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In the year 2057...

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 11:47 AM
Greetings fellow ATS members! Last night I was extreamly bothered by this TV program that speaks of our future..

The year is 2057, and everything is under control!! I mean this is how they want us to live our lifes? Or your childrens lives.. This is the master plan of the New World Order. And now on TV they are putting this crap into our minds to make it seem nice or something..

This idea of a future is very scary to me. They want to keep track of everything, and I mean everything!!!!
However this show only protrays what a person with credits life would be like. They very much leave out the underworld this kind of future would create below the streets.

With a flip of a switch they can turn off everything you need to live.
Track you down within secs. And know everything about you almost instantly!
Those people who resist this New World Order will be forced to live underground, and forge for left overs of this new world.

I for one dont see this as any kind of postive future..
Even if Im alive in 2057, I will have no part in this kind of future..

I respect Michio Kaku and all.. But he is a puppet for this show trying to usher in the New world Order for us here in TV land..

Scary folks.. This is the kind of stuff we talk about happening everyday on ATS.. And now they are promoting this New World Order threw prediction TV shows like 2057.. Freakin scary!!

Am I the only person who sees this as a real problem?

I say NO THANKS! I dont want this to be our future.. This is total control!
This is the New World Order folks..

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 01:51 PM
50 years from now, The New World Order has in place this life set up for you, and your children. Which This new order will lead us into the Singularity.

Does this not make you the least bit interested in this thread?
I was bold enough to post some proof, and some substance to my thread.

50 years in the future is a far stretch to this too. They already want to chip you. They already want to control every part of our lives. Yet control is only one small piece to this great puzzle. I dont have the answers, but hope prehaps someone else here that is well versed upon the Singularity can shed some more light as to why we are headed in this direction.

I cant say if this will happen for sure.. But if they are making TV programs about this. Then you can bet your bottom dollar this future is on the drawing board.

Are there any of you who will stand up and say NO!! This is not the future I want to be a part of! And I for one am watching this to be one phase in the move twords the Singularity!

Or are most of you just waiting to jump on a thread that has no backing, and make big claims of doomsday, or some alien invasion?

Theres alot of evidence to be found about the Singularity, And The New World Order. Yes the NWO is talked about so much on here.. But honestly you can never talk to much about those who will be our ulitmate masters.
NO one can make me shut my mouth.. Its why we are here, to ask questions and bring forth information!
Remember Deny ignorance?

Edit- Edit post to make myself seem a little more down to earth here..
Sorry If at first I seemed pissy..
I could care less about points.. Im just here for a good debate, and to express my feelings about the World..

NWO or not.. someone will be running the show.. Any ideas to what or whom these people or beings might be?
If not the New World Order.. Then who?

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 01:58 PM
You want to know something, this NWO is starting to become a tad annoying. So what 50 years from now? I live now and i can die screw the Ziegtists and etc. cause frankly my life (and i guess everyone who didn't post also) is more important than some NWO conspiracy...thank you and come again!

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 06:56 PM
Hmmm.. Okay thanks for your input then.. But your missing my point.
And I mean it totally went over your head.. However I expected no less from the average Joe, who goes about his days and has no cares for his or his childrens future.
To many dumbed down Americans are befouled by our water, and befouled by that damn tube you have sitting in your house telling you what to say, and how to think..

This thread is not solely about the NWO. But where this New World will lead us as people.

Im talking about the Singularity! Yes 50 years from now the Singularity could very well be the path of the New World Order.

I know most of you are either fed up, or heard enough about NWO.. But in all honesty, you can not make me faulter, nor will you throw me off track in my research. If you want to be kind and help thats great.

If you just want to make a smart mark commet, then dont bother thanks.
Im trying to get to the base roots here.. WE can do this together, or you can try to bait me by saying how this or that you are, and not deal with the real issue at hand..

Here are a couple videos to help you understand further where this leads us. And just why we are heading this way.
ITs more than just control.. Control is only one part of the whole picture.
There are many many dimensions to this shape. And it transends our 3rd dimension parameters.

So with ending this post, I should have been more clear in my OP that this thread is about NWO leading us to the Singularity.
I was hoping someone would jump in and say yes I see where this is heading. ( I know we have some really smart members here who know whats going on.. Once you start to learn the truth you see more and more lies, all around us.)
The New World Order is just one phase to bring forth the Singularity..

I just hope more of us can work together on finding answers.. Presay just comming in here to make some comment to try to hurt my feelings, or try to in a round about way tell me to shut my mouth.

