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congrats on your new book ...The Rise of the Fourth Reich -- I have a couple questions.

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 07:39 AM
There's a post about your new book coming out in summer, The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America

However, I think I'm unique in postulating the Fifth Reich started on WTC/911, when the Fourth Reich came out of the closet -- but I've only scratched the surface,

My initial questions are:

(10) I'm trying to cross reference the companies the FED and Bank of England and Bundesbank directors own with the Bormann-founded companies and their derivatives -- have you any interest in collaborating on that with me? u2u me.

(1) DO YOU NAIL THE FED and Bank of England when you document the Fourth Reich? I do when I postulate the Fifth Reich. I also do it through my string (scroll about a third of the way down for a chart):

(2) CAN YOU u2u ME?

(3) DO YOU WANT EUSTACE MULLINS PHONE NUMBER? I was going to interview him on what he suggested, which was what he learned from Ezra Pound. He's 85 or so. He of course wrote The Secrets of The Federal Reserve.

(4) HOW SUCCESSFUL WERE YOU in making a paper trail of the corporate acquisitions using the Bormann funds? How many companies did you find that are current results.

(5) WERE YOU ABLE TO include the Barbie coc aine cartel and how?

(6) WERE YOU ABLE TO IMPLICATE THE Barbie coc aine cartel in any way?

(7) HOW SUCCESSFUL WERE YOU in nailing the oil companies to date?

(8) MOST IMPORTANTLY, what remedy do you suggest in your book?

(9) DID YOU TALK to Paul Manning's son? Dave Emory has his contact info if you want to, contact Al at Spitfire -- I'm absolutely positive Dave will want to interview you on his radio show. He has a photographic memory. I don't know if you and he have met or not.

(11) DO YOU INCLUDE the Fourth Reich participation in WTC/911? To what extent?

From the description of your book at your publishers site, I see you've relied heavily on Manning's book on Borman (since it's the only authority out there) -- and have you also referenced Dave Emory's work, since Dave's been trumpeting Bormann on the radio since 1981.

I've been trying to contact you for 4 months. Also, congrats on your participation with Oliver Stone in his new movie about Bush.

Since JFK, you're certainly one of the most respected researchers in America.

I've been doing a series of posts which have led me to postulate Fourth and Fifth Reichs, a lot of it is based on the work of Dave Emory, who's been documenting the Fourth Reich for about 20 years on the radio. I collaborated with him for a couple years transcribing some of his material.

I'm really looking forward to your new book -- as you've save me a lot of research (I probably never could have accomplished) and your work is always premiere.

I wrote a screenplay on Reagan & Bush for the director of Oliver Stone's movie, 'Nixon' -- but Oliver wouldn't even option it because, as I was told, they were presidented out at the moment -- that was about 10 or 15 years ago. I originally did Reagan, but the director of Nixon insisted I do Bush as well.

I've just finished a 500,000 word book published at Trafford, called:
American Civilian Counter-Terrorist Manual: A Fictional Autobiography of Ronald Reagan.

And just made an abridged version of that, called: The American Idyll of Ronald Reagan: A ficitional autobiography of Ronald Reagan which I'll be sending to an agent as soon as I can afford a print cartridge when my next social security check comes in. My unabridged book's at

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 11:44 AM
HERE Jim, my research has uncovered the documentation of the Jesuit Black Pope controlling the White Pope who controls the Vatican Bank that controls the bank of England that controls the Fed/Bundesbank/Deutsche Bank etc.

Therefore, the Jesuit Illuminati-Fehme (freikorps i.e. death squads) should be included in THE FOURTH REICH, wouldn't you agree? ...or not?

So I have added the OWO to the WO to the NWO in my understanding.
I think I may have originated the designation OWO which stands for Old World Order. That and a dollar gets me a ride on a streetcar. ACTUALLY, I've already defined the OWO as the First Reich. So now it has two names.

To what extent does your new book include this Jesuit Black Pope running the White Pope running the Vatican Bank (Bank of Rome) running the Bank of England running the Fed/Bundesbank? etc ... as I just found it out yesterday.

ALSO, I just researched the Treaty of Verona, yesterday (actually about 36 hours ago) ... which was the OWO's agreement to stamp out representative government (democracy) and freedom of the press and to reinforce religion (the Pope) because he scared people into being robot followers. Here's the url.

