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New twist to the Patterson Film: "She was shot"

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 09:11 AM
Let me first state that I find this "new theory" absurd and far-fetched to say the least... But nonetheless it may be of interest to those interested in the Patterson film:

According to the Patterson-Gimlin film analyst M. K. Davis (whom have in the past came up with some rather odd "physical characteristics”) supposedly has a theory that there was a "shooting massacre" in Bluff Creek. Gimlin supposedly shot the Bigfoot from the film.

People reported that Davis speculated that Patty was shot twice, allegedly by Robert Gimlin, who has steadfastly maintained he merely stood guard with his rifle


It goes further than this. According to the "story" Patterson and Gimlin (possibly others) shot and killed a whole clan of Bigfoot and buried their bodies. I can't quote the story because there's a strict copyright on it. You’ll find the whole theory on Cryptomundo. The first bit is some boring (
) background information, so if you're lazy skip to the "The theory" part.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 09:16 AM
it makes perfect sense to me.. shoot them all and bury the evidence.. my god.. if the community would of found out.. there would of been a big story.. and all the media attention.. movie rights.. books.. and all that money.. good thing they did what they did.. otherwise they would of been like celebrities or something.. ill bet they all sighed with relief afterwards.. whewwwwwww

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 09:18 AM
Well, it's well known that Gimlin had a rifle with him the day the Patterson film was shot.

In the meantime, Gimlin observed the whole scene, rifle in hand, in case his friend was attacked by the creature.

So the possibility is there that Gimlin at least took a shot at the Bigfoot?

Whether they shot a whole 'clan' of Bigfeet/Bigfoot? I’ll hold my reservations.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 10:16 AM
This is ridiculous.. I might believe this, if anyone can prove that Patterson was on drugs, it was fullmoon, and Gimlin was actually a werewolf. Yes, that should do it.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 10:44 AM
I started reading this at Cryptomundo this morning but hadn't had enough time to finish.

Plausible theory. But just that... a theory.

I find the events as proposed, would be somewhat unlikely to occur with the general 'vibe' from the original video.


Its seems in the story/theory they mentioned 'more' footage of the Pat/Gim film. The scenes they were talking about didn't seem reminiscent of the 'last' version (stabilized) I viewed.

Without sounding like a 'suck up', you have pretty extensive knowledge on the crypto scene, Do you know of the footage they speak of? Or could it just be an extremely enhanced version of the original?

I don't remember seeing any 'red' on the foot pads nor do I remember seeing any 'red' water (can't even remember any water

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 10:59 AM
Although I can't wrap my mind around this, if you read the entire story including the statements by John L. Johnsen it does have a thread of plausibility.

The first thing I thought was, why would they bury the BF's and lose out on fame and fortune? Then I thought, what if they looked so human that P & G got scared about possible prosecution. It was then that I went to read and found that MK Davis in fact speculated that same thing. When he questioned Gimlin he said Gimlin couldn't even look at him and wouldn't talk about it other than to inquire as to the existence of film evidence (blood in the water).

This all came to light after Davis discovered what he thought to be a potential "smoking gun" to prove Patty a fake including layovers, ponytail, braids, etc..he then came up with the theory that Patty was shot in the leg by Gimlin while trying to dig up this mass grave. He goes on to say that Patty can be seen stumbling if you look closely and the "hernia" is actually an exit wound.

Just due to the tremendous amount of time Davis has put into studying the film and working with the Patterson widow I can't totally discount his theories. However, from what Johnsen said, Davis was kind of at the end of the line mentally and emotionally due to the failure of his film. It does seem quite strange that Davis would have this new mass killing revelation not long after his debunking film was failing to bring in the bacon. I for one never knew he had made this film.

Yes, much of this is plausible, but probable? I think Davis is the one doing the killing.....of his own credibility.

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 02:16 AM

Originally posted by Grailkeeper
Without sounding like a 'suck up', you have pretty extensive knowledge on the crypto scene, Do you know of the footage they speak of? Or could it just be an extremely enhanced version of the original?

