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Becoming a Detective of Conspiracy Theories

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 03:02 AM

Originally posted by semperfortis
Just a word of friendly advice from a fellow ATS member...

In al the states I am familiar with the law in, it is a criminal offense to practice "Private Detection" or act as a "Private Detective" for an individual or corporation without a license from the state.

I looked into the licensing here in SC and it is pretty cut and dry. If you are a former Police Officer, with at least 5 years experience, all you need to do is post a $10K Bond and obtain a business license.

If you have no police experience, you need to work for a period of time as an "Understudy" or "Apprentice" to another licensed "Private Investigator", then you can post your Bond and apply for your own license. The period of time depends on the schooling, experience etc.

Just a word of caution to any prospective investigators here that may be considering investigating someone. Look into your individual states laws and see what restrictions may apply to you.

Investigations is not as easy as just going to school. Like everything else, there is a lot of things one can only learn from experience or a good "field" teacher.

So, just be careful and check with your state laws... Semper

semperfortis is of course correct and the advice is much appreciated. Which is why I haven't just spit everything out in the first post, and why i am giving teaser information similar to movie teaser's.

There are for the most part very independant and very specific laws, which are heaviliy regulated by the Federal Government, so that people will not get harmed. This will be a running informational thread and ongoing process for plenty of time to go. This is of course why so far you see I have included some of the Business Administration/Criminal Justice Administration assignments, to demonstrate My way of thinking and dedication to very thorough investigation through reading of various informational sources.

Thanks again, semperfortis for your always welcome advice. I knew I always liked you.

An Introduction to Criminal Justice assignment I did.

As the Campus Security Coordinator I would want to inform the students of how to avoid being put in a hazardous situation without scaring them into unwillingness to walk across Campus. My first suggestion for the Public Service Announcement would be that any and all students should not travel alone when walking across Campus, walking to their vehicles, or moving about on Campus in any way at night.

This being said, you will notice that I never specified that females should not do this and that I said traveling alone is suggested against. The reason for this is very specific for multiple reasons. First and foremost the assignment does not specify that male or female are being sexually assaulted. You might be laughing at this that a male would feel threatened or actually be able to be sexually assulated, but it does happen. The next reason I stated this the way I did is a gender complex issue.

If females are not traveling alone, they should be in groups of females together, or with males they know and they know they can trust 100%. In regards to males traveling together with other students, this works several ways. First, like I stated a male can be sexually assaulted, but my other reasoning which would not be explained to anyone except you reading this assignment, is that if several males are traveling together, they will be watching each others activities, they will be seen together if they are around people and more than likely someone will recognize one person out of two or three males if something does happen.

Another proactive measure would be to recommend for any and all students to have car keys in hand while they are walking to either their dorm or to their vehicle or any other part of the college Campus. This is to ensure that they are ready to go through whatever door they are going to quickly, it shows that they are alert and ready, it also makes noise so if they are one of the people sexually assaulting people on Campus it will alert someone to their presence (this part wouldn't be explained, of course), and last but not least car keys can be used as a last resort weapon if someone attackes them. I deliver pizzas for a living, and I walk across College Campuses all the time. All of these things are things I do on a daily basis to keep myself from being robbed or injured. I also train any and all new delivery drivers, especially women about these techniques to prevent harm to themselves.

There are of course other areas to consider when to comes to safety of college students on a College Campus. It can be recommended that any student desiring an escort to call Campus Security and this would utilize Campus resources in a proactive way to ensure safe passage for the students to and from their dorms. Keeping eye contact with a would-be assailant would be another recommended tactic to suggest to the students in the Public Service Announcement. This is recommended by Police Statistics as a crime deterrent. The reason for this is that if the criminal knows that he or she is being watched, and they are aware that you are aware of them that this lessens the chances of the crime actually taking place by 50%. That's a large percentage to knock the crime potential down to me.