Im not an easy one to shut up once I get going on this stuff.. Its my passion! And the future IMO we are not ready.
We will need to consult the crystal Skulls for more information..
Yes thats right the Crystal Skulls.. Seems its big news now that the new movie is out.. Indy Jones and the Crystal Skull.. Yep.. Its starting to be injected into the hive mind.. Will you be ready to open your eyes to the next step? Its not going to be easy.. And many of us will resist..
Some of us will go along with this.. Others will mock and make fun of those like me who try their very best to open your eyes, and open your mind.
But Im not going to shout, jump up and down.. It will come sooner or later. With or without me.. Im just here to pass this along.
No need for replies.. Just take what you need and leave the rest..

I do not claim 100% truth.. I have only claimed I seek the truth, in its many forms.

[edit on 24-5-2008 by zysin5]

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:19 PM
listen i understand your point and you are right...but in the long run we can do anything about it but sit around and wait for it...perhaps if a NWO does happen, lets just pray there will be a true type of leader around. now how do u input that?

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:29 PM
First of all zysin calm down. If your thread doesn't get replies it's not usually a good idea to bump it with a post criticizing which threads people choose to post in. Obviously you think this topic and your argument is important otherwise you wouldn't have made this thread, but others may not for their own reasons and beliefs. Furthermore your tone implies to me that you are just looking for people to agree with you on this rather than debate your point, not everyone believes in a NWO to start with for example.

Now onto you're topic, thanks for posting the first video, I'm always interested in stuff to do with future predictions which aren't all doomsday (yes I get a bit fed up of every prediction being a doomsday one too, but I guess that's just a popular topic) and I hadn't seen that video yet.

The greatest concern you seem to have over this is to do with privacy, specifically it will be possible to monitor more aspects of your life. This isn't only a concern for the future though, an individuals privacy and how they are monitored has been a topic of concern in the past and present as well, but I think it is important to point out that often organizations and the government do this for the safety and security of a nation and its people, it's communities.

Now I'm certainly not discounting the potential for abuse, and indeed even nowadays I think it would be naive not to recognize how people in power can and will abuse it, but this is nothing new, and it doesn't take a shadowy group of elite with the intentions of creating a NWO to do this.

For example, Passports are both a past and modern day method of tracking a persons movements across the globe. Whilst like anything this information can be abused, it is done for the security of others, keeping enemies of a nation and those who wish to cause harm out for example, and while the system is not flawless it is done for good intentions and if anything the flaws of the system only highlight the necessity to update the system to make use of new technologies and prevent ways to bypass the system.

Ultimately I think that is what is trying to be put across in these video's. That people will find ways around systems designed to protect your security and well being, and the only way to prevent this is to update your system in conjunction with new technology in order to make it harder for that to happen. The need to do this is an unfortunate effect of the dangerous times we live in.

I feel the need to point out that the second video doesn't really ignore the dangers of more things being monitored, such as the case with the man with no health insurance. Typically the whole thing was given a positive ending in a hollywood sort of way and the man was able to be saved, but then you could argue he should have had the insurance to begin with. How about your toilet monitoring your alcohol content? Annoying yes, particularly for those who feel the need to drink and drive, but at the same time such a monitoring system could also help save lives by preventing accidents due to drink driving.

I'll wrap this up by saying I understand your concern and I can assure you that even those who reject the existence of a NWO are concerned, we all are, but as the needs for fuel and other resources we have rely on intensify as we make a transition from a Type 0 to Type 1 civilization, such monitoring may be necessary for security of individuals to protect against against those who do not wish for transition. The point that Michio Kaku is trying to make I think is that this transition will be necessary if we wish to survive, else the we will most likely end up destroying fighting over whatever scraps of fuel are left. This becomes all the more daunting when you consider the sheer destruction potential of modern day weaponry and warfare.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:35 PM

Originally posted by adkchamp
...perhaps if a NWO does happen, lets just pray there will be a true type of leader around. now how do u input that?

The NWO is already happening.. And has been for some time. Atleast the way I see it.. Thats just me, and how I feel, I will not try to impose my feelings upon others, I welcome debate..
I do not pray, I only read and try my best to live a good life.. I work my job, and try to have a good time in my life..
Sure there is no one man who can save the world. But together, and with the hive mind, we can prepare ourselfs for this, and be wise enough to know how to handle such things.
But bottom line, I do not have those answers.. Thats why I am here..
To work on uploading this information to further help me find an answer.

Our leaders are misleaders, and until that day that we do find a person that will "lead" us.. We are stuck with what we have..
And yes I know.. its best to live your life and have a good time while you are here.. But for me personally its damn good to know what I know in my heart.. I dont feel as helpless with this information at hand.

I may never find the answers in my lifetime.. But the internet will be here long after Im dead.. and thus this thread will be somewhere in cyber space. Prehaps many years from now someone will come across something either you or I posted, and will help them find an answer to what they seek.