I don't remember seeing any 'red' on the foot pads nor do I remember seeing any 'red' water (can't even remember any water

As they say... Sucking up will get your everywhere...

Seriously though. When I read about the "pool of blood" my reaction was pretty much "Blood? Blood! What the [snip]...?" Which was then followed by a frantic search for the supposed blood.

The long answer is... I have no idea what the hell he's on about. As with the supposed ponytail, braids, bangs and topknot there is NO evidence of this. (Yes you read correctly. It seems that the Patterson film Bigfoot didn't know what hairstyle to go with, so "she" went with all of them...
) As I understand it, this is something Davis discuss at Bigfoot conventions. Like the recent Speakers' Presentations at the 20th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference:

He began by showing a panoramic view of the film, and moved on to an artifact which appeared to be a braid which shakes with the head. He says he is an observer, not an analyst, and he observes bangs and a topknot and ponytail on Patty which blows in the wind and indicates no sagittal crest.
M.K. showed a frame where she appears to scrape her foot on the ground, almost as if she is attempting to hide it. A pool of water is shown which was dug out by a backhoe and appears to be red, like blood or something. It is unknown where the blood is from, since Patty does not appear to be injured. M.K. revealed that Patterson was actually filming from the hole with the red water in it, and this is why you sometimes see in the opening frames where Patty appears to be higher up.

Emphasis mine.

Which frame is it? We don't know. And I suspect we won't know, as Mr John L. Johnsen states in a comment:

“Spotlight on the Patterson Gimlin Film” is not presently in release, pending the inclusion of this newly found evidence. However, I would not count on it being re-released as I feel that M.K. will soon wash his hands of this matter as he nearly did back in November of 2006.

This last "stunt" may have been the last nail in the coffin in Davis' Bigfoot interest?

The short answer... I have no idea what the hell he's on about. The supposed blood is from a single frame of the original Patterson film computer enhanced by Davis. We don't know which frame it is.

That said: If anyone knows which frame(s) of the Patterson film the supposed blood is, please share!

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 09:32 AM

I am not so much worried about the alleged "blood" as I am in figuring out Davis' motives over the years. IMO, the blood will come out in the wash so to speak.

Why would he work for years to prove Patty true and then suddenly be convinced that she was a hoax, make a film and then turn right back to trying to prove a mass killing theory and Patty's authenticity all over again?

It would seem more and more that Davis' has been in it for the money all along. I never thought there was any money in the field to be made unless a specimen was acquired. Am I to now think that Davis' never believed in the Patterson video or BF at all and was just trying to "cash in"?

His apparent recent meltdown makes a lot of sense since you'd already have to be a little bit crazy to spend years in the field with the hopes of making a big $$ score.

As you can see I'm more than a little confused by this man's actions and I also think the Patterson woman is a big key to the whole mess.

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:44 AM
For those of you following this .....

M. K. Davis has been asked to not speak at an August meeting and has been banned from the hosting facility. The full impact of the damage the “Bigfoot killing field theory” is having on people’s lives is beginning to hit home.

It reads that his supposed 'silent partner', Scott Marlowe, decided to send a letter to the District Attorney of Humbolt Co., stating they have evidence of.... murder *said in a creepy voice*

would suggest that it would be prudent for your office to initiate an investigation into this matter in order to ascertain the actual facts surrounding this event and determine if criminal prosecution proceedings should be initiated.

This guys a real winner

I think its different people with different views.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 04:06 PM
Frames had been touched up before the release of the video to the public - this is based off of the original frames from Mrs. Patterson that don't quite match up. Meldrum said so at the meeting. If this keeps going people will think it all was a hoax. What we need to do is stop talking about it, never release the original frames, don't let Bob Gimlin speak, because this will hurt our movement. Bigfoot exists even if this thing is a hoax, but it will hurt us in the public image.

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