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Explanation on how the Illuminati operates in the UK

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Im hoping that I can add something here that has not been covered yet as I have came across many a thread that is asking questions rather than providing information on this topic.

This is quite a long story so I will try and keep it as short as possible, relevant to the subject but most importantly free of persuasion. After reading it you can make your own judgement call as to whether it is true or false and feel free to add any other information as I only know this goes on and I am not a member.

I used to be a salesman within the Financial Industry in the UK selling personal accident cover and life insurance mostly to self employed people due to the fact that their incomes are crippled if they are unable to work. It was a commission only job which had me relying on sales to make a living. After 6 months of working my butt off I was doing well and making good money but as it approached winter the market was going pretty quiet and I had a period of two months without an income which had me at a bit of a desperate stage when it came to money.
During this two months where I was not making any money whatsoever I had watched my manager take home more cash than I had in my 6 months previously.
By the third month I had decided to leave, I sat down with my manager and explained that I did not feel I could make it in the line of work etc.
I was given a card with a name and phone number on it and he said that I should meet the contact if I wanted to make a wealthy living like he did.
When curiosity got the better of me I decided to meet with this person who turned out to be a self employed financial advisor. I was told that he was part of a group that included a lawyer, stockbroker, politician, judge, insurance salesman, football agent, banker, mortgage advisor along with others in the group that I cannot specifically remember as it was a pretty long list but each had their own unique job role that provided a specific service.
The way that the group works as told to me is that for example, lets say a foreign footballer moved over to the UK. The football agent gives leads to the mortgage advisor who gets a sale from the house, the financial advisor gets leads for things such as life insurance etc, the stockbroker gets a new client etc, this is just an example as they deal with all walks of life from rich to poor but from all the money earned a cut of it goes to the person above the group who controls all of these mini groups throughout the UK.
This is how the illuminati operate on an entry level but if you look at the bigger picture with the people involved they can control the stock market, politics, housing markets etc by sharing it within the group. I was asked to join and told that the one risk is that if I speak out, refuse to pay my share of profits or disobey orders, I would be made an outcast from society meaning that I could not have a bank account, home, job etc. All new members take an oath of secrecy. But I was assured that as long as I kept it a secret I would have all the riches I desired and have the opportunity, after proving myself a valuable member, to work my way up the ranks
I never joined this as I want to be a self made success and that was the reason I gave and since then I have never had anymore involvement.

I hope that this sheds a little light even if it is just a pinpoint as sometimes I wonder if I made the right choices as I still struggle today to make a good living as do most I reckon.

Im hoping that this makes sense to people as it is happening on your doorstep and maybe other members of ATS have had a simlar experience or simply have something to add.

Feel free to comment.


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by XXXN3O

My cousin told me a similar thing. He started working as a mortgage advisor two years ago, pretty soon he had money coming out of his ass, had a top of the range car, BOUGHT a house, all this in a very short amount of time. He was living the life. At the peak of all this wealth, his manager came and asked him to join (his elite group)with the promise of more wealth. The manager told him about the ritual and iniation process that he himself took to enter it. My cousin is fully aware of the illumanati, and decided against joining it. Within months things started to change for the worse, he lost the car, lost his job, had to sell the house and live in a smaller house and now works as a car salesman for peugeot. We are very close and my cousin wouldnt lie about this, plus i saw with my own eyes his decline in wealth and success.
100% fact. Something is defiently going on in this world. As long as the illumanati are here, we will never be free. All as we know it is all a big games of chess. we are all but pawns, with many higher levels above us. All dispensible, and will die if it means them accomplishing their goals.
One more thing. Notice petrol prices rising more faster than my dick when it sees pussy!! Its cause petrol reserves are dwindling, The US and UK are in Iraq and have been since 2002 taking their oil. Once they've emptied Iraq they will leave and the country and the place will still be an unstable, corrupt pile of #. Ever wondered why we forgot about afghanistan and bin laden and moved to iraq so quickly, BIN LADEN is still out there but no one cares. The (official) reason we invaded iraq was to (free) the iraqi people, (find) weapons of mass destruction, and topple saddam. Well, the last one we acheived but as we all know there was no weapons of mass destruction found and i dont believe the iraqi people will ever be free. And i must say, Qudos on the timing of invading iraq, just months after 9/11, emotions are still high, people want revenge but get confused like i did. toppling saddam, executing him, making people believe that justice had been done. That the world's most evil tyrant had been eliminated. The USA is currently doing to BIN LADEN what i do with my debt, dont talk or think about it and hope it gets forgotten about. But even though he was an evil son of a bitch he had nothing to do with 9/11, so he's dead but bin laden is still alive, how does that one work? Do you really think america gives a toss about the iraqi people. With so much servicemen and servicewomen being injured or killed everyday in iraq do you really think that they would still be there. There has to be something over there which would make it worth america's while. Not to mention the billions of dollars and pounds spent on resources, intel and weaponry during the years. A few lives here and there aint gonna bother them if it means accomplishing their goals.There is so much corruption and injustice in places like asia and africa but what are the US doing about it ... nothing cause there is nothing there to benefit from those places. Dont be surprised if in 10 years time(if we are still alive) that petrol cars will be a luxury for only the filthy rich. And the rest of us would either have to take public transport or a drive vehicles with alternative propultion, hydrogen, electricity.... I have so much more to talk about, but i think this is the wrong thread. anyone who is on the same wavelength or has similar views please share your comments or start a new thread.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 07:41 PM
I appreciate the reply.

