are designed to steal your passwords while you type. As an ex-computer systems engineer I can remove these trojans one way or another with the end result being that it finds a way to self perpetuate itself back into the registry after removed. The strangest part of this is the fact that once one removes something from the computers registry via is permanently removed...though it still perpetuates itself after a reboot...therefor this lead me to discover it has breached my system through compromising my ports via an email intrusion which makes sense since my passwords are compromised time and again via the software keylogger trojan. The name of my current Trojan of which has been with me for a few months now is trojandownloader.exe, Yazzle15520in, astctl32.ocx. Recent Symantec updates, Spyware Doctor updates, Windows Updates etc. are to no avail.

When I attempt to right click delete a trojan found by Symantec, I get the following message for 'action taken': left alone
then I get a message saying:
Symantic Antivirus cannot perform this action on one of the files you selected.
Possible causes:
The files have been moved or deleted.
The computer they are located on is turned off.
You are trying to clean files located in an email message.
You are trying to clean a compressed file in a container.

Why not expose these guys as well eh?
This seems like a good a place as any.

I've resolved to leave it on my system though who is to say I'm not paying someone to track them at the same time.
A good place to review any and all acitivity thats taken place on your computer since you've owned it can be found by the following path for MS based OS's:
Good to know.
Computer Forensics Examiners/Investigators are there if you ever need their services. I've basically stopped fighting the infections which always managed to alter my Operating System registry settings. If you believe you are being watched, turn the tables on the perpetrator for legal recourse if necessary in the future. Regardless of the Patriot Act's violations to our right to privacy and freedom of speech they are still in violation to the US Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights.
Wow, I've been up all night writing various messages.
I believe we are in for 'change' in very short order...and for some reason I chose to stay up all night spreading what I know hoping that it may make a difference. Exposure is all we can do at this point until we discover the 'meaning' of their next move.
Stay prepared and stay safe.

I would like to warn you that your messages have a virus attached preliminary investigation would point to cia or fbi
looks like they have your number ,so please be carefull and do not send any more message to us , as it now
appear that we are under their watchfull eyes, please do not disclose this to anyone,

Kind of silly for the author to ask me not to disclose this to anyone (though I removed the names) since if my outgoing email has been has my incoming or inbox and the 'authority' to be would therefor see the senders message to me. LOL

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