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This is why there has been no dislosure!!

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 07:26 PM

The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was performed as a Halloween special on October 30, 1938 and aired over the CBS Radio network. Directed by Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells' classic novel The War of the Worlds.

The first half of the 60-minute broadcast was presented as a series of news bulletins, which suggested to many listeners that an actual Martian invasion was in progress (Because the Mercury Theatre on the Air was at that time a 'sustaining show' [without sponsorship], the broadcast had no commercial interruption). Some fled their homes; others merely were terrified. The news-bulletin format was decried as cruelly deceptive by some newspapers and public figures, leading to an outcry against the perpetrators of the broadcast, but the episode launched Welles to fame.

Many people missed or ignored the opening credits of the program, and in the atmosphere of growing tension and anxiety in the days leading up to World War II, took it to be a news broadcast. Contemporary newspapers reported that panic ensued, with people fleeing the area, and others thinking they could smell the poison gas or could see the flashes of the lightning in the distance.

Professor Richard J. Hand cites studies by unnamed historians who "calculate[d] that some six million heard the CBS broadcast; 1.7 million believed it to be true, and 1.2 million were 'genuinely frightened'".[1] While Welles and company were heard by a comparatively small audience (in the same time period, rival network NBC's audience was an estimated 30 million), the uproar that followed was anything but minute: within a month, there were about 12,500 newspaper articles about the broadcast or its impact, while Adolf Hitler cited the panic, as Hand writes, as "evidence of the decadence and corrupt condition of democracy."[1]

Later studies suggested this "panic" was far less widespread than newspaper accounts suggested. However, it remains clear that many people were caught up, to one degree or another, in the confusion that followed.

Robert Bartholomew and Hilary Evans suggest in Panic Attacks that hundreds of thousands of people were frightened in some way, but note that evidence of people taking action based on this fear is "scant" and "anecdotal." Indeed, contemporary news articles indicate that police were swamped with hundreds of calls in numerous locations, but stories of people doing anything more than calling up the authorities typically involve groups of ones or tens and were often reported by people who were panicking, themselves.

It has been suggested in recent years that the War of the Worlds broadcast was actually a psychological warfare experiment. In the 1999 documentary, Masters of the Universe: The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve, writer Daniel Hopsicker claims that the Rockefeller Foundation actually funded the broadcast, studied the ensuing panic, and compiled a report that was only available to a chosen few. A variation of this conspiracy theory has the Radio Project and the Rockefeller Foundation as conspirators.[3] In a theatrical trailer for his film F For Fake, Welles joked about such theories, jesting that the broadcast indeed "had secret sponsors".

While Mercury Theater on the Air had no commercial sponsor, both CBS and the Rockefeller Foundation were contracting the leading crowd psychology researchers of the time; CBS had Edward Bernays, the Rockefeller Foundation had Ivy Lee. With the involvement of Frank Stanton in the Radio Project and his position in the CBS research department, it is possible the "creative curiosity" of Orson Welles came from conversations within these business circles. A detailed documentary on these circles and the ideas behind social manipulation was made by the BBC called, The Century of the Self.

There has been continued speculation that the panic generated by the War of the Worlds broadcast has inspired officials to frantically cover up unidentified flying object evidence, avoiding a similar panic. In fact, U.S. Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt[4], the first head of UFO investigatory Project Blue Book wrote, "The [U.S. government's] UFO files are full of references to the near mass panic of October 30, 1938, when Orson Welles presented his now famous The War of the Worlds broadcast."

War of the Worlds

This,in my opinion is the MAIN reason we have not, as yet had disclosure of extraterrestrial life,although the public may be more understanding today,it still gives good reason for not telling the public.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 08:22 PM
what would they expect its not like in the story those aliens were peaceful. If you were to tune in when the giant metal things are incinerating everyone wouldn't you freak out as well? Now if the story was about aliens landing and them sharing a burger with our military officials do you think people would freak?

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 08:26 PM
Interesting theory, I think it certainly could be a possibility or could also be what Dr. Steven Greer of the disclosure project says. He insinuates that it hasn't been disclosed because the people of the world would be outraged to find out that we have had alien technologies for years and are still depending on money making oil. Look at us, we're a fairly advanced civilization, why the hell are we still depending fossil fuels? $$$$$$$$ The people are going to be pissed!!!!

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

if the aliens were not friendly just like in the War of the Worlds i could see your point. the radio program announced that Martians were attacking cities all over the world. it's no wonder why people flipped out.

but if they were friendly what would be your reasons for no disclosure ?

i can think of a few

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 08:51 PM
I agree with what Lazer said and others about "if they were friendly why hide it."

