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The conspiracy against God

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 06:18 AM

Originally posted by cutbothways
reply to post by endrun

Hmm, I wonder why people associate Pan with the Devil.

You want to know why people associate Pan with the Devil? It is because christians have taken the image of Pan to create their Devil.
To a christian, Nature is full of temptations...Pan is the representation of the Natural urges in man. Which a christian thinks are temptations.
Christians deny the perfection of nature and think that that for which they were put upon this planet is a sin.
You want to see god's work? You want to see the rules for humans? Just look at nature and you will see what we are here for.
We are the direct extenxion of Mother Nature; the only logical deity on this planet. Any other deity, especially a deity who lets us live our lifes in enmity with nature, is a total crock. A construct of people who wish to oppress other people, by denying them their true nature.
To believe that a book, written by people; which has changed significantly during the centuries, contains the word of god borders on (or indicates) psychosis. The founders of the christian faith have taken parts of other religions and concocted a brew of black-magic rituals and mistold stories, leaving people totally clueless as to what they need to be and do in life.
Anyway, to expect a part of the god's creation to conspire against it's creator is obviously a sign of mental weakness. The conspiracy against god is a conspiracy of god against himself and therefor non-existent. God is everything and all. To doubt the omnipotence of god is ofcourse blasphemy and a sign of disbelief. God does not have anything to fear of any conspiracy.
Let alone of the devil; who is a creation of the aforementioned deity.
You religious people forget to be spiritual and intelligent; you think, because you believe in the truth of the bible, that logic has to give way to strict following of the bible. If god did create the universe, he would have never allowed his followers to adhere to a book that leaves out most of creation...
I am sorry to have to tell you that the god you adore is, in all probability, the devil that you fear. You have been misled. Love is god, and compassion the road to it. Any other form of worship is mechanical ritual, not founded in the heart.
The all-exclusive cult of god is the trap by which you have excluded yourself from Nature.
Therefor the planet is now in total turmoil, because people chose to follow scripture, rather than common sense and compassion.
Yes, there is a conspiracy against god, and all of his followers are in it.
To project human features on a deity is at best arrogant, but actually is blasphemy. God has been made in the likeness and image of arrogant humans.
Arrogant males, at that. We left paradise when we decided to no longer adore the womb that bore us; Mother Earth.
No sungod-worship will ever be able to erase our connection with the soil.
You can keep people away from the soil, but you cant keep us away from the planet. All human creations are temporary, all of Earths creations are eternally growing on this planet. The idea of god is static; Earth is constantly turning and growing and tweaking itself.
We worship Mother Earth by living well upon Her body. By feeling compassion, by loving eachother. By dying and nurturing Her. By dancing and enjoying life, by enjoying Nature and Her boundless bounties.
No self-denial can ever be the right way of worship for a deity. The people are the extension of the deity; to expect the people to be evil is to worship an evil deity. By definition.
May the Earth be a Mother to you; may the Sun be a light for you, may your heart be the drum to which you dance for Mother Earth. May you cease to deny that which has so lovingly given you Life.

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 06:28 AM
God help you,
For logic has left you.

I can only suggest worshipping God (as it seems that is what you are inclined to do), rather than "fighting" against what you percieve to be satans.

Answer me two damn questions:

1. Is God all powerful?

2. How can satan exist if God is all powerful? Does that mean that Satan is equally powerful in your opinion?!

There is only light and peace in this universe. Some men cry that they are blind, when they hold their hands up to their eyes. All you need is englightenment, and I hope you obtain it.

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 10:27 AM

I really think you're crusading here when there really isn't a reason to. I'm a Christian, and I don't belong to any particular denomination, and in fact, I don't really agree with a lot of the petty bickering that takes place in the church, as it usually leads to yet more divisions within the Church as a whole.

Also, I'm a gardener.

I don't belong to any secret societies of any kind. I'm just a normal guy. Keep that in mind before you start attacking me. That being said, all records of Jesus indicate that He didn't go around slandering people (except for the religious rulers of His day, and He was justified in that......I wonder what He would say to many of the religious rulers of today if He walked the earth in the physical?).

Are there global agendas? Yes. Is satan actively at work? Of course. Will there always be people who work for him? Until he is banished from the earth, yes. Do Freemasons or any other society work for satan? Who freakin' knows. You don't, because the only way for you to know is if you were a Freemason. They don't talk about their stuff to outsiders. Just because they (or anyone else) won't tell you what they're about doesn't mean they're evil, it just means they don't want to tell you.

Lighten up, because the world is going to continue in the way it's going until the end, and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it. Our job as Christians is to show the world that the Most High God loves everyone, and wants them to be safe and free, and He did that through Jesus. All anyone has to do to get that acceptance from God is choose Him. And that's what we're supposed to be showing, not this paranoid panic. Relax. God's got things in the bag.

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