I could literally write a 50 page assignment on this subject through having been put into or getting myself out of potentially hazardous situations as a pizza delivery driver. I will spare myself the cramps from typing so much and from boring you. A quick suggestion would to always carry a flashlight as a light source, and as a potential weapon if the need arises. Being aware of your surroundings and "taking mental possesion" of wherever you are is a great idea. Taking mental possesion is where you make yourself aware of every single person in the area you will be traveling in, noting any and all potential hazard areas IE : Dark or shaded areas, dead-end corners, or areas of seclusion, where no one can see you or hear you scream. Looking in your vehicle to make sure no one is in the vehicle before you enter it, and even looking in the refelction of the glass to see if someone is sneaking up on you is a great idea, the last part has saved me many times while deliverying pizzas.

These are all areas that I train my fellow drivers when I take on a new employee to train as a pizza delivery driver. All of what I have said are ways to keep yourself from being a "helpless victim" and being a proactively secure individual. The rising crime trend data can be used to add to this announcement by selecting statistics that show or demonstrate all of the above ideas and show how they have prevented crimes from happening. In my own personal safety this type of thinking helped me in avoiding being robbed because I saw the potential robbery before it happened. The two individuals I noticed fit the exact description of the two teens who had robbed another pizza delivery driver at gun point only three weeks prior to an incident I avoided 9 years ago. I haven't ever had that problem again, because I know what to look for proactively. I am also a Security Officer at my other job and I use these techniques to see things before they happen.

I guarantee you will not find a very more thoroughly dedicated individual than I am in investigating details of what I talk about here on ATS. If you have read any of My previous posts here, you will see I always reference many points of reference in some of the most painstaking efforts to make people understand that I am not talking from lack of knowledge. When I talk about something it's because I took the time to find the information through being an informed citizen of these United States of America. For everyone's information here on ATS, I am no longer a Security Officer, as I stated previously and I have been safe for 15 years of delivery.

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posted on May, 24 2008 @ 03:30 AM
My sources of reference for the prior post, since I took almost all 8000 characters worth to document all I said.

Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century

Retrieved November 24, 2006, from Tactical Advantage Web site:

Tactical Advantage

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:10 PM
Another great post SKL,star and flag,you are a true "patriot",apparently a patriot of the human race,not just the US.Your idea is good,but not feasible for me,as my time is dedicated to college right now,but I hope many others join.I was thinking of making a thread asking people to "stand up" and take charge of our nation,and world for that matter.I hope people to come together to form an entity to stop this uncontrollable descent towards a NWO and dark,dark,reality.If it takes a civil war,so be it......hopefully we can reach peace without war however.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 03:26 PM
To be demonstrative here on ATS for all of you of the "conspiracy theorist detective" and in essence walk you through how to do it to an extent, I need to demonstrate actual knowledgeable "detective skills" first through a thorough investigation of a sorts in detail oriented questions as well as protections of the "client's personal information" along with that same "client" having approached the "conspiracy theory detective" to begin with.

Before I go on I must first include a "disclaimer statement" so that no one makes a mistake and assumes or mistakes through lack of information, that I am not now, nor have I ever been an actual "detective" of any sorts. That being said, what I talk about here within this thread as well as the rest of ATS is because of My intuitive skills as well as ability to know that I need to ask questions, that lead to questions, that lead to questions, that eventually lead to the answer I want to achieve that I know is there through knowledge of experience and practice as well as an understanding that knowledge is in the end power, and it is what you do with that power that makes you the person you will either be respected or hated for in life.

The following is a series of "requests" for information, in an example of someone coming to Me through a U2U in order to gain more information which was inspired because of this thread. In order to protect the "client" I am editing the information I have provided for demonstrative purposes here only so that they can remain anonymous for future references. If they so choose to tell you via response here to this thread, that is their choice to do so, and I do eventually ask them for permission to do what I am doing here. By stating this person is a "client" I am not now nor am I ever collecting payment from this person, the title "client" is merely just a word to replace "ATS Member."