Technology shock could be another reason-just think what would happen if you suddenly dumped technology even 100 years more advanced than now on the world,markets would collapse,economies would collapse,wars would break out over "who owns it",also the psychological influence of living in a COMPLETLY different reality OVERNIGHT would could cause MASSIVE psychological issues.

Than of course theres the money in oil..............everything I stated I believe is true and the reason behind the non-dislosure policy.Thats why we see the "trickle down"effect of GRADUAL release of technology,eventually leading to disclosure,IMHO.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by jkrog08 would collapse,economies would collapse,wars would break out over "who owns it",also the psychological influence of living in a COMPLETLY different reality OVERNIGHT would could cause MASSIVE psychological issues.

What makes that different than what is happening right now? If I am not mistaken, the markets are collapsing, the economies are collapsing and wars are already breaking out. And this is without disclosure. And I have to assume that just thinking about your loses of freedom, the NWO, the lack of affordable fossil fuels, the lack of food supplies, wars, the economy, survival and potential earth changes are causing massive psychological problems anyway.

Now, on the other hand, if there had been disclosure, and that meant that 1) we had access to efficient non-polluting energy sources, and 2) we embraced a higher spirituality (as in, we are not the only intelligent beings in the universe and we are not that high on the food chain), then maybe we would not have turned our world into a cesspool over fights for energy, military might, and over whose "earthly" religion was the "real" religion.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:00 PM
Its a miracle they have been able to keep it this hush hush for such a long period of time. if you take the whisleblowers at face value. and piece all of there stories together to form a story book time line.. you will notice a active cover up. without acception, if UFO is involved then something makes the story fade and go away. Thats the Job of Media. to keep you on something new all the time.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:17 PM
There a link someplace around here of 64 years why the government would never disclose info.I would have every reason to believe that they could be hostile also.Sure whynot we arent the most peaceful species.Then again maybe they think we are like ants?Why even bother to stop by they are so far superior and outerspace is so vast.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:22 PM
I beleive the main reason is because of Power. The elitists know that if disclosure occured the disclosure of extraterrestrial technology wouldn't be far off. With that type of technology ordinary citizens will refuse to pay these ridiculous gas prices because we would be introduced to a new form of energy. The elitists will not have ordinary citizens with that type of technology. It's all about Power and Control.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:33 PM
I've always thought of threee main reasons for non disclosure:
One: Independance. Regardless of wether the aliens are friendly or hostile, if we can't meet whatever baseline they have for technology, any involvement by them would make us indebted to them. If we were fed their technology, it would take us a good while to be able to reverse engineer it to fit our own purposes and uses. They'd have a remarklable level of control against us.
Two: Our view of E.T.s It ranges everywhere from Goids to demons to beings just like us with a bit oof prothetics. Seriously, how many threads exist, and how many people belive that liens will save us at the last minute? If we can't support ourselves, why should some other race come along and take the slack?
Three: As far as the aliens are probably concerned, while we may not be ants or a study of some kind, we are probably still barely beyond the bronze age, if even that. We may be able to use what we have fairly cleverly, but it's still far behind what they may have

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by RuneSpider

As for the War of the Worlds, this was at a time when the Radio was just abou t the only quick source of information in the world. You didn't have telephones or the internet, all they could do was listen, and many people tuned in after the credits, they didn't ignore them.
You don't even have a equivelant today, there are simply to many wa ys for a story like thatto be shot down.
People got a message that a war was going on, where tmajor cities were being destroyed and people killed on the proimary source of news at the time, it's a vast difference nowadays.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:41 PM
Im not stating this comes from a valid source but if people would take the time and read this list...they are true valid points of reasons not to disclose.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:18 AM
The people who have the responsibility of making disclosure are afraid of a very powerful group of beings who have dominated this planet for a long time. This group of beings is in the process of being pacified by those whose job it is to deal with such entities. When those in a position of responsibility are sure they are not under any threat from those beings they fear, they will initiate disclosure, which is something they have longed to do. A lot of people give those in government agencies a hard time, but it's something that the public will have to understand that those who have known the truth and had access to the proof of what has been happening have been living in fear for their lives for a long time.

There are many men and women in positions of power who have longed to sit humanity down and tell them the story of the great betrayal that has been visited on this world, the secret wars, the battles in space, of exotic technologies, alien civilizations and human colonization of space. One day the history of the last half of the 20th century will be rewritten and when it is we will see that the greatest heroes of that time were murdered because they tried to let the people know the truth. They struggled to bring to light, what was hidden in darkness.

When disclosure comes it will be a time of mourning as well as hope. For we will mourn the loss of innocence. We will mourn the lost opportunity at the end of the last great war to have transformed our world into a place of peace and prosperity for all. The open sharing of knowledge and wisdom with the peaceful inhabitants of this galaxy. A true gift for a desperately wearied and embattled humanity. Instead our world was plunged into a time of tyranny, betrayal and damned lies.

