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Something I've thought over for years....

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 03:23 AM
I've been visiting this site for years, but never got to posting, so be gentle. I've done some work for a UK govt. agency in the past. My question, based upon some of my own observations, surrounds the whole area of conspiracies and govt related activity.

Many theories are based upon different govt.s knowing of alien existence etc... and govt.s are often credited with fantastic involvement with contacts and races. I am happy to think the advancement in the human race in some respects have been quite incredible over the last century. However, on the whole our govt.s at any level can be quite spectacularly poor in other areas. Have a look at some of the mistakes or just organisational blunders made by govt.s/military all over the World. Bearing that in mind what a wonderful somkescreen these conspiracy theories have caused.

If, yes, If something alien is visiting the planet, what IF the govt.s of the World have absolutely no involvement with them at all. They may well have tried, but failed spectacularly. The public at large are unaware of this, but credit govt. agencies with an aptitude they are not capable of achieving. What World politician is gonna admit, "We are just not as good as you all gave us credit for". Often in intelligence the the name of the game is to make people think you know more than you actually do. This is seen in every aspect of policing and military around the World.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 03:32 AM
Well, going along with your what if, I think the human race is soon not going to be on this planet without someone helping us out of this mess we have created.

But I dont think so. I think some governments like the US, Russia and China are in contact with them, and that the aliens are friendly. It seems logical to conclude that with all the UFO sightings and still no attack on a city despite their much more advanced technology.

Its just that people are still not ready for contact. Maybe after another 20 years of sci-fi shows we will be able to not think of aliens as something strange anymore.

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 04:30 AM
I think it's a valid theory when considering the gov't that is viewable by the public. But most theories are speaking of a shadow gov't that the viewable gov't is just pawns of. The puppet leaders that are paraded for the world to see are usually just dumbed down megalomaniacs, or simply useful idiots.

As far as military, I think that most are normal people with ideas of protecting the greater good. They unfortunately believe the propaganda and then themselves become puppets.

So on the surface it all appears as though the gov't is trying but are just too stupid to do anything right. And it's true at that level to an extent. They are kept out of the real loop to ensure secrecy of the deeper levels that control the planet.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 04:58 AM
It actually makes good sense in my ears. I'm just wondering why responses to sightings have been so different over time.
Some times they'll come forward and say, "yes, we did pick up something but can't account for it" and other times they'll just be denying it.

But yeah, the MoD might have been fairly honest when stating that they didn't care about these things when not posing a threat to national security. Nevertheless they did have all those files in their posession so they must have had a moderate interest in the subject, I mean who wouldn't.
Also, if we assume that aliens are friendly and benign atleast then we can also assume a fair amount of intellingence or empathy right? Just the fact that they are able to jump dimensional planes or travel near speed of light or create wormholes, denotes a significant amount of intelligence.
Therefore why would a race like that only offer their presence to a single country, or a few single countries? Especially if they have been around since the Mayans or even just the 1900s. They would by now have seen through the masks of various leaders and bad groups of greedy people AND acted accordingly. I really really doubt that a race superior to us would be swayed by kind words and smiles, or even be brainwashed. If anything they'd be the ones to brainwash us. And we just decided they were friendly so...

So I more or less follow your point of view. Hehe, lately our primeminister in Denmark has been making some pretty outright stupid explanations and comments that even a six-year-old would go "huh?" to.

However, this does not change the fact that we should keep the knowledge obtained and sightings reported on a public level.

What about the scenario that something did crash at some point, or was discovered in a digsite. Not necesarily Roswell... the thing was beyond repair but independed parts of it worked and could be back engineered.
The Roswell crash could have been a prototype of one of the parts from this discovery. But since noone really knew what they were dealing with at that time they failed.
Ofcourse they'd be more vigilant after that and tighten security. The mentality if that time must have been a state of perpetual fear and a wish not to suffer another Pearl Habour. Therefore the efforts into back engineering was minded at, not meeting with greys / greens, but maintaining an edge in primitive human warfare in order to respond with deadly effiency to any threats.
They simply couldn't get in touch with aliens... because the aliens didn't want to.

Aliens are aware though the problem created by our accidental discovery of their technology, and the reason for visits is to maintain a watchful eye on us so we don't lose ourselves in the quest for so-called peace, or "one mankind".

I'm just rambling now... but I enjoy letting go sometimes.

Interesting theory OP.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 07:08 AM

Originally posted by Copernicus
Well, going along with your what if, I think the human race is soon not going to be on this planet without someone helping us out of this mess we have created.
[edit on 24-5-2008 by Copernicus]

This mess you talk about is What? some '___' thought.
Help who? if I personally see something not off This world I will stand up,be nice and Not Wave My Arms around like some Migrant (I'm a animal guy talk better with animals) No feel contact,and Kill it at My discretion .
Really are you some Lame Duck that has no idea?
Help who Me? I'm alright,are you really saying that You will do what any ET will tell you?
Mate Brace ya self with your "come to me,help us all idea" will get either Them(ET) Killed all Worse US you do know who US is right.

Just my thoughts reality.

If we Vote our Gov in,than they should STAND UP in THEIR POSITION if not They Are USELESS To ALL.

[edit on 24/5/08 by Zelong]

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