23-5-2008 at 20:26
I saw your post about becoming a PI, but does that depend on the state?

I'm interested because I have some names I am looking for.

Plus I wold like some danger to spice up my life.

Where do I sign up?


*Anonymous Client*

Here's My response to that U2U :

*Edited and deleted statement that would have identified this individual*

Each state has independant laws, which the Federal Government is trying to strictly regulate.

Who are you looking for (not the names, relatives, friends, ex-g/f?) and why? With what intent and what action will that intent lead to? Sign up? For what?

There are online detective school's, which is where eventually the thread will be going to in depth. Are you only talking about looking for danger, or are you seriously seeking it? I'd make a good detective, huh?


Response to My queries :

23-5-2008 at 22:06

Hello again,

It actually found me, and maybe it is a bit more then I could handle or understand.

I'll tell the story for you.

*Anonymous Client's Age*, I went to *State Name*, *Company Name* in *City Name*.

There I met a man calling himself *Skip Trace Name*.

Told me I was a natural telepath and a half breed what he called a peak human.

Said he was born in *Country Name*, and had a wife in *Country Name* and *Country Name*.

Maybe a chaotic from what I learned.

Wanted me to be in the merc business and trained telepathic killer and a member of the Illuminati.
As his pawn.

He wanted to also started WW3 and US civil war in four years.
Rule the world, want immortally, etc, etc.
I don't know how, but from the guess of it.
Pretty well connected or very good lier.
But what I can tell you that I screwed up and alot of people didn't remeber what I told them the night before.

That was when I was *Anonymous Client's Age*.
Im *Anonymous Client's Age* now.

Also, my girlfriend at the time was a psi user too.

*Anonymous Client's Former Girlfriend's Name*.

She was gone as soon as I got back to *State Name*
All three (including myself) are from *State Name*.

Okay, after that, strange events happened.

Alot of people I met said I knew more then anyone else went came to this (occultic) subject.

People I didn't know.

One even said I was doing it instinctively.
That I was the key like Blade was for vamps.

That when I was in *City and State Name*.

His name was *Name*, and said he was relative of Jonh Booth who killed Lincoln.
Haven't seen him since.

Told me this guy was psi stealing from me, and I was an 'battery' for him

Now I'm in *City Name*, wondering where or what to do or what is going on.

I'm also going to let you know that I haven't given up on the idea that the world needs to change, and not for the better because of this.

And of course


*Anonymous Client*

My response to that U2U :

23-5-2008 at 22:25

*Anonymous Client*,

Well, what you say is pretty intense. It's not impossible to track these people down, just that it will take a lot of digging. Your first step, doing it independantly from Me, would be to buy that "Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating" book. It's got website links to public records, which is where I would start off first.

Before I go on to a lot more details, I would like your permission to post these U2U's in the Detective Thread. If you're not okay with it, I will respect that, please know I will respect that. If you're okay with it, I'll use it all as an illustration of the process of doing detective work, without a license.


The last U2U the Anonymous Client responded with :

23-5-2008 at 22:35
Do what you want,

But until I have a clearer picture and connections to back it up, I rather have people ask me by U2U then posting it openly.


*Anonymous Client*

Now I posted it here, because as you can plainly see the "Anonymous Client" was not exactly thrilled about what I had requested in that I wanted to share the details of our private U2U communications, but I did anyway, while still respecting that person's privacy in that there is no identifying remarks, leaving this person to have their dignity as well as privacy from anyone who may ridicule and or criticize them for their beliefs, or who might pry where they do not wish someone else to since they trusted Me with private information.

By doing it this way I have in essence remained neutral to their identity as well as creating a shield of privacy as well as a barrier between you and them.

