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paranormal acitivities everytime i talk about aliens

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:10 PM
please help me
ive just had a conversation to my friend on the fone relating everything i know about aliens,theres way too much to go into right here,
however i have just had my shoes which were at the other end of the room by the door fly across the room with a loud crash.
i am scared out of my wits this is the second time something like this has happened in the last week, both times when i was talking about what i know about aliens.
when i try to sleep at nite i hear voices sometimes its usualy a male voice murmuring something but its so brief i dont know what it is.
i do not believe in ghosts, one of the main things i tell people is ghosts are an illusion planted in our minds by aliens
i am scared to death,
has anyone else had similar experiences.
things i tell people:
religions dont exist they are a ilusion
i discuss how aliens eliminate time to travel anywhere
i discuss that they want to help us save the planet
i talk to them about abductions how they occur all the time
i talk about how its alien technology thats helped us advance more in 100 years than we did in thousands of years,
i go on in full detail and basically tell my friends everything there is to know and give them undeniable proof that aliens exist, yet everytime i have paranormal activities such as tugs on my shoulder

somebody help me please

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:42 PM
Your going to have to start at the beginning, like to start with how do you "know" all these things, what makes you so sure, be as detailed as possible.

I can't see how the incident with the shoes could be in any way psychological (I admit I'm not much pf a psychologist anyway
), however hearing voices and feeling tugs could possibly be explained psychologically I'm sure.

The activity you have described does sound like it could be ghost or poltergeist behavior, why it manifests itself when it does is open to debate. I know you say you don't believe in ghosts but when the activity points more strongly to that than aliens I would find it hard to ignore.

You just seem sure of so many things without any real reason given as to why, and its a little curious that it all seems to come down to aliens with you, that anything else is false or an 'illusion'. I'm not having a dig at you for that, but you haven't really said why you believe all these things and are so quick it seems to dismiss anything non-alien but paranormal. This could seriously impede your ability to solve this problem if you are not open to other explanations, otherworldly or mundane, or are unwilling to question the reality of what you think you know.

So give us a little more and tell us more about why you know these things.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Rmar64

Yeah... I agree...
But still... its is very weird...

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 06:07 PM
Firstly elibubbles you need to calm down.

Like you i have been able to relate the paranormal to the existance of other being's.

Some call them alien's yes but i prefer to call them being's they live like us and thats's good enough for me.

I have grown accustomed to these being's existance i noticed myself that my shoe's would move.

Or a peice of paper would move across the floor.

As for the voice's again i would not be afraid about them.

I have been in the kitchen and was shure my girlfriend called my name i even called her name.

But she was in bed.

There is nothing you need to fear.

But one thing you need to try and do is calm down and realise there true intention's if you are being genuine and honest with what your saying then please realise they do not want to scare or harm you.

If they wanted to do that i beleive they could but they DONT from what i personaly have experianced.

Infact i am shure these being's have saved my life on numerous occasion's

Perhaps they are slowly trying to make you aware they are part of your life.

So try and calm down.

Next i want to ask you do you consider yourself and abductee ?

If so why ?

What has lead you to that conclusion ?

Take care.


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