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A Brutal Awakening

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 11:46 PM
ok, so a quick story i wrote when i was bored in class, took me like 20 minutes.
let me know your input,Raug' Moss and Drefan Rahl are names i threw in cause they fit, they both belong to Terry Goodkind.

The year is 1995, our story today takes place in a small snowy village buried deep in the northern regions of Canada, where a sect of healers has it's head priest and a few select others to train and prepare their healers. the Raug' Moss, known worldwide as the best healers around. their mastery of herbs and their many uses is merely the most basic form of their healing abilities.Today though one young priest will find out he is to be the recipient of a very special spirit, one meant to help him be the most successful healer ever.

The Raug' Moss have three main ways to heal people who come seeking their aide. The first and most widely used is the concoction of tinctures to help with small fevers and many other illnesses caused by herbs or poisons.the second form in which they heal people with, is the manipulation of the aura's that co-ordinate the body. sometimes an illness or poison can have an effect that causes brain signals to become confused and hay wired, the aura's can help to aide this malady fairly easy, but sometimes the confusion is too much for the aura's alone to handle. in this case a properly trained Raug' Moss can use his one aura to aid the struggling aura to put things back together right.
the third way to heal is for drastic measures only, and is usually used in conjunction with herbs and aura treatments. this form of healing calls on the aid of a water or wind spirit infused within the Raug' Moss's body and uses it to channel a persons pain and suffering into themselves and after neutralizing the pain they can begin the complicated process of healing almost any wound you could think of. the more serious the wound though, the more danger the Raug' Moss is in of dying himself. that being said the Raug' Moss high priest and 4 of his best healers were in a deep conversation discussing this very issue. this is where our story begins.

Drefan Rahl sat at the head of a long wooden table listening to his healers discuss the issue of so many dead priests, none mis-using their abilities but merely over-estimating their abilities.He himself had an idea to try and help give these priests a boost in their ability but it was very very risky, was contemplating how to work a fusion of both type of spirits into one healer when the door burst open and a young girl that could have been no more than 15 years old stumbled in "please help" she mumbled barely coherent.
he knew just from the muscle contractions happening all over her body she was in labor, her belly occasionally flexing in a rough fashion. he was by her side quickly, and before the other priests knew what to think they were having orders yelled at them. two ran off to gather the supplies for an emergency birthing while the other two helped Drefan move the young girl to the table. the two other Raug' Moss quickly returned with all the supplies needed and settled in for what would be the most influential labor of their lifetime.

Many hours later in the early hours of the morning a cry burst forth from the meeting house where a new-born life had come into the world.
"His name. . .is to be Sekkai. . . Sekkai Shiryou." the young girls last words were before she fell lifeless into the arms of the head priest.
Drefan gently collected the new life in his arms, the boy had the most brilliant blonde hair. Drefan set a determined look upon his face. "i'm taking this boy." he said to his chief adviser and fellow Raug' Moss."And i'm going to turn him into the most successful Raug' Moss healer ever to live since the times of Alric." he said as he turned around and stepped into his room to bath the newborn child and settle it in for the night.

5 years later
"Sekkai!!!! you musn't be out at this time! the storm is far too cold for you to be out in!! you can't fall ill today of all days!!!" screamed the head priests chief advisor as he chased after a 5 year old Sekkai, through one of the most brutally cold snowstorms to hit the land since that one that night so many years ago. "HA! Fat chance old man! I love this kind of weather! And you know I don't get sick nearly as easily as you old farts do!" the young Sekkai said over his shoulder as he continued to run at a steady pace towards his home. he soon arrived and dashed inside slamming the door shut in the very red face of the portly advisor. Sekkai turned around and was about to run into his room when he ran head-first into his father. Drefan Rahl, High Priest of the Raug' Moss a giant of a man standing well over six feet tall greatly muscled, Drefan Was a Rahl that was easy enough to see in his features. bright blonde hair, Deep blue eyes that had a sort of Raptor gaze that made it seem as though he was looking right into your very soul. Drefan stood there with a stern look upon his face as he appraised his son." Sekkai, what were you doing out in the storm? Today is one of the most important days for you! we can't afford to have you become ill and disrupt the passage of the spirits into your body." Drefan softened his features though and kneeled down to be eye level with his son." Did you at least give alexander a bit of a work-out?" he said as a grin broke out onto his face."Of course! that fat old man can't keep up with me!" Sekkai said with a big cheesy grin on his face as he looked up at his dad, who reached his hand over and mussed his son's hair."Well Sekkai we still need you to be ready for the ceremony tonight, so go make sure your ready." Sekkai nodded once and dashed off towards his room, but stopped with his hand on the door as his father's booming voice made him look back." And Sekkai, son, just know i couldn't be more proud of you, just five years old and already obtaining your spirit. I was near to 20 when i obtained mine, your all i could have asked for and more." Sekkai nodded once and disappeared into his room, preparing for the ceremony that would make him a full fledged Raug' Moss, Finally he could help with the more serious operations, help people with his spirit!

