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Dr Greer

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 07:56 AM
Hello to you all.
Im a new member on this forum so please forgive me if i sound a little ill informed.

I watched the disclosure project film for the 1st time at the end of last year and was extreemly taken by it. I found it to be very interesting and in places a bit worrying. Since then i have been keeping tabs on the project and The Orion project both of which Dr Greer is heavily invloved with. Anyway... my point is that the more I investigate, the more the 2 projects and Dr Greer seem to become a little less believable.

Now, i am an extreemly open minded individual and I firmly believe we are not alone in the universe but Dr Greer seems a little nuts! Could this be the result of people (maybe governments) de-bunking him and his projects therefor making him seem a liitle more deperate for people to believe or is he really nuts?

Opinions please!

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 08:06 AM
If your investigating this subject, and have not already concluded the "Dr. Greer" is a complete and total idiot, then do more investigating. You have to be utterly ignorant to be taken by his rubbish, plain and simple.

What he had was a good idea, not much more different than other UFO folks, however the way he went about it, and the stigma of idiocy his claims exude, make this subject a mute point. Folks like Greer do nothing but to ensure that this subject will never get the serious investigation that it deserves.

Some of the folks that stated their claims during this project are questionable at best, and complete tools at worst. Including folks like this only serve Greer, and not the Ufology community as a whole. Please look into this further and you will see I am right. And I don't mean to be rude to anyone who foolishly believes in Greer's utter tripe, but if you give this guy the benefit of a doubt after truly looking into his cult's claims, then you are a part of the reason why Ufology is never going to be taken seriously and investigated in a manner that will produce results.

As my subject states, it will take YEARS to wash the stigma of idiocy of of this subject. Until that happens, then this is nothing more than entertainment for folks like myself, and religion for ignorant folks who don't comprehend common sense.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I have stated this in the past by means of being a little more politically correct, but it is lost on those who desire to believe in the most absurd and improbable conclusion to reality.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 08:16 AM
Although being percieved as a bit of a loony at the moment, he did do a good job of gathering a group of very lucid, credible witnesses. Which is one of the more persuasive arguments for the existence of UFOs. I think he seems to have lost momentum and direction at the moment.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by spoonbeater

he did do a good job of gathering a group of very lucid, credible witnesses

Please investigate some of these witnesses further before sticking to that statment. Folks like Greer rely on the ignorance of those that want to believe, you know, the kind that will ignore anything that counters their initial desire to believe what they are being told, or those that lack the ability to google search some of the "witnesses" LOL

Most of the credible witnesses that he had did not add anything to the investigation. But most of the witnesses that everyone remembers made a fool out of themselves and anyone who gave the project the time of day from their testimony forward.

Plain and simple. Greer had a good idea, but that is where it started and stopped. Please, don't encourage stupidity and ignorance by giving this foolish program the benefit or intellectual discussion.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 08:34 AM
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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by IgnoreTheFacts

"Dr. Greer" is a complete and total idiot,

i agree with your overall assessment of Greer and his agenda...

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 11:28 AM
I was in your boat a few years ago. I saw the disclosure project for the first time and thought to myself "wow a credible guy like *DR* Greer heading up what sounds like a legit panel of respectable whitenesses, the govt. will have to respond to this"... Time went on, the media didn't even react let a lone the govt. I was at a loss so I looked into the individual people and suddenly my faith in their stories quickly diminished to a boarder line maybe. Then I heard the good doctor appear on coast to coast a number of times and when he spoke he always sounded incredibly rehearsed. I find out he's basically turned into a professional speaker who lectures groups of people in his courses for incredibly stupid amounts of money, so much for non-profit. He went from hard facts in the beginning, now to all this fringe BS to do with drawing aliens to your location with consciousness on command, gimme a break. Biggest let down I've had in studying the subject, by far = Greer.
He always parrots his groups he brings out to the desert for some figure like 700 bucks or more a head, to draw UFO's right to them. How it happens consistently, every time, but for some reason he can't seem to snap a single picture - besides the the long exposure shots of insects making weird patterns in the light lol.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 03:02 AM
Its good to know that Im not alone in thinking he's a loon! I get sent his newsletter evry other week via email and every time it says things like "$30 dollars for research into sustainable energy, email this letter onto 10 friends.....etc etc" I hate things like that! Needless to say his emails find their way immediately into the junk folder!

Tell me... is there anyone in this field that can be trusted. They all seem to have personal agendas and assume we are all idiots or suckers!


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