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Can ATS win an Election?

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 12:12 PM
I am a Canadian citizen who is thinking of running in a Provincial/Municipal election. I have researched the tradional ways of securing funds to begin a campaign, but would now like to open the floor to ATS members to suggest any ideas they have thought about for their town/state/province/country.

To show that I have put some thought into this I will describe briefly some of programs I would like to work on.

1) Military Veteran Income Tax Amnesty:
A 5 year income tax grace period upon return from military theater.

2) Family Unit Program:
Make available a tax-credit/cash incentive, to move direct family(mother/father) under one roof. For Low-income/new-commer families.

3) Active Education Program:
Is a program designed to restructure school districts. To bring community back into elementary schools. The high gas price will soon affect students 'bussed in' form outside areas. Re-opening smaller community schools and leasing larger buildings to private sector, inturn re-establishing 'neighborhood schools' where children learn to how to a part of the community and not just the state.

All comments, critiques, or suggestions are welcome.



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