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 11:47 PM
Part two.

The room was packed. the entire northern region of Raug' Moss were in attendance. they were there for two reasons, the first and most important was to help safely channel the two wild spirits together and into the young childs body. the second was of course to see the child prodigy who would undoubtedly come to be High priest as soon as his father retired.
The room went silent as Drefan stepped up onto the platform in the middle of the room." Fellow Raug' Moss! i have asked you all here today to help with a very promising experiment! as you all know my son Sekkai is of the ability to obtain his Spirit and become a full fledged Raug' Moss." Applause erupted throughout the building as everyone acknowledged the young boy standing proudly next to his father. the room fell silent as Drefan raised a hand in the air."And as you all know were here to help with this endeavor, here to help young Sekkai obtain what will help make him an even more remarkable healer than he is now. we are here to help give him not one, but two spirits.And nor are we giving him two of the same spirit but both a wind AND water spirit." Drefan sat and watched as many faces in the building were wide-eyed and shocked to hear this news. this was unheard of! most had no idea how they would even accomplish such a thing!"Now as i'm sure many of you are wondering how your to help with this. it's very simple you are to help channel your spirits energy into the spirit opposite of yours, so if you have a wind spirits merely channel your energies into the water spirit, and vice-versa." he said as he motioned to the ancient glass jars swirling with energy."Now, if we are all settled and ready for this, we are to start. Sekkai! go and stand in the middle of the platform, inbetween the two spirits." Sekkai nodded and stood inbetween the jars of swirling energy."Now my priests! begin channeling your energy! i shall be the medium for which to channel the two spirits into my son." Soon after two different chants began to echo around the building.
the two glass jars began glowing brightly and the energies within swirling violently as they built up power from the priests in the building. Drefan walked forward and grabbed the lids of both jars, he threw them aside as he dove his hands into the jars. using an ancient chant passed down to only the high priests Drefan began pushing the spirits into his sons body.The spirits entered his body and he fell to the ground, he quickly pushed himself up though and leaned down on his knees. . .

Drefan knew something was wrong the moment the temperature in the room dropped well freezing. Drefan whipped around when he heard one of the older priests coughing madly, Raug' Moss don't cough like that. Drefan watched as the priest began taking shallow breaths, he took notice that everyone else's breaths were visible from the temperature, the older priests breaths weren't.
Drefan watched in horror as the older mans body began losing color until it became a sickly blue color. He let out one humid breath that froze in the air before him.
All hell broke loose there was blood spraying everywhere as large icicles fell from the ceiling where there were none before. the fires all went out. but you could still see because of an eerie light that was radiating around the room. Drefan turned back towards Sekkai, who was crying gently his tears coming out as frozen spheres as ice started to form around him as his crying got louder and louder until he shot his arms out in a roar of cry as ice flew around skewering the various priests who had survived the eerie light.
Sekkai stood up, his hair had turned a ghastly light blue and his eyes, his eyes were completely different from the kind curious eyes his father had always known, they were cold and hard. "So, your the priest who created me. . . it seems my host happens to love you very much and doesn't want me to kill you, i can't go against those wishes. so i bid you farewell" said the ice spirit as it faded away an Sekkai fell to his fathers feet sobbing into his robes."Father. . . Father please don't hate me. please. . ." he finally managed to say inbetween the sobs."Please don't hate me for killing them." Drefan was shocked but bent down and took his sons face in his hands."Son. . . it wasn't you.It was that spirit i created that did this. . ." Sekkai interrupted him with a cry."NO!You don't get it! the pain. . . from the ritual, it made me want to hurt them back!!! I only fed the anger of the spirit. . . please father. . .kill me now. don't let me do it again please. . ." Sekkai broke down and began rocking himself on the floor.
Drefan knew his son was right, he had just killed countless Raug' Moss of which would take centuries to replace, a crime for which death could be the only penalty, son or not a crime is a crime.Drefan reached behind his back and pulled out a long thin knife, white in color with a small blue sphere on the end of the handle. he was about to strike it into his sons heart to grant him a quick death when a bone-chilling voice reached his ears.I don't think so. Said the spirits it lurched it's hand forward and shot it right through Sekkai's fathers throat. the spirit stood his hosts body up and walked towards the door, looking back he smirked at the bloodshed.

Days later Sekkai was brought in by a small farming family that had found him out in the middle of a snowdrift. From that day forward Sekkai never got close to anyone ever again, for he feared the spirit would find out and slaughter them like he did everyone else.


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