As we can all begin to see the tentative signs of a coming disclosure, the dream for a better future lies on our horizon in the dawning of a new hope. When it comes may we embrace it and never let it slip through our fingers. May we never let those who seek to pervert and destroy humanity steal our bliss and turn our dreams for the future, into war and filthy avarice. May we all find the courage to forgive each other, make peace on our planet and forge our greater destiny among the stars.

[edit on 28-5-2008 by flashstorminc]

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by flashstorminc

The people who have the responsibility of making disclosure are afraid of a very powerful group of beings who have dominated this planet for a long time. This group of beings is in the process of being pacified by those whose job it is to deal with such entities.

What group of beings??

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 11:25 PM
Are you seriously telling me that Gen X on down (in other words, people 40 and younger), who grew up on Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Space 1999, Alien, Terminator, Predator, and E.T., etc., etc., etc., would find it hard pressed to fit in E.T.s to their world view?

No, the previous poster is right. It's about control. See, to travel across huge distances in space, you've got to have some awesome technology. Imagine if you will that they have "replicators" (Star Trek type, not SG-1 type). They (being the aliens) give out these replicators to anyone and everyone. Guess what? No more food shortages. Manufacturing plummets, because everyone can just replicate what they need. No wars fought over resources, because you can just replicate whatever resource you need at the moment.

*IF* there are aliens, and *IF* they have contacted earth, you can bet your sweet patoot that non-disclosure is not because of "panic", but because of the loss of "control" by TPTB. Why would we go to war with NowhereCountry if we can manufacture what we need right in our own living room?

Now, follow the same line of reasoning using something like the ZPM from SG-1. For you non geeks, that means a source of free energy (like a battery) that lasts, basically, FOREVER. Guess what? Oil made almost useless overnight. Everyone goes off the grid. Why buy it when you can make it for free? Coal? Almost useless (most iron furnaces nowadays use electrically "fired" smelting). Energy becomes a non-issue overnight. Deserts bloom, because desalination is almost free. Result? TPTB lose control once again.

Let's say they introduce some machine to maximize human health, curing all diseases, including genetic ones (assume the human life span stays the same even) Result? Big pharma loses BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS. Why take zoloft, paxil, and prozac when you can get cured by the aliens, not merely treated? Millions of doctors and surgeons rendered obsolete overnight by robotic machines (i.e, robotic "doctors"), or at least they would have to go back to school to learn how to control/override the robot's decisions.

Let's say they have a new method of communication, plus vastly superior computer equipment. Now, all of a sudden, everyone in the world can communicate with everyone else, WITHOUT MEDIA INFLUENCE. Translations? No problem, the computer does it for you, flawlessly! How hard would it be to conjure up wars when you could communicate instantly with people in Iran (for example) and find out "Hey, they don't want war any more than we do!" Loss of control for TPTB.

How might the entertainment industry fail? Why go to the movies when you could be in the equivalent of a holodeck with your friends, where you and your friends are *IN* the movies? Hollywood (both movies and TV) lose the ability to brainwash the masses. (That is, until they catch up with the technology). How about new sports invented while in a zero g stadium? Can you imagine a "bouncy castle" for kids with 1/2 gravity? How about home video games?

Now, that is just a short list, and only if the aliens are friendly. Consider if they are hostile. Shouldn't we know about? Why wouldn't TPTB want EVERYONE ARMED TO THE TEETH AGAINST THE COMING INVASION? Could it be because they have brokered a back-room deal with them, that they will be the "handlers" of mankind? Something to think about.

In short, if aliens are real, and have contacted earth, there is *NO* reason why humans should be kept in the dark. That is, no reason outside of the fear of loss of control by the powers that be. Panic in the streets? Puhlease. There's too much apathy in the general world for panic. If they announced it tomorrow, it would be the talk of the town for a week. Then, everyone would turn the channel and say "I wonder what's on American Idol this week?"

BTW, I forgot to mention one more thing that would be VERY popular. Cruises to the outer and inner planets. Why see Saturn's rings from earth, when you can see them from a close orbit of Saturn? Local (meaning earth-based) tourism tanked overnight!

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by sir_chancealot

Good post,but I think it would be a bigger deal than a 'weeklong meda frenzy'.At least I do not see how people would 'disregard' the fact that there are other sentient species in the cosmos that are as smart or smarter than us. I mean think about it-how would you feel for those first couple of 'face to face',conversational encounters?

EDIT to add:Sorry for the double post.

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by sir_chancealot

Good post,but I think it would be a bigger deal than a 'weeklong meda frenzy'.At least I do not see how people would 'disregard' the fact that there are other sentient species in the cosmos that are as smart or smarter than us. I mean think about it-how would you feel for those first couple of 'face to face',conversational encounters?

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