My idea about the future is that the New Order, is going to shut us off from nature. And make us so dependant upon them to just live.
That it will create a whole new type of human being.
The next step in our lives.. Being interfaced with computers.
Hence computers will be a part of the hive mind.
This will take us back to how we started.. I wish I had that answer too. But its only guess work on my part.

I just dont know.. I keep getting an error message in my mind..
Critical Error.. Must reboot

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by Rmar64

Thanks Rmar64 for that insight.. And yes I took about an hour to cool off, and not try to come off like I was to mad.. I was just honestly frustrated..
Being as passionate guy as I am.. I feel like no one is listening..
But that passes, and I thank you for your thoughts and ideas into all this.
After listening to guys like Alex Jones jumping up and down on his bullhorn sometimes that gets me riled up.. And you are right.. Thats no way to get people attention.. However I do respect and have a great desire for debate.. Its key to finding out more than just what one person knows.. IF we all would agree, then nothing else could be gained other than boosting ones ego..

I will now sit back and see where this goes.. Agin sorry If I gave off an angry attitude.. I was simply flustered
As in this world its easy to do when you have all this stuff going on. I feel its my job here on this earth to share what I know. But then agin, I hate to come off sounding like I know more than the next guy. Honestly I dont.. And I am humbe enough to try to express that..

This future show was just simply scary to me. And made me feel like the box they have me in is getting shut tighter..
NWO or not.. There will be somone who runs the show..

Thus I can ask you guys.. IF its not the NWO to impose this upon our world. Then who is in charge? Insurance companies? Corps? OR AI?
Maybe even prehaps Aliens.. I am open for any other ideas.

[edit on 24-5-2008 by zysin5]

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 08:55 PM
I understand your point, and I have to say it distresses me also. I just turned 50, and while I don't expect to be around 50 years from now, I think it matters, your thread. I think we have to shift our paradigms to look at what progressions or patterns lead to such a dismal future. I, for one, think that the future that is shaped by the variables outlined in your youtubes is not "life" at all, at least within context of what I think is fulfilling, positive, helpful or even useful to the survival of our species. Perhaps, as some have suggested, we as the human species have had our moment of global domination, and our flash-in-the-pan is set to extinguish. I personally don't believe that, however I think an extropolation of our current patterns suggests a horrific future for us and our childen. I hear a lot about how we are wrecking the planet, even "destroying" it. I think we ruin everything we touch, and we are ALL contributory to that ruination to some degree or another. BUT! I think the world will survive us. She's a tough ol' girl. I'd like to see more protest to this robotic bar-coded, chipped, programmed future for humanity. I think we have to lay the foundation for our outrage right NOW< and come up with solutions in accord with our despair.

Me or mine will not be chipped. I don't think it's on the immediate horizon, but I'd rather live in a stone-age existance than under the yoke of a Big Brother government. I'd rather die fighting it, that suffer it. I fought for my country. I've earned that right, IMO. We, the people, are the majority. Your governments...... they are the minority. We have to learn how to say no without getting killed or imprisoned doing it.

Thanks for this thread. Good stuff ;o)

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 09:02 PM
p.s. I don't think your anger is displaced. It IS a frustrating scenario, inasmuch as it is a hypothetical future. Perhaps we as a species will shift into a mindset that makes our current views seem primative and conflictive.

I think it's important to use fear as a tool, as I believe it was intended. Fear tells you things -- alerts you to threatening situations. Anger is a tool too, but perhaps more tenuous to utilize.

Again, thanks for the food for thought.


posted on May, 26 2008 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by argentus

I think it's important to use fear as a tool, as I believe it was intended. Fear tells you things -- alerts you to threatening situations. Anger is a tool too, but perhaps more tenuous to utilize.

I agree.. And I think these kinds of programs are used as tools by those who are in control.
I also understand that this not the future 100% But an idea of where our technology is heading.
But hints and clues are always dropped for us along the way. ITs up to us to connect the dots and find out what is going to happen before it ends up going down.

Much after 911, I have always kept my ears open to any kind of problems.
Before 911 I didnt pay attention to all the signs, and the clues that where all over the place.
Before that time, I didnt connect the dots.

To me, this whole thread is about connecting dots, and just safter to say this is how it might be, than to blow it off completely.

ITs good food for thought, and Im glad it got you thinking.
Thats all this is for.. Just to think about and to say hey.. Prehaps they are dropping hints to us to connect the dots on our own.

They dont expect the average person to really put it all together. They are to busy watching American Idol or sunday Football..
Which nothing wrong with Football or anything, but you know what I mean.

Sooner or later the computers will be doing the thinking for us.. Because our past will show human beings, are easy to control. and will buy into just about anything.. Including my silly thread.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 04:44 AM
I Am Scared About The Future Because They Control You

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