Its good to know that not everyone is in the dark.

I made a point of trying to find out if this group really existed when I was much younger and it worries me that they found me.

I feel that ive made my little pinpoint on this subject unless anyone else has something to add.

Im contemplating posting a much more in depth thread but I fear ill get roasted as I cannot explain the full depth of a topic as I do not have every single answer for it.

I admire the need for proof but I worry about the lack of understanding on ATS when proof just simply cannot be provided as it is not tangible in certain categories.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 07:56 PM
very interesting, sounds a lot like a networking group. Pay your dues, and share leads with only members. Except for the ritual initiation, or threats on your supposed security. My good friend owns his own business, and uses a network group to get more business, (im not a business person at all) learning of how it functions I can see how easy it would be for any group of people to form their own clandestine profit network, thinking about it, it would probably be pretty simple, basically because it would be a pact to not tell on each other for lying and scamming those not in the group.
You just gotta wonder, who exactly is getting screwed by these sorts of acts, is it the people as a whole, or are they screwing some government agency or some corporation? Ultimately, that would screw the economy, so really, its anyones fault for giving in to such a weak system that can be so easily manipulated by liars and thieves. IF we all were self sufficient, things would be...ahh screw it no one is that motivated...

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 08:05 PM
Its fairly simple like you say.

This video is important to give a simple explanation of the banking system
in our world, follow it from one to the end

Another major factor is that family cartels control a massive amount of that wealth through the exact methods described in these video's.

If you think about it, if i were to have 4 family members and we each had a 25 percent of our salaries paid into a family pot that was not to be touched unless in dire need.

Each member born of my family from each offspring took part in this.

Take that from a 1400's point of view and look how massive that family cartel would be these days, it would have more than 75 percent of the worlds wealth in it and not to mention each family of the families properties etc.

Its so simple to beat the system that all you have to have is commitment nothing else.

Blood truly is thicker than water springs to mind here.

The system is now tied up so that it is extremely difficult for one but not for many to beat.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:15 PM
A thought springs to mind...

I assume most of these elitists do operate in sercret circles and groups, but they are effectively using their inside knowledge to abuse the system to their power.

Life is a game to the elite, we are nothing but bothersome monkeys, working on the conveyor belts of life. We are minor cogs in their machine.
Their system can be re-routed independent of individuality, names matter not, as long as they have numbers... Their will always be an executive, a bank manager, a lawyer, a police officer, a judge, etc etc etc....

We are following a code. Unless that code changes, we will always fall foul of the temptations that are programmed in this imperfect system. We humans tend to only think along a certain code of time....

Reality is not an illusion, but it is highly manufactured.... We now have databases PREDICTING our movements. Their will be statistics of our activities, our shopping habits, our weekly income and expenditure, our lifestyles, our thoughts and dreams..... Because we are just numbers.
These statistics will be handed over to several departments, and diluted back out to use when the time is right....

We are programmed in the supermarkets and shops, with carefully placed merchandising techniques.... We have talk of aspartame and chem trails and increased media injected terror and so called terrorism.

We now hear our own leaders talking quite casually about ID cards and one world bank systems and pre-emptive wars.

