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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:12 PM
One of the greatest arts in China used as far back as at least the 1600s

True practitioners of this art can kill a person, garunteed. The strikes will indeed damage the insides and the person will die, the takedowns will break a persons spine, it works. It is what it is, and does what it's designed to do. It's based on 10 different animals' ways of fighting, the double palmed bear palm strike would destroy your heart and internal organs. It is hard to comprehend just how much force is coming down with the double bear palm. It kills people. A xinyiluihequan fighter cannot be moved backwards at all, no matter the size or strength difference. Just kill the opponent, strike from any direction not just forwards. You have 7 attacks for one of the opponents attacks. Whole body hitting, whole arms, elbows up down and all directions, shoulders, hips, leg attacks, takedowns, backbreaking takedowns, hardcore headbutt and whole head attacks, one legged standing. I like how the head is used in Xinyiluihequan! The whole body becomes one connected unit, so the whole body is a weapon. Even an elbow is not just the mechanical force of the swing of the elbow, but the whole body structure coming froward as a unit. No one could escape it, or circle around or counter strike. Hardly anyone outside China has this art or these skills, and it is not taught openly to just anyone or someone who hasn't proven themselves to be of high character. You won't see classes in this style in "advertisements" or being advertised to the public. A true practitioner of this art is "uncorruptable", doesn't hurt people other than for real self defense, and doesn't behave wrongly or poorly in their personal lives. You might think, oh yeah, i do that martial arts stuff too, i do kicking, punching, locking, throwing. I can throw combos. Well, no, you don't have this though. This is attack from all directions, up, down, left right, high, low, diagonal, behind. 7 attacks in the time the opponent can do 1 or 2. Xinyi can't lose. You can throw maye a 3 hit combo in a couple seconds, you can't throw 7 attacks at once though, only this art can.

Video of some Xinyiluihequan martial arts. The first man on this video who performs the upwards and downwards elbow as well as arm striking, shoulder striking, kicking, and stomping leg striking is 73 year old Li Zhensi. Next is a woman perfoming bear palm, and after that demonstrating is a Beijing fighting and sparring caoch who is experienced in streetfighting. People who tried to pull guns on xinyiluihequan fighters ended up dead from strikes You can see the double bear palm would kill someone as well as elbow strikes and headbutts. The downward double handed chopping takedown at the 2:23-2:24 mark of the video breaks the opponents spine. This is why xinyiluihequan is known as "the cruelest martial art"

Child practicing xinyi luihe

XinYi LiuHe in Zhoukou, China



Form videos

More clips, 2 person practice

Some basic applications

Sledge hammer! Ugh

Lol Xinyi toss people

Also it uses the 3 sectional staff, a very dangerous weapon

Here is a video which shows the hooked swords, which were originally designed to hook the legs of horses

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:12 PM

Xinyi is a very interesting art. Some say it was created by the famous Chinese general Yue Fei. Some research indicates it was practiced by the gaurds and gaurdians at the Buddhist Shaolin temple. It also was secretly known in Muslim communities. It's based on 10 animal ways of fighting.


It also was practiced secrectly in Muslim Communities in the past

Shaolin Xinyiba Routine

Information about Shaolin xinyiba


Out of xinyiquan(heart/intention fighting), developed a new art called xingyiquan(shape and body structure/intentio fighting). It is generally not as effective or as high level as the older xinyiquan.

Squatting Monkey came to be added to the training

Based on 10 animals

And Xingyiquan

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:01 PM
It's also one of the easiest to learn. It is composed of five simple motions, all the moves after those are variations of the five mixed. The reason it's broken down into the five main motions is because thats all the body can perform and defend against. The five motions are classed using the five elements of chinese origin, they are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and finally wood. The work based off of the production and drestruction and the relationships of the elements(or motions in the martial case).

To say that a practitioner of the style is doing 7 attacks at once is misleading. It's really one motion that does multiple things. If someone punches at you, instead of blocking(wasted motion) you focus on destroying what comes at you in a methodical manner. Instead of the block, you would use the metal element( a chopping motion) which clears the strike as well as gives you leverage to snap the elbow, and shoulder. At the same time you are also moving forward which allows the front foot to crush/push into the attackers knee and break it backwards. The hands then relase from the arm area and you can deliver a twist to the neck to paralyze/maim/kill the attacker.

The style is not about being a fighter, its soley about killing your oppenent(or breaking most of his body but to let him live as a cripple).

There are more of us practitioners than you's not really some legend, but I guess it is somewhat old. I could go on and on about it if you want.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:05 PM
the 5 element style came later


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