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if the current war really affects gas prices, then we should have never started war...

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 09:41 PM
First off, I didn't know if this should be put in "Peak Oil," "War On Terrorism" or this forum (and so, as you can see, I decided on this one). Anyway, today, I just found out that, as gas, for me at least, is about $4.29 a gallon, I am now somehow able to spend $50 (I think it even went over a bit) on gas, even though my tank was a quarter of a way full. Please note that I don't even drive an SUV or anything crazy like that. I was fine with gas prices up until today
. But, this is not a mere price of gas rant thread, as I have a point: I really might believe that the US should not have started a war if the current war has really raised the gas prices. Do any agree? OK so maybe this sounds horrible, but I love this way of thinking. Why should we suffer for some war that doesn't concern us (or the average American)? I don't worry of terrorists attacking, do you? Alright, fine, maybe Afghanistan was a justified invasion (if the events surrounding 9/11 was not a conspiracy at all), but what about Iraq? If the invasion of Iraq has caused the raise in gas prices, then I am all against this part of the war
. I hope everything in the future is better, as I plan on getting a car soon
. Let's talk about this topic!

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 02:20 AM
No comments? Come on, let's talk people!

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:14 AM
Think of your reasoning here...

Given the initial "explanation" for the Iraqi invasion; WMD. The regime posed a direct threat to the United States.
Now, that's long ago been proven to be a load of crap, but you're reasoning that even though Iraq did "have" WMD, that we shouldn't have invaded...because it would raise gas prices.

You're also reasoning that dispite the fact we're occupying a sovereign nation, despite the fact we've destabilized Iraq, and the middle-east region to an extent, despite the fact that our soldiers are dying, despite the fact that innocent Iraqi's are dying, despite the fact that this "war" is sucking the US economy dry...

We shouldn't have done it because YOU are paying more for gas?

I'm not in favor of this war at all, ever. The intelligence was flawed. The strategy was and is flawed. I don't condone being the world's policeman, it's gotten us in big trouble this time...

But if you're going to pick a reason to oppose the war, please pull your head out of your crack and come up with a better reason.


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