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A bunch of resources

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 04:35 AM
Kia Ora, I hope im posting this in the right place .

Here is a whole bunch of sites I have collected in 1 archive over a period of time,

Links 2my Links!

Im sure many
of them will be familiar to alot of members, but I think you may still find the odd surprising tidbit. There are also many not related to general ATS topics but that still may be of some interest to members. The archive is searchable by my loosely defined topics,- probably not the most well organised-but hay thats me ! lol

hope some are things you may not have come across B4

recently alot have come from stuff found here but alot of the older stuff is things I have dug up, hope people find them of interest.

Peace and Light

Neopythagorean / Peter345

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