ALSO in the (immediately) above url you'll see the picture of right-wing Christian extremist Joseph Schmitz.

Operating under his department shield - “Always Under The Protection Of The Almighty” - this Pentagon's Inspector general brought scandal after scandal to the almighty while overseeing military contractors for the Bush White House from 2000 to 2005.

At least 149 contracts totaling more than $42 billion were covered-up by Schmitz as corporations like Halliburton, KBR, Bechtel, Flour, CACA, Triple Canopy, Dyn Corp and Blackwater cashed in on the crushing of urban Iraq.

ALSO, a couple days ago I researched the Holy Roman Empire and discovered it's really kind of a fictitious business name for The Holy Roman Empire of Germany -- geographically and politically and financially speaking ... isn't that interesting? If you scroll backwards a while from you'll get to where I discover that the Holy Roman Empire was really nomenclature for Germany i.e. Germanies at that time, as all the princes were warring and expanding and contracting their empires w/ and w/o Austria and Prussia.

Therefore the Bank of Rome precedents several centuries ago in the middle ages supported Germanic and the Austrian-German empire which appears to be the foundation of the freikorps -- I think it was originally called the Fehme -- which the Nazis revived in 1921 when German military intelligence founded the Nazi party.

These were the death squads used after WWI, WWII, that trained the Contra death squads in the 1970s and 1980s.

I hope you can respond to my posts -- I image you're busily at work with Oliver Stone on his final cuts -- I've been working 20 hours a day and I live on social security ... whereas some people are luckier than I and get screenwriting dividends and book royalties ... your response would be very meaningful to me, since I don't enjoy the public recognition or support as you do.

On the other hand, that probably keeps me out of the crosshairs ... that's the saving grace of poverty, I suppose.

Although I still watch my 'p's and 'q's ... on the other hand, I have nothing to lose.

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:00 PM
Jim -- I guess you're not so active in this forum anymore, these days. Must be nice to have a few bucks ... I have 12 cents.

Anyway, in the event you do respond, here's my latest research on the relationship between the Fourth Reich, which places Barry Seal (contra drug runner replaced by Monzer al-Kassar when Seal tried to extort Vice President Bush) ... which places Barry Seal, David Ferrie, and Lee Harvey Oswald in the same Civil Air Patrol unit under command of David Ferrie.


the lead-up to this post begins at

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 12:02 PM
Jim, here are some of my current related posts -- do you have any comments about any of them? or questions? or observations? (if you use any of this research in any articles, interviews or revisions, please credit 'Counterterrorist at' -- thanks:

Obama (almost?) backed by Bush & Deutche Bank, Union Bank, Brown Bros Harriman, neo-Nazi's & Enron

neo-Nazi/NWO & Jewish links to Jonestown

Jonestown site linked to Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, I.G. Farben/Bormann -- 4th Reich/NWO companies

Bush & Bormann (4th Reich) linked to Jonestown thru Union Bank & to Obama

'Amerikabomber' -Hitler's plan to fly jets into NY skyscrapers re: al Qaeda/neo-Nazis/NWO/Bormann

Bormann conspiracy WTC/911 links Organization Der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen

Auschwitz = Oswieczim >Harriman >Krupp >Thyseen >Bush >2012

I think Halliburton, & Kelley, Brown & Root (Fed & BOE) did WTC, Iraq & Kennedy.

for neo-nazi holocaust deniers

Mohammed al Fayed -> Zapruder -> Suite 8F -> the Fed -> JFK

Barry Seal, Oliver North, Clinton, Ku Klux Klan, Monzer al Kassar & Mohammd Atta

Also, I've misplaced my Tri-Border area of South America urls at the moment.

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 02:21 AM
I would love to read The Rise of the Fourth Reich. I think my local library is owned by Nazis though. The selection of political books with any truth is quite slim. So I really don't expect to see it there anytime soon.

I will probably end up buying it even though I have a thing against buying books.

It sounds like a great read, though! I will probably have questions, as well, after I read it.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by counterterrorist

congrats on your new movie collaboration "W".

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by NovusOrdoMundi

You can order it through your library. Many have inter library loan programs through the county and state. I used to get weird looks when I would check out paranormal/crypto and other types of books. I didn't care what they thought, so I would ask them to order a book and they did. I found out one of the librarians agreed with me most of the time!

Edited to add:
I bought Mr Marrs book from Amazon. You can find some deals at many websites.

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