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Anti-Intelligence vs Anti-Stupidity

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 01:59 PM
The ppl that are anti-intelligence are the ones who have pride against your revealed intelligence or hold contempt toward it in what it is and you the person. Any of you notice this on this site by other members? Or, do any of you participate in being an anti-intelligence?

The ppl that are anti-stupidity are the ones who dont participate in stupidity by others that are anti-intelligence.

Which of you are anti-stupidity to the point any one being anti-intelligence toward your work or you can't snare you in their team efforts? O yes, the ones who are being an anti-intelligence do work as teams for each other because they share the same pride or contempt. You might find them padding each other on the backs like by providing stars to who in all are the same as they are or would be. Back handed comments, questions, and responses these will do as though they are led by a lusting wickedness. These infernal/hellish beings you will find mad as though they take what you say online too seriously as if it's affecting them physically and/or emotionally. Few of them will disguise their being mad by child's play. These are they who will always call you nuts or on drugs just because they hate your intelligence. Some will even get on a person's case because of a simple to understand mispelled word or a simple to comprehend misplaced apunctuation mark. I'd like to say to those kinds, if you would read things as if someone were talking with their mouth (where you can see no apuntuations), you should have no lack of comprehension skills. Though since you are delighting in stupidity that doesnt have to be there, you will find yourself put in your place or ignored by the intelligent members such as myself. I find it odd how I, being intelligent, can comprehend or understand what another is saying with mispells and poor sentence structure. I guess that puts me intelligent rather than certain of you. If an alien came to the planet to communicate I'd have the upper hand in comprehending it and translating it rather than certian of you.

I bet the anti-intelligent hate this thread because of the truth about them I included. Get mad till you faint. See who will let you do a lot of work in responding in a bad way only to get ignored.

O yeah, and some of the anti-intelligent look foolish for complaining about another's english when they used only english words. Haha. The anti-intelligent know it's english, they just mad at another's intelligence. I can sell you the truth 'as is' reguardless.

Where are the ppl that will say they dont understand this thread that would waste all energy in just to say all that? I'd like to know how many times you will say that before you find yourself wasting your time in doing so?

Speak the truth! Or make your bullcrap some other way. I'm aware of those of you who did read this thread who are anti-intelligence who would continue being wicked in other threads by the intelligent. You just wont stop being man men or mad women because you love to hate.

All the anti-stupidity ppl already knew what's up in the war going on online. It aint so much the viruses, it's the anti-intelligence going on that's as a plague by the wicked.

Ppl who get that God damn mad at threads need anger management. I find it funny that you could get so mad you'd say I am crazy or need to be put on meds that you being mad learned would physically harm the body. Yeah, the madness toward me and my intelligence gets put in its place as "not working". I only made this thread to bring light on the darkness going on online. I dont need to change for you. You mad ppl need anger management. Learn to let go of the pribe and contempt. Why cant you? O, you truely do love to hate.

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 02:32 PM
I believe a lot of supporters of anti intelligence are inflicting the harm on themselves by placing an over abundance of importance on intelligence. I have experienced it many a time where I get so inflated with confidence in my intelligence that I become stupid.

I believe that it is healthy to allow the self to be a beginner. If one knows something, it stops the something in it's tracks. It is limited in it's potential of becoming.

I find it funny that you could get so mad you'd say I am crazy or need to be put on meds that you being mad learned would physically harm the body.

It is very likely that they are not as upset as you would like to believe. Pulling out the crazy card is as old as the hills. The herd mentality coupled with the me mentality thrives on remaining safe from the unknown. Those that threaten the herd,and/or the ego become expendable.

One way to dehumanize and rationalize this choice is to call them crazy. In the way back when those folks could be tortured, outlawed (free game), burned at the stake (or other ghastly ways of publicly made example of), or left to the wild.

Nowadays, they medicate and murder the spirit of many a gifted person. Not to say that medication is useless. However it is over prescribed to people who can challenge the herd mentality imo.

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 02:45 PM
lol at the ppl who pretend to be mad at a whole thread just because it lacked one period at the end when rather those ppl are mad at what is being said that possess intelligence.

And if you went to high school you would have learned where to place punctuations in a paragraph with misplaced punctuations by another if that were a problem in how you may comprehend. This tells me it really aint about misplaced punctuations to why you got upset, but about what you do see as an intelligence that is saying something significant or of great discovery or etc to you.

Plus, this site doesnt say those with english majors may post only. And this site isnt an writting exame either. So know your roll to use your comprehension as though someone is verbally talking with you where you see no body of writting like you already know to with common sense. Anybody with common sense already knew to do just that to comprehend another who may be writting any which way they choose since there is no exame being given and no one is paying them to write a certain way.

So if you say you dont understand this thread, you are lieing, and just mad at how intelligence can be boundless and still get an implication across. Once it remains in your brain, then of course it grows.

The movement I will start is that everyone intelligent put these anti-intelligence ppl on ignore henceforth. Either they will straighten up or be ignored to keep that madness bullcrap they must go through to their doan selves.

I'll make a mad man live with himself. What you going to do then, mad ones? Get mad at yourselves?

I can bet you you mad one wont put us intelligent ones on ignore because you lust/love to spew your madness as madness or child's play.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 03:05 PM
It appears that you are mad friend. Ignoring the people that get under your skin will likely keep you in the same spot. Those that spent much time and effort "mastering" something are likely to have their ego bruised by those that can do the same thing as them effectively.

I have noticed that a lot of people who go to college and get book learning commonly have their noses high. This is their loss, because they are likely closing themselves off from learning more.

I have a rather large vocabulary, however my knowledge of punctuation is limited. I could learn all the rules, however I find it a waste of my time at this time, because I am not going to be using my written skills as a means for generating currency.

Don't let the petty get you down, however, I find it difficult to understand what you are writing about. I do get the gist of it though. On the hand, I can communicate with people who do not speak the same language as me. Body language is amazing, unfortunately that is not going to help on the internet.

Also, perhaps it is the way that you go at it that creates the reaction. I have found it best to look at the feedback and ask yourself, "what actions/choices did I make that created this event".


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