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Call it OOBE or Astral Projection, something is going on!

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:04 AM
I have posted about this type of phenomenon before. I know that typically it is ignored, which is why it bothers me to post today. But this is something I cannot avoid. This is something that will never leave me.

I have meditated heavily over the last year and there is a very obvious affect that occurs not when I meditate, but days after.

It starts with an extremely calm disposition. Its so random it is hard to say what mindset I am in.. But today.....

Today was something different. Typically, when I have these astral projections or OOBE's, whatever you want to call it, it happens once, and without warning. This time, I was given MANY chances at it.

I laid calmly, watching TV, and I decided to meditate a bit to help me calm down. I was visited by a violent, yet natural kind of shaking (or vibration) that I can't quite describe. Its like being shocked with 10,000 volts, except not painful. Every timeĀ I closed my eyes this would happen. And I was "removed" from myself, in a very slow way.

I felt myself move down and to the left. My backyard is down and to the left. Without opening my eyes, I feel my feet touch grass, and I open my eyes slowly. I can see the field behind the house slightly, but I can also see my room.. I am seeing 2 visions at once, it doesn't make sense. And it is like having 50% control over each.

So over the next hour I "float" in and out of my physical body. Every time I open my eyes, it ruins what I am seeing, unless I do it very carefully. My best image (and I did this well over 15 times over 2 hours), was when I was able to control myself enough to open my eyes and see perfectly what was in front of me. I saw every tree, every blade of grass, but I had little control over my direction. I was floating with some control, but mostly I was being dragged by something else.

Over the next hour, I dropped into different parts of my house, not for long at all, but I improved on my targets. It made no sense to me that I had trouble opening my eyes, it was like being blind. If I tried too hard to open my eyes, I would open my physical eyes and have to start over.

The whole time I could feel myself in my bed. It was like controlling another body altogether, and it was SO hard to actually control with any precision.

My question is, can I take more control over this state? Can I open my eyes and see what I need to see? Can I become totally aware of the scene without having to focus on the fact that I am still somewhere else? It seems the more I try to take control, the more this beautiful sensation eludes me.

God this is all insane, but since I started meditation, these things have started happening and they are just as real as me being at work or going for a run.

It would be great if someone could give me some life lessons. I am so confused and the more I try to control these things, the more they escape me.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 06:17 AM
It is nothing to be worried about. It might feel like growing insane, but just let that go. If you dislike being "out", just focus on snapping awake. You are on the buttons, no one else. If you keep that in mind, you will feel fine.

Maybe read some books on the subject. Like Robert Monroe's serie on the subject. It helped me. Remote viewing book of Lyn Buchanan is good, leveled and sane (the 7th sense).

I had this for a couple of years, also with meditation. When you are very busy it tends to dissappear (in my case). Now I need a lot of focus an dreamtime to get it back.

Maybe you already did, but try to find your steering point in your body. It is mostly located in you belly area, as far a I understand from most people doing this.

You are getting confused, I guess, because you are trying to get as much of control as you have in the material world, if you let that go, you will be more free. This type of experience has it own reference points. In the beginning I experienced everything as LIKE this world but shadowless emitting it's own energy. In the course of time, it changed more and more in just energy and thoughts and movement. Which gives me the feeling that all the imagery is more reference of the dimensions we live in day to day than anything belonging to that other state of awareness.

Happy travels!

[edit on 25-5-2008 by Pjotr]

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Good to hear your experiences.I also experience the same thing,the difference is that I can't see anything at all in my journey,only feel and hear.I could feel the walls of my hallway.Another thing is that my exit is not as smooth
as yours,how I wish it was.My main form of exiting is through sleep paralysis,that's when I slowly 'drop' under my bed and get up from there.Whenever I try opening my eyes,my full consciousness takes over.Hopefully it improves soon,I would like to see my surroundings besides feeling and hearing.

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