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Microbes found living at record 1.6km below seabed

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 03:45 PM

Microbes have been found living at a record depth of 1.6 km (a mile) beneath the Atlantic seabed in a hint that life might also evolve underground on other planets, scientists said on Thursday.

"Just taking a scoop from the surface of Mars is not going to tell you whether there is life on Mars or not," he said.

It does seem like disclosure is happening .. i think others are right its been happening slowly for ages .....

Recently tho.. as another great thread discusses , it seems to be thick and fast .. and i would have to agree.. i feel like a rat trapped in a lab .. they seem to keep throwing things at us and seeing how we all react on mass.

The recent Nasa announcement ... Why wait so long after to announce something realtively mundane to the non scientific community? were they judgeing mass reaction to a possible big announcement ..ATS was not the only place to speculate about an anouncement about E.T life microbial or otherwise

Every day related headlines seem to be hitting the Main stream media.

We live in interesting times.............

they only spanner in the works is if you look at the quote regarding mars they are saying a surface scoop won't do the trick .. possible setup for delaying tactics imho.

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