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Does the global elite really plan for a new world order?

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 11:51 PM
I believe that the global elite is not planning a new world order at all anymore. I think that the global elite is already trying to deceive us into letting them control us in other ways without a such thing like a New World Order. It should be obvious to anyone. The global elite control the news media. They control the way the USA and Europe is ran. With such a powerful global group stationed all across the world that already decides how events will turn out, who we go to war with, why would they need a new world order?

They can control us by other means necessary. They do it through corporations. The global elite does it by making us depend on certain things in society. They tell us as long as we'll be good we will still have the things we like.

I personally believe there will be no need for a new world order. The global elite is not planning for a New World Order. They already have so much information about how the human mind works, how society should be ran, how societies from the past collapsed, that they don't need a world government to control us, they can do it in other less obvious ways.

Don't you see my point? We've been led to believe that they would use a world government to deceive us. They are already controlling us and they've been hiding that there is a group of global elites who control the world from us all this time.

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