It's the programming.*

The question is, are we monkeys? Are we robots? Are we numbers? Are we sheeple? Are we people? or are we a bunch of intelligent individuals suddenly coming to the realisation that our perspective of the world has suddenly taken a sudden step into Orwellian territory?

Think people.

Oh, and why do they call it a television program? Programming? Following the accepted code.... fashion, habits, drinking styles, drugs, specific music tastes, hot topics....

Anyway, rant over... *phew*

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:22 PM
I agree with you well said statement, we are in short becoming a collective species of brainwashed so called individuals who base our views on the way the elite want you to think.

On a totally basic level we sit on a Saturday night and think mmmm, i fancy something different to eat for example and we cant even choose something original for god sake.

Is it really crazy to think we are being conspired against?

I know ive cut it really short here but I agree with all you have said.

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by XXXN3O

Does anyone else have any thoughts or experience of this perhaps from different countries as I am trying to find a pattern painting the bigger picture here?

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:01 PM

I get the feeling that the economic situation that we are all experiencing at the moment is tantamount to a "heist",what with the nationisation of certain banks.

Maybe the PTB are trying to centralize as much cash as they can before they disappear underground and leave the rest of us to deal with whatevers coming.

Who knows!Maybe it's the drink talking...

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by scobro

Well its nice to hear from someone scottish like myself lol.

Drink lowers your inhibitions so if it werent for the drink you wouldnt have commented so no harm done....apart from the liver though lol

The reason I posted this was to make so called "ordinary" people see whats going on at the ground level so to speak.

Looking back I wish I had kicked the living daylights outta these guys as it was around 2000 that it went on and its 8 years later and look at it all now.

I guess you cant change your past but I know this still goes on and will go on as long as the system goes on.

Im also getting a """" of trouble for speaking about this just now as I opened my gob about this verbally but I still have friends who know my story and have high places so I hope that it gets sorted out at least in my country as its sick.

You might be right about centralising cash. I never have looked at the local or regional goals as such as im a big picture thinker either way I was still shocked when I actuallly got approached by the thing I was doubtful existed.

I was only a young gullible guy at the time, im still young but I dont think im so gullible anymore.

When I think back given my situation just now financially, I just got paid off due to the economic situation I wonder if I would have accepted this which makes me conflict with the type of person I am in a way.

I guess its going to boil down to a question of everyones moral values at the end of the day.

I got a job offer from a bailiff the other week which I rejected as well and it seems that every door I turn to just now to make money echoes my past.

I have my family screaming the door down telling me to make a living right now and the job offers are in conflict with my morals

Life is a rollercoaster to say the least.

I just hope I can hang on for the ride.

as they all said at the end of the 2nd world war "There is light at the end of the tunnel"

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:21 PM

Just wanted to ask a question.

Did you turn down the initial offer through fear or morals.

To many hard working people, this may sound like to good an offer to refuse!

By the way,don't worry about the liver,i am a very occasional drinker,but the old bladder is starting to play up a bit!

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by scobro

I asked a lot of questions and saw a bigger picture of corruption which made me refuse.

I was not afraid as they were'nt threatening in anyway apart from the fact that they said if I accept and speak of it they would strip me of my worldly goods along with the keep your mouth shut about this, credit rating etc. In short morals as fear is just a tool for another persons advantage. When its put that way I think that is why I was approached as I was on the verge of my home being repo'd which would seem like a fear but I stood firm and somehow I made it when at the time it seemed like it was inevitable. To give an idea after I rejected this offer my mortgage company had an inhibition on my property and were within a week of taking my house. I managed to overturn that at the 11th hour and m no longer in debt.

It is an offer that seemed good but I had a good father to say the least who taught me that if an offer is too good to refuse it may be just that. At the end of the day you are never free from these people as no matter how rich you might be you have it all to lose and more the longer you last.

I also have a partner who's father is a grand master in the masons who still denies groups like this exist as he told me they were wiped out in the times of the 2nd world war which just insults me as this is something I experienced. It makes me worry that if there are good people out there then they are blinded right now. I wonder if I am one of the few who speak of this and that would explain why I am getting hassle to say the least.

As for the liver, I guess you can buy them in Tesco so why bother lol

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by scobro

One pattern I have noticed is that this group will approach you if you are strong willed and in the field of financial services.

The masons prefer people who are tradesmen or someone with a use for the other members locally in short. I was offered to join the masons when I was younger as I was training to be an electrician at 16 that was before the company went bust. Hope it wasnt cause of my wages lol

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