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BTS Pirate Story!

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 10:49 PM
Eye you mutinous dogs line up an head me! I be Captain What U KNO on this here ship the BTS WorldWatcher, And I shall have discipline aboard my ship. A fine ship she be too. Nary a barnacle on her hull. WE set sail tonight!

Eye the sea is wrought with danger, Queen Asala of England surely will be on our trail so we must heed of course the pirate code. As to avert danger!

Eye you be my crew! And we be headed out on the open sea! Adventure awaits!

Who amongst ye be pirate enough to crew my ship? Ye be lad ar lass ye welcome aboard the BTS WorldWatcher, The finest ship in the Caribbean. And were headed for treasure!

So what’s your name sailor? Do you have the fortitude and will to serve under me as your captain even under pain of death? What say you?

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