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Questions about the Federal Reserve...

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 04:15 PM
Let me get started, and please correct me if I'm wrong on any of my statements. The "Fed" or Federal Reserve is a private institution that loans money to the government with an interest. This money goes to paying government employees, infrastructure, and of course war. I know that we as citizens can't buy stock in the Fed, and that the only way to gain stock in the Fed is by inheritance (am I correct on this). Federal income tax goes to pay the interest on the dollars loaned out to the government. I also know that we don't actually need to file our federal income tax. With this knowledge comes questions!

My questions:

1). How do regular banks (that we all use) tie into the equation? What is their role compared to the Fed? What is their relationship with the Fed?

2). Who owns these little banks? Rockefellers? Warburgs? Etc...?

3). Who owns stock in the Fed? Rockefellers? Warburgs? Etc...?

4). What was our central banking system before the Federal Reserve? What did we do before the Fed?

5). I don't understand why or how we don't need to file our Federal income tax, but why and how?

6). Is there anything else I should know about the Fed that commonly gets overlooked?

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 05:48 PM
1. Banks take the money deposited and go to the fed reserve and get 33 times the amount they bring. SO you get 100 dollars, go to the bank, they take that 100, go to the fed, get 33000 and then put your money back.

2. the little banks are just that, their owners are insignificant, and actually the faces and names on the papers are probably launderers for people with funny money.

3. THe fed reserve is actually owned and operated by a group of private bankers. Who they are is a mystery because nobody knows who the official bankers are. But you are probably correct in your assertation of who might be the names behind it.

4. Carl Warburg sold the fed reserve system to the US. At the time, Germany was just going into the whole hyperinflation because of war (sound familiar)and an eventual redetermining of their mark. The whole point is to make funds in foreign markets, and then sell the country by contracting. You can see that going on right now. Hyperinflation sells you down the river. Before our system was backed by gold and silver. The fed came in and then eliminated having our dollars backed by anything. By protecting the petro dollar we ensure that. Our dollars used to say backed by gold or something to that effect. Legal tender which it is called now is a fancy way of saying backed by anything, besides speculation.

5. One of the main reasons why the income tax is bs is simple. Taxes are included in everything we do, they just don't tell you. INCOME tax illegal because it deals with coroprations, but seeing as the language behind corporations defines them as a person, inversely we can be taxed. You aren't supposed to be taxexd on your income. The law that says so was never actually passed. The filing of taxes and signing a w2 or w4 and 1040 actually sign away your 5th ammendment rights. Even though you can't ever lose those really, that's their loophole. They scare people into it, but there is no law, so if you use that as an argument, they can't win really.

6. The fed isn't really a federal government agency, and it's based in Puerto Rico, not in the states. PR operates under different laws just like DC. And there is a supposed entrance to the inner earth off the coast of PR, and seeing as the bankers are tied to the Illuminati, that might be of some significance. Hope that answers some things...

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 05:48 PM
my bad on the dubb post...

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 06:20 PM
The federal reserve is owned by England.

there you go.

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 07:06 PM
Answers to your questions:

1) Regular banks tie in like this: They are backed up by the general health of the Fed banking industry... to keep confidence in the system. They also get money that comes from the regional banks, which comes from the fed itself. Using fractional reserve policies , if the Fed creates a billion dollars, the regional banks can create ten billion, so that the commercial banks can create 100 billion dollars in loans. All debt money, all with interest.

This process can work in reverse. All the fed has to do is call in a little bit and it will suck up a huge amount out of the economy.

So it's a pyramid scheme, with the economy at the control of one lever at the top. Each layer has its importance.

2) The little banks are owned by wealthy people and investors. They could be a guy you play golf with, or multinational banking empires owned by the superrich. It's not always easy to find out.

3) Stock in the Fed is owned by astronomically wealthy families who have been in this business for many generations.

4) There was no central banking system before the Fed. (Well, there were several that started and died, due to horrendous effects on the economy: massive debt, unemployment) Before the fed there were many banks of every size imaginable. Some created their own "bank notes". Depending on how trustworthy a bank was, you could put your money where you trusted it, into currencies that performed. Today, all our eggs are in one basket. Another analogy would be a ship with no bulkheads. If one area gets flooded, the whole ship can sink.

In other words, rather than banking being a free-market competitive industry, it is a monopoly with one currency which can be easily manipulated. People right now are talking about putting a lot of money into gold and silver, which is one of the last places you can try to put your stored value, because much of the other currency competition has been eliminated.

5) We've been told we must file income tax because somebody wants us to. It is an invasion of privacy, and the taxation itself is unconstitutional because it is an unapportioned and direct tax on individuals.

6) Know that money is created. Either the country of the US can print money and spend it into circulation (by paying government employees and government projects with it, and not requiring taxation of the public at all)...


The government can go to banks for the "money" that is created. (Whether the government creates the money or the banks create the money, someone has got to create those dollars we use.)

But when a government surrenders its right to create money to a bank which charges interest on it, the entire economy of a nation becomes guided. Rather than government funding what the people want, banks fund what the banks want.

And never forget all the interest banks charge on money that comes from computer entries or paper. They don't work for the money, the money they charge interest on comes from the imagination.

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:15 PM
not real sure how or what is really true in this movie, but it might give you some insight into the FED at the very least.

i know some here say this has been debunked, and some who still swear by it. but this movie really opened my eyes to look deeper then what we are spoon fed by the MSM.

it also talks about the insanely rich starting a rumor of depresion in i believe 1809?maybe 1908(not sure on the date) that made people goto the banks and take thier money out, causing these banks to go bankrupt, then trying to pass a law for the FED(which never passed).

if you havn't watched this before and you do please let me know your take on it. either here or in a u2u. thanks

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:49 PM
And let's not forget how much ATS bandwidth is already being used for this topic...

Try using the ATS Search button in your tool bar...Search ATS or Search Posts...Use keywords like, "Federal Reserve" & "Fed Res" & you'll be swamped by enough reading material (with supportive links) to last a few weeks...

Good Luck!

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:58 PM
Thank you guys for clearing some of that up for me. And yes, I did use the search function and did some reading but wasn't satisfied do to the fact that I couldn't find answers to all my questions. I feel this thread is valid as there wasn't a Federal Reserve thread currently running for me to post on and ask questions.

This also bring a few more questions:

1). Nobody can tell me who owns stock in the Federal Reserve? I'm not satisfied with the answer to this question. Its not public knowledge? Shouldn't we as the people be outraged and demand some answers? Why don't more people make a big deal out of this?

2). Since there were many small competetive banks before the Federal Reserve Act was passed who printed our dollar? The Government because it was backed by gold, right?

3). One of you mentioned that these little competitive banks before the Fed actually printed their own currency. I'm confused. There was other currency beside the dollar bill?

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