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Wanted dead or alive

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:16 PM
1. Once a spirit is created it gets you to live immortally.

2. Once a soul is formed it gets you to die mortally.

^^The two work hand in hand, do they not?

You have you losing your body while you have you gaining your body.

^^This is "being" which is the life. ^^And it's also both what is being done in rates to extent. You may some day seem to reach the point where certian of the you of you shall gain no more for its current body. Then, the human body becomes dead on you and you no longer die as it nor do you any longer gain as it.

The body is the soul and is the spirit involved in a balancing act to preseve a fair life-being state. If you could lose the soul aspect while human, you'd be immortal with just the spirit aspect. Though this can not be for an unseen reason in the grand sceme of things. Prolly because each time you would eat something you would keep getting larger.

If you lose the spirit aspect while human, you'd be most mortal and die once. You wont keep dieing because there is no spirit to continually feed the soul. Thus spirit is the birther, soul is the killer. Both consume. The soul just consumes the spirit while the spirit consumes food from elsewhere in sources provided by the planet.

"You" without a soul and without a spirit simply "be" as a remain and a permanence without the "ing".

I have yet to know whether "you" were created or always there in a suspended, frozen-like state that could be activated. I do know that "you" are a remain and a permanence though only. Meaning, whether or not "you"'ve been created, "you" won't be destroyed (deleted). If the wont is not because cant, then you are all to be saved for ever. However, if the wont is because cant, then you are all not as though saved because there is nothing to be saved from.

"You", since "you" were first given a soul and spirit not by choice/preferrence, might second recieve life more abundant by choice/preference. It could happen for you somewhere else and happen for you as somebody else under the same or different preserve aspect in the order. I dont know about you, but I would like to recieve a life preserving in a preferred age range aspect I may willingly select from at any time I'd like. Etc. Such could be for me in store. You never know, but I expect to recieve life beyond this life which may creep up on me rather than me having to experience the unconsciousness of human death.

Any questions or comments?

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 07:57 PM
The life's motto is this:

Live to die right and die to live right.

^^Life has gotten you doing that all at the same time, wouldnt you agree in experience that you live and die daily as a human being?

Living and dieing keeps you animated from to simply be lie.

After you're "be" got introduced to life, which is to be looked at as Choices and Ideas that may materialize, you may then become as a Creator among Creaters and create more in abunbance all to you and all for you. Then life has no sting. It'll be that then your former life had a nasty sting to it that you had to put up with until you began YOUR chosen/preferred life.

There is your spiritual human body and there are your spiritual human actions. Both can be murdered by murderers such as thieves and robbers and extortioners. Though once you are a Creator that spiritual murdering is defeated and gone away as you'd prefer.

"Be" had to get murdered so that you could experence both the soul and the spirit in basic till your debut as a Creator. Could you go back to "be" in lie as in become a liar? It's up to you alone, but those who will recieve punishment because they are the devil wont have that option to have gone from lie to life then to liar. If you would become a liar I suppose you'd have a timer set based on your own time concept and measurement so that ultimately you'd get to go in and out of lie and life.

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 09:48 PM
err, I really don't get it other then the soul and spirit parts




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