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An Opening in Mind, Essence, and Connectivity

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 10:50 AM
This thread is about understanding deeper meanings of understanding what we are as sentient beings, and how are we connected to ourselves, our families, friends, our species, Earth, and beyond. What secrets can we unlock within the depths of our own minds and souls, and forms? Well, anyone can just brush off anything they don't agree with as crazy, and I am no better, but this is all how we look at existence and what effect we as individuals and as a species and the connection all life shares.

Understanding the connection itself, and the illusions that invariably present themselves are part of the equation, but as I was told by someone special, "It is not whether nor not something is real, but how you react to it that counts." Even in delusion there can be great beauty, growth, love and potential. That is what I have discovered. Often the math does not add up, and all we are left with are vague glimmers, and shades of what we seek. It is this that very nearly destroyed my mind, my life and my ability to truly seek what lies beyond this existence.

I believe many things that most people cannot, or are just not ready to. Yet, if I try to exclude myself merely because of that, I exclude those who are willing to listen and then I am crippling my own development. I know it sounds childish, but sharing IS caring. Evolution is something that must be shared in order for others to engage in the portion of it that is truly individualized. Entire populations evolve, then individuals evolve, or the individuals evolve then lead to an evolutionary explosion, which is what is occurring now in our existence.

It is truly funny, the secret of the Universe can be found on a bottle of Doc. Bronner's shampoo. I didn't get it at first, and not all of what is on those bottles are things I agree with, but it is just two words.

All One.

Yet, just like with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 could very well be the answer to life, the universe and everything, but it is how you interpret it that counts.

All One can be seen any way you choose, but really it speaks of chaos theory but is far more direct in its meaning. The flapping of the wings of a butterfly causing a hurricane anywhere else, is one way to put it, but it isn't very practical. What it speaks of is that everything is interconnected.

Even a tree that grows 4 feet closer to a road and as a result receives .05 gallons of water per year extra in rainfall, could then contract a rot that consumes the tree faster than in its original position and could fall into the road killing the driver and passengers, any of whom could have had a profound influence on Earth society. Freddy Mercury could have avoided getting the AIDS virus by chance, the Big Bopper could have decided to take that bus, instead of the plane that killed him, Jimi Hendrix could have been noticed by a friend and taken to a hospital. Such simple occurrences can dramatically affect our existence, what if JFK had listened to his aid, or ducked because his leg itched due to .3% more air pollution for some reason?

All things effect each other, but mentioning hurricanes and butterflies just sounds esoteric at best and stupid at worst. Just think of these things and find your own way to understand them, after all evolution is very individualized, until you return to the depths of Aristotle's cave to break the bonds of those still staring at shadows. (that is a reference to the Allegory of the Cave)

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