A good book that will demonstrate an actual "conspriacy theory detecitve" similar to what I am referencing here in this post is :

The Hostage : A Presidential Agent Novel : W.E.B. Griffin

Review by Amazon :

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Is Griffin our Homer or Tacitus? Those military experts wrote about real soldiers—and what the world needs now is a real-life Charley Castillo, Griffin's smart and efficient Department of Homeland Security agent, who works directly for the president on cases calling for more than routine skills. Introduced in By Order of the President (2004), Castillo is an excellent alternative to the usual crew who make it to the headlines. Told in Griffin's trademark clean and compelling prose, studded with convincing insider details, Castillo's second outing starts with an American diplomat's murder in Argentina, the kidnapping of his wife, and threats to murder her children unless she reveals the whereabouts of her brother, a U.N. diplomat involved in the food-for-Iraqi-oil scandal. Castillo and his team of tough and shrewd experts are just the kind of believable people we want in these situations. And if it takes a novelist like Griffin, who has honed his skills and weapons in five previous series, to bring them to life.

[edit on 26-5-2008 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 06:20 PM
I originally planned this thread with the intention to demonstrate detective skills, and the conspiracy theory world as well, and I believe so far that is exactly what I have done to this point. I'm looking for other references to include in here as well as expanding on what I've demonstrated as well. Let Me know if there is something more specific you want to know and or are curious about and I will expound upon it.

I posted the previous post in a quote on this thread as well, because of the connotation of the psychic realm in some of the things mentioned within it.

Mental Imagery From Words Or Images

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:08 PM
Okay, so I wondering what I could do specifically for ATS to demonstrate something "detective skill" demonstrative, and I found something very easy to demonstrate that not all ATS'ers might know about.

Below is a screenshot of My U2U "Outbox" where you will see that some of the "outgoing" U2U's are darker, or in bold black, and others are not.

The bolded U2U's are ones that other ATS'ers I have sent messages to, have not opened them, yet. It could be that they are busy with real life, it could be that they do not check their U2U's regularly, who knows.

I also edited the ATS Member's "User Names" to protect their privacy as well as so I did not have to send them all U2U's requesting permission, and since you can quite obviously see, not all of them have even read the ones I did send, so this might have taken months of tedious waiting. I'm patient but not all of you are and I wanted something to show you now.

Thanks to Im a Marty for the professional edit on the first picture.

Below here is a picture I edited to show a cool picture.

A closer look at Dealey Plaza, courtesy of Google Earth's 3-D imagery

The red circles indicate all of the important locations.

The top left area, is "The Grassy Knoll", the area slightly to the diagonal right in the red circle, is where J.F.K. was shot, the area diagonally up to the right in the red circle, is where another "potential shooter" was, and the far right red circle is the Texas Schoolbook Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot the magic bullet.

[edit on 27-5-2008 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 07:49 PM
Some of the prerequisites of being a "Conspiracy Theorist Detective" to Me, would be a healty disbelief of Government propaganda, as well as skepticism of the media. Keeping in mind that there does need to be a form of control, yet that Government is run by other human beings with agendas of their own, from financial gain, to power, as well powertrips.

Knowing also how to watch the vast world media's, and understanding that all world leaders think differently according to their social upbringings as well as their agendas, being that they are in actuality trying to make the world a better place, very very few of those, or that they are trying to take over the world.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:11 PM
I've been working towards this thread with all of the other threads I've done in the last few months since I originally posted this on ATS.

Today, I went to Global : School of Investigation and picked Plan C for $345 on the VISA card, and right now I am reading the 463 pages of the PDF I downloaded from the website. The site says it's accredited by the American Society for Law Enforcement Training and Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Check out the website and let Me know what you think about this. With this in conjunction with a lot of other things I'm accomplishing plus contributions to ATS I see the future career I have to take advantage of for an interesting life.

There are twenty-five lessons I'll do as I can, and will keep ATS posted on the progress I make with it.

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 06:43 PM
I did this thread earlier at the local public library. Any wonder I began this thread on becoming a conspiracy theory detective?

Going To Your Public Library, Gathering Open Source Intelligence, and Surviving

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